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Read Dungeon Maker Chapter 274 Dritarashutra 7

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Chapter 274 Dritarashutra 7

The retreat of the southern forces was quick. They had to retreat urgently in a situation where their core forces collapsed because of the G.o.dly men’s attack. However, they could overcome the chaotic situation in no time because there were virtually none who chased them.

As soon as they arrived at the dungeon fortress located on the eastern border of the Queen of Fury’s territory, the queen and the heads of the eight clans convened a meeting. Yong-ho and his subordinate spirits also attended the meeting, which was held at the conference room on the top floor of the Queen of Fury’s dungeon.

Since they came to the meeting from the battlefield without taking any break, everyone was in combat uniform. They could not afford to delay things. The main topic of the conference was definitely about the twist that suddenly appeared on the sky of the battlefield and the giants of light that suddenly came out of it.

It was Sitri who took the lead in the discussion, while the Queen of Fury and the heads of the eight clans were silent. Only after they were done talking did the head of the Asura clan opened his mouth. “I really can’t believe it.”

His voice was weak. He didn’t take issue with Sitri or Yong-ho, of course.

There were so many alien zones in the demon world, which had numerous small and large pa.s.sages that were connected with each other.

For example, there were dozens of alien spirits traded at the Dungeon Market every year.

So, the existence of the celestial world was nothing new.

However, when they talked about other kings, Seven Deadly Sins, and other stuff, the heads of the eight clans were thrown into confusion.

Mammon, the King of Greed, who saved the demon world by sacrificing himself a thousand and several hundred years ago. The King of Pride, the King of Envy, and the King of l.u.s.t who betrayed Mammon and concealed the relevant facts in history.

One thousand years was a long time for the dragons. Moreover, the dragons who went through the times of Mammon, the King of Greed, thoroughly lived as outsiders.

Dragons were and now were lazy individualists. So, the current situation in which the dragons formed a legion and partic.i.p.ated in the war was very unfamiliar to them.

Perhaps if they could scrutinize the records of the previous generation or the generations prior to that, they would be able to find some records about the celestial world or the G.o.dly men. Nothing would be more detailed than what Sitri had to tell right now.

The Queen of Fury decided to recognize what Sitri was going to say from now on. Otherwise, she couldn’t take a step forward.

“Okay, let me sort out my thoughts for a moment. Please confirm what I’m about to say, Queen of Sloth.”

Sitri nodded slowly.

The Queen of Fury caught her breath and said as calmly as possible, “First, the power of the celestial world is no different from poison to the demons. Weak demons can die just by being exposed to that power, and even those who are strong can become debilitated when exposed for a long time.”

The moment the hole was opened, a huge amount of celestial energy was released. The reason that the soldiers of the northern and southern armies right under the hole lost their lives en was because they were unprotected and exposed to the celestial energy.

“Second, it’s the door of the celestial world that connects the demon world and the celestial world. As the celestial door opens little by little, distortions take place throughout the demon world. The more the celestial door opens, the more distorting takes place on a large scale. “

Sitri nodded again.

The Queen of Fury said finally, “Third, the giant of light that appeared this time is a G.o.dly man. The appearance of a G.o.dly man means that more than a third of the door of the celestial world has already opened.”

The G.o.dly men were by no means ordinary beings.

Aamon added right after the Queen of Fury was done talking.

[We saw several celestial beings while we were fighting against the celestial world. And we divided them into two main types.]

[One of them are those who are considered to be general inhabitants of the celestial world.]

[They have covered their entire bodies with a dim light close to gray. Small ones are the size of goblins, and large ones are equal to Ogres.]

[They are not very strong, except that they have celestial energy.]

[We judged these G.o.dly men as the celestial soldiers.]

Those they saw in today’s fighting had never been caught by Yong-ho’s party. However, Catalina and Kaiwan remembered the beings behind the tentacles of light when they attacked Yong-ho. Perhaps, they were the G.o.dly men.

[The G.o.dly man is covering his whole body with a bright white light.]

[He emits not only an enormous amount of celestial energy but also, he is huge in size.]

[As we saw him today, the way he attacked us is not that powerful. In some respects, he is just a huge monster. What matters is his celestial energy.]

The number of soldiers killed by just two G.o.dly men who appeared in the camps of the northern and southern armies was huge. But what mattered was the way they killed the soldiers.

The G.o.dly men killed the soldiers that were gathered in close formation with their huge bodies. If there were any giant monsters as huge as the G.o.dly men today, they could fight as well as the G.o.dly men in today’s fighting.

However, the G.o.dly men could not defend the strike of the Queen of Fury and Yong-ho. Just like Aamon said, they were no more than huge monsters when their celestial energy was removed.

Of course, their huge size itself was a tremendous weapon, and separating the celestial energy from them was unthinkable, but the important thing was the fact that they were not absolute beings like G.o.d. This meant that the Queen of Fury and Yong-ho’s forces could easily confront them.

[There are not so many G.o.dly men. Usually, one G.o.dly man appears when a mid-or large-sized hole is opened.]

[Even in the final and decisive battle in front of the door of the celestial world, there were only a few dozen goldy men.]

Kirtimuka opened her mouth wide as if she could not believe him. Aamon said there were only a few dozen, but each of them was a giant over a hundred meters tall. She seemed to now know why the kings of the olden days joined hands to fight against them.

[What we should be vigilant against most is not the G.o.dly man. There are G.o.dly men who are almost as large as Ogres.]

[Mammon, the King of Greed, called these G.o.dly men G.o.dly generals. Like the G.o.dly man, they not only emit a huge amount of celestial energy, but they are also very strong. They show up only when a supersized hole is made, and among Mammon’s 12 Spirits, there are only three who can confront these G.o.dly generals. They are Gusion, Richard, and Elune.]

As a matter of fact, Gusion, Richard, and Elune could be called the three greatest powers of Mammon’s 12 Spirits.

Fortunately, there weren’t many G.o.dly generals. The number of G.o.dly generals that Aamon witnessed during the battle with the celestial world a thousand years ago was around 20.

Aamon was silent for a while. Only after everyone around him recognized the existence of the G.o.dly man and G.o.dly generals did he continue.

[It is not known what the purpose of the G.o.dly man is. We have made several attempts to communicate with them, but we have never had any meaningful conversations with them.]

[One thing is clear though. It is the fact that the power of the celestial world is in direct opposition to the demon world. If all the doors of the celestial world are opened and the connection between the celestial and the demonic world is fully secured, no one can be sure what will happen in the future]

[There might be a possibility that the demon world itself will perish.]

Everybody was silent while Aamon was speaking. The faces of the heads of the eight clans turned pale while Kirtimuka gulped in a tense mood.

Gusion, who was listening to Aamon quietly until now, spoke in a rather harsh voice, “We don’t have to be scared too much. We can confront the celestial energy with our mana. As long as we can block or endure the celestial energy, we can confront them without any problem.”

This time, Scathach added, “The power of the celestial world acts like a poison not only to those in the demon world, but also those from alien worlds. However, its effect on these alien beings is weaker than that of those in the demon world. So, I think if any of those among the eight clans come from the alien world, they can more effectively deal with the G.o.dly men.”

In fact, there were more northern soldiers than their southern counterparts who lost their lives right after the hole was opened. Even though both sides were exposed to the celestial energy helplessly, the southern soldiers were killed much less than the northern soldiers because they were from the alien world, not from the demon world.

When she finished speaking, Scathach turned to Yong-ho who was listening to her seriously. Yong-ho was not purely from the demon world, of course. Although Mammon’s blood was flowing in his body, the blood of the human world was also flowing in his body at the same time.

The Queen of Fury was not also purely from the demon world. Of course, it had been several hundred years since the eight clans including her came to the demon world, so they could be recognized as pure demons, but strictly speaking, they could fall in the category of alien beings.

Scathach found hope in such a fact.

“How much time is left for the celestial door to fully open?”

The head of the dragon clan, Surka, asked with a nervous expression.

Scathach didn’t bother to lie to him.

“I can’t be sure. But if I look back at what happened during Mammon’s times, I would say there are only a couple of months left before the celestial door is fully opened.”

The head of the dragon clan closed his eyes tightly.


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