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After returning home, Yunan was urgently called by those in his kingdom who were in charge of monitoring the state of affairs, since he has been out of reach lately, he found that his kingdom was suddenly the most visited place in the world, mainly because his queens have found themselves an orphanage and settled in as sisters in training, and that was what broke the world. Why would that happen you might ask? Well let’s say Yunan started with a jewel box of beauties in his harem, and after a few years worth of beautification in the banshee essence, they were turned into a collection of stars, since he was with them day and night, Yunan forgot that fact, the fact that he had home a harem of beauty G.o.ddesses.

The news started spreading when the girls left the palace to look for a quaint and nice little orphanage, as the queens of this little kingdom who has been showing their faces to the public on many occasions, their beauty has become a national level truth, there was no need to mention how beautiful they were when talking about the queens simply because everyone and their mothers knew that the ladies were impossibly beautiful.

That was when things started going sideways, the information only said that the queens of the Pearl kingdom have just signed up to work as sisters in training, whatever was the reason behind it, many commoners had to see that, that also led to tourists going to check what the commotion was all about, the queens were very gentle and took time to talk to the people, share food, laughs and drinks with them, they were veritable angels, and then there was the fact that they did not have any security, for the queens of the country to step on the streets unprotected was a big thing for the lower branches of society.

Since the queens have come without escort to work in an orphanage, the common folk restrained themselves and did not block the way and were very happy with the curtly smiles and the friendly greetings, as the ladies went about their duties in the orphanage, even the criminals originating from the Pearl kingdom were protective of these angels, but things changed when word spread out about celestial grade beautiful ladies who were prancing around the capital of the Pearl unprotected.

Many tried their hand at gifts, seduction, force, status and anything you can think of to woo the ladies, the problem was; what was there in this world that these girls didn’t have? they had a loving husband who can be quite the charmer and sweet tongued when he tries to, he was faithful and protective, he was strong, rich beyond the scope of money, capable and most importantly, he provided them with things they didn’t even know they wanted or needed.

The girls laughed as people gifted them jewellery, wines, fruits and items from their own home, it was like gifting an apple to the owner of an apple orchard, it was meaningless, the girls rejected all the gifts without second thought, even the most coveted beautifying salve was not given a second glance, it was known and proven that queens have abandoned their kings for a promise to wear the jewellery even once, some even changed kings just because the second one had a vial of the beautification salve, so seeing this already celestial grade ladies not even spare a glance at such a thing was a wonder, since time immemorial, beautiful women were obsessed with keeping that beauty and youth.

And then the reason for the lack of security became clear, when someone tried to grab kitty who was playing with a child, he found his 4 limbs torn apart and he lay there screaming with his blood pooling, Reina who looked the most heavenly among the girls thanks to her half-beast nature did the deed like she was waving away a fly, maybe the man would have had more limbs left if he targeted any other girl, Kitty was the wrong choice, nothing more to say about that.

Now that these beautiful women were neither impressed by riches, words and strength, it became a contest between outsiders to try and woo the ladies and a good pa.s.s time for the locals who took it up upon themselves to protect their own heavenly angels, not only did the queens worked as hard as any other sisters, they did not use their own money to splurge on the orphanage, a mistake anyone with less than the purest motives would make, the orphanage may thrive as long as the queens were there, but there was a problem if the orphanage could not protect the money and ended up compromising the safety of the kids, it was therefore the queens occasionally bought treats for the kids but nothing too frequent or excessive, they heeded the council of the sisters in charge and didn’t do anything that may spoil the kinds and undo all the hard work done on raising the kids.

So as the king responsible for the kingdom, Yunan was told to solve this issue, and what would he do? He strolled into the orphanage and just started wooing the girls, he had never done so before, they just became his through whatever was being with him did to them, Kitty was even the one who seduced him, so he thought why not test out his chops at seduction and make his wives feel like mistresses, that was the best way to keep a marriage going according to someone, as long as the wife felt like she was a mistress the marriage was safe and doomed to last for a very long time.

To his surprise, his wives were more very eager to play hard to get and make him run around trying to please them, he had to admit, he would never do that, ever, if it was not for his wives acting as the target, he would give up immediately on anyone who was less than honest with him.


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