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The feast lasted for a few hours, and helped everyone relax and get to know each other especially Lili who was on very good term with Leader after she changed her nun’s dress and habit to something more casual.

Sharing something to complain about is a strong catalyst for female friendships, and fathers are the most suitable subjects to complain about, more so if they shared a father. Men are simpler, they bond over silence and a shared drink, that is why men can never understand how women and their friends sustain a friendship that needs something in common, and the same for women, they can never understand how men do not need much of a reason to be the best of friends.

When sleeping time came and everyone went into their rooms Lili flat out pushed the guys out with the reason “girls and boys can not sleep together”, neither Yunan or Leol could understand why, after all they shared the same room with Reina for almost a month and nothing went wrong, Lili ended the argument with “that is just how it works ;no boys allowed to sleep in the same room as girls”

Maybe it was like that everywhere else but when Debauchery is included those rules the rest of the world follows seem very useless to uphold, both young boys knew Lili would come around once the traveling starts and sharing a bedroll is just like sharing a gla.s.s of water, extremely inconsequential, and would only prove the trust between the genders. After all if they could not share a bedroll when needed how can they share a death struggle? That is just basic survival for groups.

At dawn a sharp scream woke up everyone in the villa, Lili was scared witless by Yunan and Leol dragging Reina for their morning workout, and since she woke up, the boys looked at each other, nodded and just dragged her too into the bath for a washing up. Although Lili did her best to fight them off, they merely shrugged off her attempts to damage them, as they were used to getting beat up daily, they barely viewed the fragile Lili as a mere annoyances and continued with the daily ritual of waking up Reina, washing her face with cold water and adding the occasional slap, once she woke up, they took Lili too by habit and washed her face too, after that they picked up the girls and dressed them up with training armors and towed them into the backyard of the villa.

By now Reina has sobered up and Lili has gone from screams to physical abuse after feeling she was defiled by the boys, how can she become a holy healer if she was not pure, and she made sure her complaints were registered by both boys as she ranted about how they took away her purity mid kicks and punches, but she was very surprised when the boys just shrugged and started on their workout routine with Reina.

Att first Lili did try to keep up but failed after the first 3 laps. The yard was rather small so the kids did around 25 laps to jog for the same time as the usual 10 laps in the academy, they did 40 sets of each basic workout and by sunrise they had sang the divergent series up to 100 along the whole workout and they did repeat it twice. Because Lili has refused to do the same, they told her that this workout is just to keep up with the ordinary training, and that in the upcoming month the train was about to be 10 times as hard, Lili almost choked, her dad said it would be fun and she found herself in a training camp for kids obsessed with getting stronger. Well soon she would receive a bigger shock, so the kids let her be surprised in peace.

After sunrise the kids returned to the villa where they entered the bath at the same time and cleaned up, although Lili tried to object she was forced inside the shared bath under the pretext of lack of time. ‘what could they possibly have to do on a sunday that is so urgent’ Lili thought as she kept throwing anything she could get her hands on at the boys who are trying to corrupt her after defiling her once already, she was a pure maiden and she wanted to stay that way.

After the bath, they found Debauchery already in the living room with a table full of food and were already having their breakfast, while Yunan, Reina and Leol took a seat and started eating unceremoniously, Lili went to complain to Leader about her unfair treatment and her lost pureness, she was. .h.i.t by a “so what? They did not **** you did they? They were so nice to wash you up, dress you in training gear and even helped clean up the sweat you worked out, and they did not even retaliate when you were hitting them, if i were you i’d be all thanks and smiles over such a good treatment”.

“Inside Tartarus you would die to find someone who would clean up your body after an extremely gory fight where you your limbs broken and you shat yourself from the brutality of monsters” added Fae with a tone of ‘been there done that’. Lili’s face turned scarlet red at the thought of needing someone to clean her up after she p.o.o.ped herself, ‘i will never let that happen, never’ she made a vow to herself.

The same for breakfast and last dinner, Debauchery ate enough for a wedding party and everyone stood up to move to the next target. It was Dustan who broke the news to poor Lili who thought she might have a day of relaxation and chit chat with her new found sister. ” Alright kids, we took up the cleaning quest for you, it would take about an hour to reach the location. You have it until sunset, if you can not clean the nest it will be taken as failure and we will try a clear every week, and with each failure, the training goes up a notch, we need you to be level 2 within a month so excuse the brutality”

Although the kind smile Dustan had on his face could be intercepted as any other type of smile, Lili actually cried because she thought he was being mean and evil amd trying to harm them by giving them such an impossible goal.


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