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at 29th of January 2019 08:22:07 PM
Chapter 53

As Seo entered inside the Kitchen he could see Haruhime in a maid outfit with both her ears and tail down as if something is bugging her.

Seo went t her and when she heard the steps her ears twitched upwards and turned her head towards him.

Haruhime : Seo-kun…

Seo : What are you making there??

Haruhime : Fuuee… steaks… meat steaks…

Seo : Oh!! That’s quite tasty, but how come you chose that??

Haruhime : Fuueee it took all my courage to ask that outside…

Seo : And Blackied told you she wanted steaks??

Haruhime : Umm… fuuee it was scary…

Seo went and patted her head and immediately her mood changed as her ears were twitching and her tail was waging left and right.

Seo : You really like someone petting your head…

Haruhime : Fee hehehehehe

Seo : Did you fall for me??

Haruhime froze her tail was raised up in a single line and her ears twitched violently with her eyes being wide open when she heard that.

Haruhime : Ugh… fuueee did something happened with Kami-Hestia???

Seo saw her eyes were kinda sad when she tried to ask him that and couldn’t help but let a slight smile to her, when she saw the smile she was stunned and entered into a depression mode the same one as she left from the bath.

Seo : No, nothing happened as she wasn’t ready for that kind of step, but who knows in the future, after all, i’m hunting multiple wives and you are one of them.

Haruhime instantly got revived in her cheerful mofu mofu mood and hugged Seo rubbing herself in his chest as a way to hide her affection and embarra.s.sment to him.

A little bit away from the Kitchen a figure had come out of the Bath and heard their conversation at least half of it but it was enough to hear Haruhime’s question and his answer.

She was stunned he still considers me?? Then why didn’t he forcefully taken me back then?? It was then she remember what he had told her, that it was fine with him to take liberties with anyone but never force them on the final line unless they were in love with him.

Then he didn’t force her because it would leave him a taste of raping?? Then if she didn’t push him away and accept it right now she would be his?? Hestia was speechless and somehow she could feel her mood a bit better after what happened inside.

As she was feeling a bit better she barged into the Kitchen but this time she didn’t rage when she saw them cradle like that in each other embrace.

Hestia : Hey you two!!! The others are waiting for food!!! Including ME!!!!!

Haruhime : Fuueee but it takes time for them to be cooked in the oven…

Hestia : Then make side-plates, why are you so lovey-dovey with him…

Seo : How come you got out that early??

Hestia : The water got cold, i tried to raise the boiler but it didn’t work…

Seo : Oh, right about that, do you think you can arrange construction teams in order to rebuild this place??

Hestia : Ermm… Seo-Kun for that we would need a ma.s.sive amount of money.

Seo : Are 300.000 enough??

Both Haruhime and Hestia had their eyes spinning when they heard the amount he was offering.

Hestia : 300- 3000- 300.000 thousand??

Seo : Well i planned to tide up this place the first time i stepped foot in it, as more and more might come in the future we need a proper place to stay.

Hestia was in a daze and Seo as he was petting Haruhime making wruuuu wruuu sounds, couldn’t help but say to her.

Seo : Well now i don’t think i will owe you that much.


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