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Read Earth’s Best Gamer Chapter 141 – : Synchronization: Healing Ability

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Read WebNovel Earth’s Best Gamer Chapter 141 – : Synchronization: Healing Ability

Chapter 141: Synchronization: Healing Ability

“Thank you for your saber gift, Master!”

After he arrived, Ruan Xiaoer spoke to Ji Ye with delight on his face that was rather intimidating.

While Ruan Xiaoer’s t.i.tle was “Heavenly Sword Star”, his weapon was actually a Mystic Iron Overlord’s Saber. This Tiger Shark Saber befitted him well in terms of both personality and experience.

That was also why Ji Ye felt that he could probably get Ruan Xiaoer here with this offering!

“Chief Ruan, Chief Wu told us that you could stay in the water for days. Is that true?”

Ruan Xiaoer’s arrival meant that the plan that Ji Ye prepared could work.

However, he was still slightly curious about this Liangshan hero’s proficiency in swimming.

“I can easily hide for three days in a lake or a river, but I have never tried it in the ocean before. However, I don’t think it’s a problem. I’ve been making a living in the water since childhood. I won’t be scared of any aliens in the water!”

Ruan Xiaoer’s face that had thick eyebrows was filled with confidence.

Now that he had been successfully summoned, he learned the basic situation of the fort. He knew that it was surrounded by an ocean that contained aliens and monsters.

“In that case, I’ll have to ask you to hide in the ocean and keep an eye on the Eagle Men’s nest from there!”

That’s right. Ji Ye’s plan was to summon a navy hero and observe the Eagle Men from the sea.

What happened in the past two days made him realize that the Twin Dragon Mount fort needed professional scouts.

However, as a special professional unit, they would need special items such as Black Mountain Armor and Silver Liquid, which weren’t easy to get.

But the previous experience on the sea had given Ji Ye an idea. On the continent, the Eagle Men’s nests were blocked by mountains and trees and weren’t very clear.

However, it would be easy to see the Eagle Men clearly from the sea. The only problem was that Ji Ye needed to handle issues in the fort and couldn’t stay in the sea for observation all the time.

Now that Ruan Xiaoer was here, he could accomplish the task for Ji Ye.

Of course, the ocean was much more dangerous than the continent and even had the Extraordinary Rank-4 tiger-striped sharks. While Ruan Xiaoer was very strong, extra preparations were needed for him to do his job.

“You will probably find these items useful, Chief Ruan!”

Ji Ye gave two items that he had prepared to Ruan Xiaoer.

One of them was the purple Speedo suit that the tiger-striped shark dropped, and the other was the Mirage Dragon Tooth from the Mirage Monsters.

However, compared to before, the white dragon tooth seemed to be mixed with blood.

[Dragon Tooth]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-3]

[Rarity: Excellent]

[Description: This is a piece of equipment personally crafted by the master of the Twin Dragon Mount fort. With the Flood Dragon Blood in the Mirage Dragon’s Tooth, this equipment grants permanent invisibility in the water and allows its user to sense the changes in water currents remotely!

That’s right. It was a piece of equipment that Ji Ye refined himself.

After fusing the Perfect dragon tooth to welcome Gongsun Sheng, Ji Ye had already learned the nature of the dragon teeth.

Also, after fusing the Five Thunder Heavenly Spirit Technique, he had some understanding in refining too. He then personally learned from Gongsun Sheng’s Mirage Dragon Sword and melted his Flood Dragon Blood into the Mirage Dragon’s Tooth, creating this b.l.o.o.d.y “dragon tooth”.

Apart from the ability of invisibility that it had earlier, it now also had the ability to sense if other creatures were approaching through the changes of the water.

Considering Ruan Xiaoer’s capabilities, and together with this “dragon tooth”, he would definitely be able to hide right under the Eagle Men’s noses.

He spent the next day familiarizing Ruan Xiaoer with the undersea terrain around the Twin Dragon Mount and killed a certain number of sea monsters with him.

After Ruan Xiaoer completely grasped the dragon tooth, the Tiger Shark Saber, and the periscope that Elder Jiao created with his talent in 3D printing with the EXP from the kills, he successfully snuck to the part of the sea where the Eagle Men lived.

Ji Ye, on the other hand, returned to the fort.

He went to the “clinic” that Shang Yan, who obtained a bunch of medical files from Earth and was ready for her role as a doctor, had established.


Wu Xiong, who was being examined by Shang Yan, rose excitedly after seeing Ji Ye.

That’s right. Wu Xiong survived!

Or rather, he was saved by Ji Ye who changed his fate.

Because he was in the range of the Twin Dragon Mount fort, to prevent the others from being alarmed by the change in the power of providence, the Extraordinary Rank-3 Eagle Man didn’t dare to completely destroy Wu Xiong’s soul. The Eagle Man only “imprisoned” it with the ability of the Soul Prisoner’s Mask.

That was why his level changed on Su Nongying’s “Registration Book” instead of being completely canceled.

During the battle, the Soul Prisoner’s Mask was thrown away, and the souls it imprisoned, including the Eagle Man’s own soul, were digested by the alpha wolf as energy for it to reach Extraordinary Rank-6.

But Ji Ye had specifically kept Wu Xiong’s soul.

Then, with Ninth Uncle and Gongsun Sheng’s help, he sent the soul back and then completely healed the wounds on Wu Xiong with his talent!

At this moment, Shang Yan found nothing wrong with the soldier at all after a modern body examination!



“It’s an honor to meet you, Master!”

Seeing Ji Ye, the other soldiers who were asking for Shang Yan’s treatment rose and bowed to him.

At this moment, all the locals of the Twin Dragon Mount fort admired Ji Ye from the bottom of their hearts.

That was because Ji Ye had proved himself to be the real “Chosen One” by bringing the dead back to life. The locals had completely acknowledged Ji Ye’s ident.i.ty after he saved Wu Xiong!

However, for Ji Ye, the matter was significant for another reason.

“I’m going to synchronize my Healing ability!”

After checking up on Wu Xiong, Ji Ye returned to his room.

Since the Healing talent could save a soldier who was considered dead, it would be a helpful life-saving skill if it was synchronized with his body back on Earth.

It was also the first ability that Ji Ye intended to synchronize at the cost of his Rare Honor after much deliberation.

That was because according to Shang Yan, who was sort of an insider of the Confederation Office, certain chaos happened on Earth in the past few days.

In particular, certain players in the second batch didn’t report to the Confederation Office at the beginning. They did quite some bad things after they got some abilities from the Land of Inheritance through synchronization.

In some countries that had poor governments, battles among players had broken out. Someone even posted them on the forum!

Ji Ye was sort of taking precautions by synchronizing this “Healing” ability with his body on Earth, even though according to his planning, he would spend most of his time on the Land of Inheritance, and this ability might not be useful for him at all.

[This ability is a talent. It will be slightly changed according to the world rules after it is synchronized in this world… The synchronization will cost 20 points of Rare Honor. Do you confirm?]

After Ji Ye made the decision, a piece of information popped up in his head.

It was actually something that Ji Ye already knew.

In fact, after being synchronized on Earth, not just the talent abilities, but the other types of abilities would also more or less be changed due to the different rules.

However, since the ability could be synchronized, it meant that the ability he received in the end wouldn’t be too different!


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