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Read Earth’s Best Gamer Chapter 225 – The Monocular And The Yuan Emperor

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Chapter 225: The Monocular and the Yuan Emperor

“Wu… Wu… Wu…”

The heavy horn that indicated the Yuan army’s operation came to Xiangyang City from the opposite side of the moat.

“Hurry up. Everybody, to the city wall!”

“Be ready for battle!”

“Check the ammunition and load the cannons!”

Hearing that sound, many people took action in Xiangyang City.

By the time Ji Ye reached the city wall, a lot of soldiers were already standing there for defense. There were Song officers who were battle partic.i.p.ants too.

Ji Ye even saw an acquaintance whom he met in the base of players in Yang City.

“The battle is finally getting started!”

He was the long-haired “artist”, dressed in white clothes, who quitted the meeting of the beta testers back in Yang City.

His quaint attire turned out to be a perfect match for Xiangyang City, which was set in the Song Dynasty. He was holding a brush, and a piece of paper had been paved on the city wall.

He gazed at the overwhelming Yuan troop with earnestness in his eyes!

Leng Jun’s settlement entered the Battlefield of Providence about ten days earlier.

After he entered the battlefield, he found that it had the setting of The Return of the Condor Heroes, a book that he was familiar with.

After discussing with other battle partic.i.p.ants, he decided to take advantage of his prior knowledge and search for Yang Guo, Zhou Botong, and other heroes in Hundred Flowers Valley, Black Dragon Swamp, etc.

However, when they finally found the Hundred Flowers Valley, they realized that it was already empty.

It was not until they ran into another settlement that came to the Hundred Flowers Valley too that they finally realized they were in a collective battle made of multiple settlements.

Also, Yang Guo, Zhou Botong, Reverend Yideng, and Little Dragon Maiden had all been “claimed” by a settlement.

“Twin Dragon Mount fort…”

Leng Jun didn’t look very happy.

As a proud artist who had pa.s.sed the settlement quest with his capabilities without the help of the Confederation Office, he had always focused his attention on the Land of Inheritance and didn’t know much about other settlements.

However, he had heard about “Twin Dragon Mount fort”, a settlement that was from his own city, from other players.

After all, the Twin Dragon Mount fort was quite famous!

Because he was from Yang City too, he could’ve negotiated with the Twin Dragon Mount fort so that the players from his settlement could get closer to Yang Guo, Zhou Botong, Reverend Yideng, Qiu Qianren, and other hero projections in the camp.

In fact, the three players who joined Leng Jun’s settlement in the second batch and who came from Yang City had done that.

However, Leng Jun didn’t make such a choice, because he didn’t think that he was worse than the master of the Twin Dragon Mount fort, who was called the “Best Player of Yang City” by certain people who weren’t qualified to enter the Land of Inheritance.

He believed that he was even more excellent in certain aspects.

After all, the guy had accomplished the settlement quest with the help of the Confederation Office, whereas he had done that purely on his own.

However, in order to prove his superiority, he needed a battle against the Yuan people.

He had been frowning hard because the Yuan people didn’t wage another battle for a long time after two of their kings died.

Fortunately, they were finally doing something on this day!

“The Yuan people are finally starting another battle!”

“We’ve prepared for so many days. We have to kill a Yuan king today!”

“It will be best if the heroes of the Twin Dragon Mount fort die in the battle and give their posts away…”

In fact, Leng Jun wasn’t the only one thinking about that; many players from other settlements craved battles even more badly than he did.

However, what the Yuan people did next had disappointed Leng Jun as well as other players who shared the same thought!

Instead of attacking the city directly, the Yuan troops came to a stop about five kilometers away!

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”

Then, the Yuan troops split apart and made a path. Along with three roars that trembled the sand on the city wall, a team of soldiers, who were all riding the Elite Wolf Horses that were even larger than regular Wolf Horses, went to the frontier of the troops while protecting a man who was covered in red armor with a purple cape fluttering on his back and a crystal bow in his hand.

“That’s a rather magnificent view. Could it be…”

Seeing that, Ji Ye was intrigued, and his Void Ring flashed.

After that, an item appeared in his hand.

It was a monocular that seemed to be made of copper and had floral patterns engraved on it.

It had been left behind by the player named Li Lei from the pirate settlement. It was also the only Transcendent item that Ji Ye stored in his Void Ring in the last battle.


[Level: Special]

[Rarity: Excellent]

[Description: This is the collection of a major pirate that allegedly can see things a thousand kilometers away. Unfortunately, it’s partially broken and not as effective as before, but its other function still remains!]

Just as Ji Ye speculated, the Twin Dragon Mount fort’s Mirage Cloud Mirror wasn’t the only item that could see over a long distance.

The Transcendent part of this monocular was that it could release some sort of rays of light to bypa.s.s the obstacles so that one could see what was behind!

Of course, considering the mechanism of the monocular, it couldn’t really see through clothes!

However, Ji Ye actually collected this monocular because of its other function, which was that it could see some of the stats of the monsters or the character projections on the Battlefield of Providence, similar to Li Qing’s Combat Ability Detector.

Ji Ye laid his eyes on the man who was wearing the red armor.

[Yuan Lie (Alignment: Enemy)]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-7]

[Rarity: Boss]

[Description: He is the emperor of Yuan and a top martial artist. He’s good with horses, bows, spears, and fists. He once conquered fifteen countries and 103 cities in a year. He is an ambitious and unstoppable warrior.]

“It’s true that the Yuan emperor is here!”

Being an Extraordinary Rank-7 Boss, this Yuan Emperor was as strong as the Top Five Experts.

Moreover, not only was the Yuan emperor strong, but his mount was highly unusual too.

The Yuan emperor was riding a war wolf that was covered in glamorous armor and as high as a fully-grown horse!

[Celestial Wolf King (Alignment: Enemy)]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-7]

[Rarity: Commander]

[Description: This is a special wolf king with the bloodline of the Celestial Wolves. It’s said that a deity bestowed it upon Yuan Lie as his mount. It can ride a thousand kilometers in a day.]

“Seriously? The Yuan emperor’s mount is also Extraordinary Rank-7?”

“They have five Extraordinary Rank-7 experts with special treasures and skills, as well as many soldiers. Yuan seems to be much more powerful than us!”

“Are you sure this battlefield is balanced? You didn’t lose too many battles before we came, did you?”

Ji Ye heard someone speaking in a low voice.

On the surface, the Yuan people were indeed more powerful.

Song had as many Extraordinary Rank-7 hero projections as Yuan did, including Guo Jing, Huang Rong who boasted the Book of Wumu, Yang Guo, Zhou Botong, Reverend Yideng, Huang Yaoshi, and Qiu Qianren whom Ji Ye rescued. That was certainly a lot!

However, considering that the Yuan kings all had some Transcendent items and abilities, they had more advantages.

Besides, since the kings had Transcendent items, naturally, the Yuan emperor would have some too.


Under everyone’s watch, the Yuan emperor who slowly rode the Celestial Wolf King out of the troops glared at the people on the wall of Xiangyang City coldly.

He then stretched his crystal bow. A stream of energy surged from the bow and gathered into a transparent arrow that was invisible to the naked eye!


Then, he loosened the string.

The invisible arrow instantly flew towards Ji Ye who was observing the battle with the monocular on the wall of Xiangyang City!


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