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Read Earth’s Best Gamer Chapter 341 – Holy Fire And Heavenly Strike

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Chapter 341: Holy Fire and Heavenly Strike

At dawn.

The sun had yet to rise, and it was the darkest hour of the day.

To the east of the Twin Dragon Island, in the rear of Fang La’s military camps, inside a cavern that was heavily guarded by soldiers wearing red turbans…

“The light is universal and clean. It destroys all curses. The kingdom of light is a paradise where you will enjoy eternal happiness and stand immune to all evils…”

Fang La, who had white flames popping up between his eyebrows, recited the Scripture of Light on the altar that was surrounded by twelve fiery pillars!

“Burning Holy Fire, please give me power!”

“Burning Holy Fire, please give me power!”

In front of the white altar, a hundred cultists were sitting cross-legged with devotion and excitement on their faces.

They opened their fingers widely and raised them like rising flames in front of their chest!

As everybody recited the scripture, some white flames that looked like candlelight were separated from the statue of the Lord of Light on the altar.

Then, they dispersed and floated to the widely-opened hands of the hundred cultists in front of the altar.


After that, the previously-Ordinary cultists vaguely evinced the waves of the Extraordinary.

Those who were Extraordinary in the first place had vague flames on their eyebrows, and they appeared much stronger than earlier.

“Lord of Light… Lord of Light…”

After sensing the substantial changes in their body, those generals, soldiers, and even civil officials instantly chanted at the same time with zeal in their eyes!


However, exactly at this moment, a deafening noise that came from outside overshadowed the pa.s.sionate roars of a hundred people.

Pop! Crackle!

Then, the whole cavern suffered an immense blast.

Abundant dust and stones fell from the top of the cavern, and the twelve enormous pillars around the altar were shivering.

“What’s going on here?”

Fang La, who was watching the devout believers in satisfaction, put on a different expression.

“Your Majesty, the military camp… the military camp just suffered a lightning strike!”

Several seconds later, a general whose face was covered in dust rushed into the cavern. His armor was mostly broken and melted, and there was even a black bullet on his abdomen. He seemed panicked!

As rebels, the generals and ministers under Fang La’s command were mostly coachmen and fishermen before, so it was hard for them to remain cool in emergencies.

“You didn’t listen to my warning, and you still attempted to approach the forbidden land of the Twin Dragon Island.

“You have infuriated the Empyrean Dragon Emperor, who asked me to punish you. If you don’t realize your mistake, your Lord of Light will be punished too!”

Hardly had the general finished reporting when a voice penetrated the rocks and entered the ears of everybody at the altar.

“It was the man who belittled the Lord of Light yesterday!”

“He must be fooling us with his evil tricks. Your Majesty, I ask for your permission to battle. I’ll catch him and purge him in the Holy Fire!”

“Your Majesty, I ask for your mission to battle too!”

After hearing what Ji Ye said, the people in the cave didn’t waver as they did the previous day. Instead, they all excitedly requested to Fang La for battle.


Fang La, however, shouted aloud to silence them.

Then, he approached the statue and recited a spell. He shaped his hands in the form of fire and pretended to listen carefully.

Several seconds later, he finally raised his head and declared to the earnest believers with anger all over his face.

“The Lord of Light has just given me an oracle. This man desecrated light and is nefarious.

“Whoever kills this blasphemous person will be rewarded with Holy Fire that will cleanse their soul. After they die, the Lord of Light will personally direct them to the Realm of Light as his servants. Those who die in battle will be directed to the Grand World of Light by the Lord of Light’s sons.

“Relay my order. Whoever catches or kills him will be named Stately Marshall and rewarded with a fortune!”

“Is it really… retribution?”

“Have we really offended the Empyrean Dragon Emperor?”

At the same time, everyone in the military camps outside was ill at ease.

A gigantic pit, where smoke was still popping up, could be found at the center of the camps.

The dozen or so tents near the pit had been overturned by the immense blast. Almost a hundred shattered bodies could be seen, and even more people were screaming and rolling on the ground to put out the fire that was caused by the explosion.

The “lightning strike” that Fang La’s general just described was, undoubtedly, the Flood Dragon Egg, which was the most destructive modern weapon that the Twin Dragon Island had created.

It had been detonated by Ji Ye with a lightning strike from the sky, and therefore mistaken for the punishment of a G.o.d!

After throwing the super firecracker that made everybody in Fang La’s army ill at ease, “Ji Ye” didn’t just leave.

Instead, he swaggered on the field of the explosion, which was illuminated by the furious flames.

There was a vague white aura in his eyes as he stared at the panicked soldiers who were too frightened to attack him.

It was because one of Fang La’s Commanders, who was brawny and had blackened furs on his body that was transforming from a black bear into a human being, was lying underneath Ji Ye’s feet.

The man who had weathered through the explosion of the Flood Dragon Egg only to be killed by Ji Ye later was Xu Fang, the Flying Bear, who was Extraordinary Rank-7 and one of the Eight Kings under Fang La’s command!

Even a general on their side had been killed by the enemy who had descended with the dreadful lightning strike.

How could the regular soldiers, who were no stronger than Extraordinary Rank-5, possibly have the courage to take him down?

“What? His Majesty has given an order…”

However, it seemed that an order had been given, and the soldiers at the periphery were seething.

“Are you ready?

“Okay, I’ll lead them to you right now!”

In the sky above the camp, Ji Ye, who had covered himself up with the illusion created by the Mirage Dragon Pearl in front of him to prevent himself from being seen, replied after hearing the voice in his earpieces.

“Your Lord of Light is nothing worth mentioning compared to the Empyrean Dragon Emperor that we serve. The lightning strike today is just a minor punishment.

“If you don’t look back, all of you shall be destroyed by lightning strikes next time!”

The “Ji Ye” in the camp down below, after making the declaration, began to move in one direction.

His white Dragon Aura glowed even more brilliantly, and he attracted the attention of a lot of soldiers in the dark night like a huge light bulb!

“His Majesty has ordered that whoever catches or kills him will be named Stately Marshall and rewarded with a fortune!”

“The Lord of Light has just given an oracle. Whoever kills this man can go to the Realm of Light…”

At the same time, Fang La’s bounties were rumbling and resounding throughout the camp.

“He’s running to the sea!”

“He’s a sea demon! Do not let him touch the water!”

Hearing that, the soldiers who didn’t witness the lightning strike roared zealously and chased after Ji Ye, who was as obvious as a light bulb, without any hesitation.

“You can’t escape, fiend! Take my spear!”

“I’m the Flying Dragon of the South…”

“Don’t think that you can get away from me…”

Many generals of the south who were proud of their strength stood in Ji Ye’s way with their weapons.

“Ah… What? Pu…”

Those mediocre generals, who were merely Extraordinary Rank-5 and Rank-6, were mostly slapped away by Ji Ye without any suspense. Even the fences and barricades in the camp, which were made of stones and hard wood, couldn’t stop him at all.

However, “Ji Ye” was indeed delayed by all the obstacles in his way.

After killing a hundred soldiers who were so zealous that they sacrificed themselves in order to be directed to the Realm of Light, he was finally surrounded by troops from all directions even though he was only half a kilometer away from the sea.


“Holy Fire, give me power!”

“Kill the blasphemer!”

Then, countless swords, spears, and arrows were launched at him!


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