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Read Earth’s Best Gamer Chapter 404 – The Four Batch And Special Invitations!

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Read WebNovel Earth’s Best Gamer Chapter 404 – The Four Batch And Special Invitations!

Chapter 404: The Four Batch and Special Invitations!

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Because the Transcendent power of the Flood Dragon Pearl was a combination of the four Extraordinary spoils of war, if Ji Ye could figure out its mechanism, he could become Transcendent in a similar way.

It might be very difficult for any other players, but for Ji Ye, he only needed to have a Fusion in order to do that.

“Besides, maybe I can learn some of the fighting techniques of the Transcendent dragons in such a way!”

Looking at the Flood Dragon Pearl that had been frozen by the yellow power of providence, Ji Ye had other expectations.

Although he had fused the Legendary Flood Dragon Bloodline, he was never able to pa.r.s.e the Transcendent and Legendary power in the bloodline because his Fusion talent was only Extraordinary.

Therefore, apart from the basic functions of water control and body fortification, the real powers of the Legendary bloodline were never really carried out.

The fact that the Flood Dragon, as a Transcendent Rank-3 creature, attached such great importance to his Legendary True blood suggested that it was more valuable than he thought.

In the meantime, judging from what the Flood Dragon said, the Legendary dragons were already True Dragons on the Land of Inheritance, which was slightly different from what Ji Ye antic.i.p.ated.


Since he had decided to fuse the Flood Dragon Pearl, Ji Ye wasted no time after he returned to the golden chariot.

As he gave an order with his thought, the light of spoils that was white and silver filled up half of the golden chariot.

This fusion took a much longer time than the fusion of talents did. The light of fusion didn’t fade away in the golden chariot until it was noon.


Ji Ye, who sat cross-legged on the Extraordinary tiger skin, suddenly opened his eyes.

Immediately, a golden and red light appeared in his eyes. The whites in his eyes were replaced by the redness of the Flood Dragon, but his pupils turned golden.

A lot of soft black dragon scales appeared on his skin. Even his fingers were turning into the toes of a dragon.

“This projection of the Divine Dragon contains all the body structures of the Transcendent Flood Dragon and even some of its abilities such as size transformation and projection!”

Ji Ye was quite excited, and a golden light flashed in his pupils.

“More importantly, because of my four drops of blood, this Divine Dragon projection contains the way to transform the Flood Dragon Blood’s power into a Flood Dragon’s body. Theoretically speaking, I can enter the Transcendent level simply by transforming my body into the Flood Dragon shape.”

“Well, I should regain my original appearance first!”

However, Ji Ye was much calmer than he used to be.

He soon got control of himself, and his body emanated the glow of the Healing talent.

When the glow was gone, the redness in Ji Ye’s eyes had faded away, and the scales and the dragon toes were gone. He turned back into a human.

The power of the bloodline was immense, but it could significantly change the body. The reason that the fusion took so long was that Ji Ye was both attempting to transform his body into a Flood Dragon and restore his original appearance with the Healing talent.

Now that there was no longer the restriction of cooldown, the combination of the talents had amazing effects.

“However, there’s still some distance to go before I can fully transform into a Flood Dragon.

“It’s because the Flood Dragon Blood only takes up a tiny part of my blood, and it was exhausted in the battle two days back.

“In order to fully become a Transcendent Flood Dragon, I have to gather enough Flood Dragon Blood first.”

Having examined himself with the Healing talent, Ji Ye said softly.

To make a quick breakthrough, he couldn’t count on the Flood Dragon True Blood, which was too slow in generating Flood Dragon Blood.

Fortunately, he had learned a lesson when he fused the Snapping Dragon Turtle’s blood. With his Fusion talent, he could get the Flood Dragon Blood he needed by refining the blood of the creatures that contained dragon bloodlines.

If he remembered correctly, a navy player who was responsible for reconnaissance mentioned a large lake in Fang La’s territory that contained a lot of Extraordinary fish.

Since those fish were from Earth, a lot of them had dragon bloodlines.

Although those bloodlines were very inferior and didn’t carry any dragon features, they could still be useful.

However, after Ji Ye walked out of the golden chariot and was about to fly to the lake to fish, a notification popped up in his head.

[“Some members of your settlement have survived for a month on the Land of Inheritance. They now have access to their original world.”]

[“Your settlement has completed the ‘A Hundred Vying Barges’ quest. Headcount of your civilization’s next batch of players to the Land of Inheritance: 5,607. Their names will be announced in three days, and they will all arrive at Dragon City in seven days.”]

[“Some members of your settlement have received special invitations for their distinguished performance… Based on your contribution to your settlement, you’ve received fifteen invitations!”]

Three notifications popped up in Ji Ye’s head in a row.

While the third batch of players was going offline, the headcount of the fourth batch was announced.

Also, all of the candidates were coming to Dragon City.

However, that wasn’t the real reason why Ji Ye stopped the breakthrough. The real reason was that some people were allowed to invite others to come to Dragon City.

“Something big is happening!”

That was Ji Ye’s first reaction after he heard the news.

“All the Chosen Ones who receive invitations, come to the meeting hall.”

In the next moment, everybody on the Twin Dragon Island heard Ji Ye’s voice.

Fifteen minutes later, a dozen people were gathered in the meeting hall that could accommodate hundreds of people, which made it look empty.

Ji Ye glanced around at the partic.i.p.ants. Su Nongying, Li Qing, Qin Yueyu, Elder Meng, Elder Jiao, Mister Bug, Guo Wei, An Quan, Wu Qiao, Shang Yan, Hao Dahai… and three other core players who made great contributions to the settlement were here.

It seemed that all the invitations were given to the core members or those who held leadership roles of the settlement core.

While Ji Ye had got fifteen invitations, Elder Meng, Su Nongying, and Li Qing were the only three who had two invitations. The others, including Elder Jiao, only had one invitation.

Things were easier than what Ji Ye antic.i.p.ated at first.

Of course, that was on the premise that n.o.body hid their invitations.

After a moment of silence, Ji Ye opened his mouth and said, “I don’t mean to tell you whom you should invite and whom you shouldn’t, because you’ve earned those invitations with your own hard work. It’s up to you whom you want to give the invitations to!”

After he said that, everybody put on a weird expression.

Some were shocked, some were surprised, and some were relieved.

Seeing everybody’s reaction, Ji Ye simply continued, “I simply would like to tell you how I will distribute the fifteen invitations that I have!”

“Wow, fifteen invitations?”

“Master, you’re awesome!” Mister Bug shouted with an exaggerated expression while his eyes were covered in white cloth.

Although he was quite hilarious, and what he said could be misleading, everybody in the hall was quite surprised at the number of invitations that Ji Ye had.

Through the information in their heads, they had learned that the number of invitations depended on their contribution to the settlement.

For example, Su Nongying had been given two invitations because as the general manager of Dragon City, she had been working twice as long as others did. She didn’t even have time for training and was the only Extraordinary Rank-5 leader of the Twin Dragon Island.

After the test, her rating had become Quasi Commander, which meant that her efforts were acknowledged by the Land of Inheritance!

Elder Meng’s two invitations were partly because of his job as the liaison between the settlement and Earth as well as being the teacher of the natives, and it was also partly because of his contributions as the military advisor in battles.

Besides, same as Li Qing, who also had two invitations, he was rated as a Quasi Commander.

There was no need to mention Li Qing’s contributions. He was the one who scouted at the risk of his life whenever they ran into enemies and villains. Other than his performance on the battlefield, he was also a tutor on firearms!

However, all their invitations combined were no more than half of what Ji Ye had.

Well, to be more accurate, all the partic.i.p.ants of the meeting together only had two more invitations than Ji Ye did.

It seemed rather unbelievable, but not entirely unjustified.

The special invitations were based on the comprehensive contributions since one entered the settlement. It meant that Ji Ye’s loot of power of providence in the Battle of Xiangyang and his kills of the three villain bosses were taken into account.

“If Sister Chu Yin were alive, she probably would’ve been given two invitations too…” Su Nongying suddenly said regretfully.

What she said put the players who were surprised by Ji Ye into silence too.


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