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Read Elder Blood Witcher 265 Reima = Boggar

Elder Blood Witcher is a web novel created by Niggross.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Reima had many ways to try dig his friends out but most would probably lead to them either burning to death, being crushed to death and being sliced to piece… To death…

His aura was out as it would cause all the surrounding stone to become lava, cutting his way inside with the Moonlight Greatsword or something similar is a no-no so he’s left with the long, boring way. He starting carefully storing rubble into his inventory, making sure not to take anything vital to the rather unstable foundations. The last thing he needed was another collapse, that’d definitely spell the end for Ciri… He wasn’t sure how Geralt would react if he handed him a Ciri-Sandwich, not well he a.s.sumed. Rather Reima thinks he’d prefer a Yen and Triss sandwich “Heh” he chuckles to himself as he slowly makes his way deeper into what used to be the Cellar. He had almost reached them as he hears voices behind him…

“Ma’am, we found Head Auror Scrimgeour unconscious here, he appears to have soiled himself, perhaps he was. .h.i.t with a stunning hex along with a bladder burst curse?”

Amelia can’t stop the grin from spreading across her face, she does however cover it with her hand and nods to the worried looking recruit who’d reported Rufu’s state to her. “Yes, most likely… Have you found anything that may have caused this?”

The recruit approaches a deep narrow hole in the rubble that used to be a set of stairs “Likely some kind of magical creature had burrowed itself here, due to the Head Auror’s state we suspect it may have been a new variant of a Boggart? One that burrows, if it does exist it’s most-likely linked with vampires or ancient homes inhabited by them.” the on-sight Auror’s continue to discuss as Amelia half-listens, she stops them and leaves to see how the Obliviators are doing to quell the Muggle ma.s.s panic from the nearby Village.

Reima hears all of this as he digs towards Ciri, hopefully they don’t try shine a light down here, he suspects his golden armour wouldn’t hide him very well, or it might? Maybe they’ll think a treasure vault was hidden down here, with he himself the treasure. He’s almost reached Ciri, she’s so close he can almost smell her, he comes across some kind of ruby wall and gives it a tap. “h.e.l.lo? This is not a drill, I literally had to dig with my bare hands here.”

On the other side he hears three sigh’s of relief and Ciri’s voice reply, “Reima? Thank the G.o.ds! Listen, the rubble is resting on the red sphere, if you break it we’ll likely be crushed, can you make a small hole so we can teleport out of here?”

Reima “Yeah, we should do it fast, the Auror’s are on my a.s.s.”

Talicia “Wait, Mr Ludvig, have you seen my husband?”

Reima “No, we have no time to look for him, if he escaped do you know where he would’ve gone?”

Talicia “Yes, once night has fallen we’ll head there for when.. If he ever arrives.”

After speaking with Talicia he asks them to back away from his side for a moment, he channels his Aura onto his finger causing it to glow bright red, the heat in the tunnel increases immediately by the end of his finger, he presses it against the Crystalline service of the ruby sphere, weirdly it doesn’t react like how he’d expected, in-fact he hadn’t expected anything to happen at all.. This was just him trying the easiest option first, under his finger the shiny service seems to bubble and boil before melting under his finger. He drags his fingers around in a circle big enough to fit his arm through, once down he gives it a flick causing it to “Pop” open, he doesn’t dawdle as he shoves his arm through and telling them to “All grab him.”

He was tempted to make a glory hole joke but wish the rustling behind him and three women who’d not hesitate to tear him limb from limb he decided it probably wasn’t a good choice. A flash of Turquoise alerts the Auror’s looking into the hole, when they look deeper to see what happened they don’t discover anything and chalk it up to be residue from the explosion.

Reima and three women appear in the shower connected to his room in the leaky cauldron. Ciri gives him an almost baleful look and says, “You better have a reason for dropping us all inside a shower…”

Reima just sighs, “Look around Ciri, what do you see?” She reluctantly glances around the room before looking back at him, “Nothing.”

Reima nods, “Exactly, there are no windows here… Unlike mine and your rooms, I didn’t remember if I still had the curtains open and didn’t want to leave it to chance.”

Nerissa stands closely by her mother as the woman looks at Reima thankfully, Ciri seeing this just shrugs and walks out of the shower, she sees the curtains are indeed open resulting in the orange rays from the setting sun to envelop most of the room. He was right, not something she really liked to say as she hated admitting she was wrong, Ciri hadn’t even thought about the suns effect on vampires as they were teleported… If it were up to her Talicia and Nerissa would have both been rendered piles of ash on the carpet. After closing the curtains and adding a couple sheets just to be safe she calls out, “It’s safe, you can enter now.”, as she does this Reima walks out followed by the wary vampires.

He sits down on the bed and stretches his arms and back, “We’ll it’s up to you two to decide what we do now, with Ambrose not around I’ll keep you safe in his stead.

Ciri corrects him “He means we. We’ll help you find a safe place, I don’t think that family, Alucard was it? Will give up so easily… Trust me, I’ve got my fair share of fanatic lunatics running after me.” she says sincerely as she tries to comfort the mother and daughter. While Talicia has a stoic face, Ciri can tell she’s hurting, not physically but for the temporary loss the husband that she’d spent more than one thousands years with.


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