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Amelia looks around, seeing her Auror’s not moving and just staring at the fallen boy-who-lived, “What are you all waiting for! Take both of them to Saint Mungos!” she shouts making them all jump to attention and start following orders.

A couple Auror’s scoop up Harry and the girl before apparating away, presumably to the hospital. Reima and Ciri finally sheath their weapons, the latter still gripping her staff as if it’s a lifeline.

With Ciri’s soft spot for children, seeing two young teens broken and battered on the floor is difficult, especially after watching those Death Eaters torturing two children mid air. Though she had done all she could to help them, she still felt bitter at her lack of strength when compared to her companion.

Amelia looks at the duo and sighs, “Mr Ludvig is it? I thank you for bringing this to our attention but I’ll still need to question you both for tonight’s events.” she says while looking apologetic.

Reima shrugs, “It’s fine, I could do with a break and maybe some tea?” he prods cheekily.

Amelia “Fine, but you better tell me everything.” she huffs and pulls out a scrunched up newspaper.

“You lot, continue investigating and search the ground for anyone who didn’t get away fast enough. Check the rubble for survivors and Obliviate any Muggles who’d seen even the slightest magic. Do NOT forget to collect statements! Am I clear?”

“Yes Madam Bones!” they echo as Amelia, Reima and Ciri are port keyed away.

The group appears inside a clean looking room with bookshelves, ornaments and a desk with a huge pile of paperwork atop it. She walks around the desk and slumps into a large chair behind it, she pulls out a blue quill that floats above some parchment in-front of her. She waves her wand and levitates two chairs to sit opposite her before gesturing for the duo to sit.

“Brunty!” she calls, causing a goblion like creature to appear next to her.

Brunty “What needs doing Miss Madams?” he says in a high pitched voice.

Amelia “Bring us some tea please.” she looks a Reima expectantly.

Reima “Er, just milk please…” Ciri repeats his order and the House elf pops away leaving the trio alone.

Madam Bones sits up right and starts, “State your names, age, occupations and blood status.”

Reima looks at her confused, “Why would blood status matter in a statement?”

Amelia looks at him “Because pure-blood statements are seen as more accurate, for some reason.” she mutters under her breath and has the quill scratch off everything that had been said. She repeats her previous question.

Reima shrugs, “Reima Ludvig, seventeen, witcher, pure-blood.” he states following their story of being pure-bloods from Greenland.

Ciri follows his lead, “Ciri Rivia, Seventeen?” she says trying to stick to Reima’s story… “mm, witcher in training, pure-blood.”

The quill scribbles down everything that’d been said quickly and accurate as Amelia looks at them, “Witcher?”

Reima “Another name for monster hunters.” he states blandly.

She nods, such an occupation isn’t rare, secluded communities sometimes need to hire hit-wizards to deal with magical creatures that are bothering them.

“What was your purpose for attending the Quidditch World Cup?”

Reima “We were invited by Minister Fudge, we saw no reason to refuse as Quidditch seems like an incredibly interesting sport. We also though joining the festivities of the international community would broaden our horizons.” he says as if this is a scripted interview, leaving Ciri slightly baffled at his eloquence.

She looks at Ciri and she roughly repeats what Reima had said, trying to keep their story as straight as possible.

“What were you doing immediately before the attack?” she asks.

Reima “Resting at our tent, which I sincerely hope hasn’t burned down…” he adds.

Amelia “What caused you to to intervene when Auror’s were already on the scene?”

Ciri speaks up this time, “We couldn’t do nothing, innocent people were being tortured while your Auror’s stood back and did nothing, only with our intervention were we able to get the hostages to safety.”

Reima “Not to mention how they ran while we were still fighting for our lives.” he adds with sarcastic mirth.

Amelia’s eyes squint at this, “I see, I’ll be investigating your claims once we are done here.” she says with a steely voice. She continues, “Now, from what I had gathered you both entered combat with the terrorists with only the swords on your persons… Why did you feel the need to bring those to a sports event and why did you not use your wands… Or staves instead?”

Reima “Minister Fudge thought it would be a good idea for us to wear them, probably due to Ciri’s popularity. I brought mine as I’d lost a bet…” he says looking slightly put out.

Ciri “I didn’t use magic because someone” she glances obviously at Reima, “Forgot to give me my staff before the fight.”

Reima “Look, we’re both alive so it doesn’t matter… Ok?”

She doesn’t say anything and just fiddle with the staff while still seated.

Amelia can only shake her head at these two antics, “From what my Auror’s had found, half of the terrorists had managed to escape, the other half had been burned alive by some quite powerful flames, do you two have any information that might brings some things to light?”

Reima “I think they had port keys, the man called Gibbon didn’t end up teleporting away for some reason, they must have been located in their pockets? Seeing as I cut his legs off.” he says with brutal honesty which shocks Amelia slightly.

Ciri “I burned quite a few alive…” she says.


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