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Read Elder Blood Witcher 369 Not Even His Fault But Still Responsible.

Elder Blood Witcher is a web novel completed by Niggross.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

If you wanna read Elder Blood Witcher 369 Not Even His Fault But Still Responsible., you are coming to the right place.

Read WebNovel Elder Blood Witcher 369 Not Even His Fault But Still Responsible.

“So, Hermione’s important to you?”

Harry almost chokes on his drink when he hears this but quickly composes himself with a small blush. “Of course she is, she’s my best friend!”

Reima nods his head, “Uh huh.”

Harry’s brows furrow, “Yeah, well is Ciri important to you?!”

Reima who saw this coming a smile away grins at him, “Yeah, especially with her tongue in my mouth.” he says, causing Harry to look at him wide eyed and red faced.

Suddenly Harry’s line start shaking causing him to panic, “What do I do!?!”

Reima “Just slowly reel it in, if you feel it’s putting too much pressure on the line give it some leeway before bringing it back.” he says concisely so Harry can understand it even while frantic.

The teen does as he says and quickly but carefully reels whatever he’d caught in, it isn’t too difficult but after he’s done he feels like he’d had quite the workout. Raising the rod and reeling it out of the water he looks closely as the large, fish is raised out of the water. Without the bouency of the water holding the fish up Harry almost topples over had Reima not gotten up and supported him.

Harry looks over the huge fish with brown and dark green scales speckled with white dots. “What is it?” he asks, amazed that he’d actually managed to catch something.

Reima “Er, I’m not really sure… But It’s probably edible, maybe?” he says making Harry unsure of how to react. “You wanna learn how to gut a fish?” he asks the teen, who nods unconsciously. Harry wasn’t sure himself but he felt like he was enjoying this experience, it’s a lot different to what he’d ever done in the past but felt it was pretty fun.

Reima levitates the fish and brings out a steel dagger from his Folded s.p.a.ce before swinging it and quickly severing the fishes head, a flash of metal and it’s stomach is opened up which allows it’s organs to fall out of it. Reima quickly cleans them out before starting on it’s scales, with his dexterity an telekinesis he quickly descales it.

Harry watches this in silent amazement at how quickly and efficiently Reima is actually doing this, he’d seen aunt Petunia prepare fish before but it took forever, especially if the fish wasn’t already prepared for cooking.

In the end all that they’re left with is two huge fillets that Reima attached to a couple long branches and starts cooking over a fire he’d quickly prepared next to them.

Reima takes a swig from hid Vodka, only now noticing it’s already half gone, he felt like he was starting to approach feeling it’s effects but he wasn’t sure. “Cheers Harry!” he says, clinking his drink against Harry’s yet again. The boy himself was starting to feel abit wobbly from the amount of Vodka he’d ingested, as a first time drinker he was doing quite well when also considering his small stature.

Harry casts his line again and sits back in his chair, putting his feet close to the fire which provides them a pleasant warmth. Suddenly Reima’s line starts violently shaking, more so than Harry’s ever had. The ashen haired man didn’t waste any time and quickly reeled it in, he didn’t give it a chance to escape as he kept the pressure on and eventually got it close enough to sure where he could drag it out… Only to go bug-eyed at what he’d caught. It had many thin sharp teeth, green skin and fins instead of ears.

Harry “I think that’s a merman!” he almost slurs while shouting in surprise.

Reima approaches the creature to try and remve the hook from it’s face as he didn’t think this humanoid creature would taste very nice. As he approaches it screeches an unG.o.dly sound which causes Harry to clasp his hands around his ears, Reima ignores it and quickly tackles the creature, holding it’s throat tightly causes it to cease it’s screaming. He reaching into it’s mouth while minding it’s sharp teeth and manages to retrieve the hook, once done he lets go of the Merman and allows it to return back to the lake.

Reima “I thought these things were supposed to be intelligent?” he mutters loud enough for Harry to hear.

Harry “Maybe they didn’t expect red meat to be used as bait?” he says, making Reima nod.

Reima “I don’t know, it seemed pretty feral to me.” he says, grabbing the now cooked fish and takinga bite out of it… It’s a bit bland… He retrieves salt, pepper and lemon from his Folded s.p.a.ce and covers it in them along with Harry’s before taking another more satisfactory bite.

Reima ends up having to drink three more bottles of the highly alcoholic Vodka before he starts feeling slightly tipsy, by the time he gets this far however Harry is already completely s.h.i.t faced and murmuring various things. Things that Reima didn’t think he wanted to be known, the boy even started talking about the Chamber of Secrets along with a “Huge Basilisk and Ghost Voldemort”…

The two continued to drink, fish and eat until the girls found them, Reima wasn’t drunk enough not to notice their state of dress however. Seeing both Hermione and Ciri in scuffed clothes that’d been torn and bloodied…

Reima “Er, what happened?” he asks as the two girls give him a harsh glare after seeing Harry completely f.u.c.ked.


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