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Elder Blood Witcher is a web novel made by Niggross.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Geralt gives her a curious look, “Strange, I’d become quite famous in the northern Kingdoms as of late. Almost single-handedly cleansed a few forests near the Pontar… People knew of my name before even meeting me.”

Ciri shakes her head, “Either way, after I’d been separated from Avallac’h after he’d been cursed I was dropped in Crookback Bog… Barely escaped those Crones.” she shivers as she rubs the back of her neck, anxious over just thinking about itl.

Geralt nods and continues, “Met with the Baron and his men, they have quite the few stories to tell about you.”

She smiles, “It was fun while it lasted, though I had to leave or they’d be trampled by the Wild Hunt… I knew the curse on Avallac’h would have progressed in the time we were separated, instead I tried to find you and Yennefer, though the only person I stumbled across was Dandelion in Novigrad.”

Geralt “I know, had to save him from Temple Isle… Not exactly the greatest tactician.”

Ciri “Well, it wasn’t planned… I knew of Dandelion’s luck with you and miraculous rescues so I wasn’t too worried for him. After I teleported I ended up off the sh.o.r.e of Hindarsfjall, hadn’t intended it. I’d just thought of a happy memory and voilà I’m there.”

Geralt “Thought about your time with Hjalmar? You’re in luck as he’s one of the people I’ve persuaded to help.”

Ciri’s face bightens up, “Really? Oh, I haven’t seen him in ever so long. I wonder how he’s doing these days?”

Geralt “You can speak with him when we get back, for now I’d like to hear what had happened to you once you fled the Hunt in Hindarsfjall.” he asks, wishing to finally piece the puzzle together.

Ciri shrugs, “I’d already ran across the Northern Kingdoms looking for you, I didn’t dare go into Nilfgardian occupied territory for obvious reasons… So I fled the world itself.”

Geralt’s eyes open at her comments about Nilfgard as he hadn’t thought she’d known about her parentage… But apparently he was underestimating her.

Reima adds in, “That’s where we first met, I’d seen her with the Countries minister answering questions on how she’d killed the criminal known as Sirius Black. I knew she wasn’t native to that world as soon as I saw the Wolf’s Head Medallion, I could tell immediately that it was the one I’d handed you.” he says to Geralt.

Ciri frowns, “Sirius Black ended up being innocent, though. I still regret his death to this day.”

Geralt pats her on the shoulder to comfort her, “Innocent people die, there are many things not in our control Ciri. This is just one of them.”

They sit for a coupe minutes to listen to the fire crackling away before Geralt asks, “So, what was the world like? Was it anything like ours?”

Ciri shakes her head, “No to say it simply. Their technology was vastly superior to ours, not to mention they had huge communities of Mages that kept themselves hidden from the regular folk.”

Geralt nods, “Smart, people fear that which they don’t understand. I’m sure the common folk would be burning them at the stake in a manner similar to the Eternal Fire.”

Reima nods, “Well, you got that right. That was the primary reason they decided to to not interact with regular people. Though I wonder how long that’ll last considering the rapid advance in technology… They had already sent men to the moon believe it or not.”

Geralt snorts, “Don’t joke around.”

Ciri “It’s true Geralt, I saw the video’s of it.”

Geralt “Video’s?”

Reima “Er, it’s kinda like.. Ah nevermind, just imagine this but without magic.” he says, waving his hand and causing a memory of Kalameet to be projected on the nearby wall.

Geralt tumbles backwards while grabbing his Silver Sword, “Get down! What the h.e.l.l’s a Dragon doing here!”

Reima and Ciri burst into laughter at his reaction which has him realise that there is no danger present.

Geralt “What is that!” he growls in slight embarra.s.sment.

Reima “It’s a projection of one of the dragon’s I’d fought in the past.”

The old Witcher calms himself and rubs his face, eventually he sits back down and looks at Reima. “Speaking of dragons, I didn’t know you could transform into one… I thought mage’s could only become regular animals.” he says.

Reima “Well, it’s unique to those of us with the Elder Blood. Ciri’s also trying but, not quite there yet.” he says with a smug look.

Ciri “Yeah, keep gloating Squeakes. Atleast mine won’t be as small as yours is.” she retorts.

Reima ignroes her and looks at Geralt, “We stayed in the other world for around a year due to a vision I’d received… Basically, due to her killing Sirius Black the world was probably going to either end or be taken over by a Dark Lord.”

Ciri pouts as Reima reveals her dirty laundry to Geralt who just nods without saying anything.

Reima “We eventually dealt with it though, the Dark Lord is no more. Though I didn’t count on the army of Vampires that wanted to capture Nerissa.”

Ciri shrugs, “Imagine if I hadn’t messed up though, Nerissa more than likely wouldn’t be here. I think it’s a worthy sacrifice.” she says.

Reima nods solemnly, silently agreeing that he’d rather have Sirius die for Nerissa’s sake.

Reima “There’s something else I’m curious about… How’s mom doing?” he asks with a stupidly large grin.

Geralt groans, “I have no idea why Dandelion thought it was a good idea to write those songs, but now everywhere from Nilfgard to the Dragon mountain’s are under the impression that I can conceive children.”

Reima and Ciri yet again break into uproarious laughter at hearing this, just imagining the look on Geralt’s face the first time he heard them was enough fuel for a couple more minutes.


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