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Read Elder Blood Witcher 546 You Know What They Say? Big Hat, Big Stack.

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It’s been a couple of days since the expeditions had cleared the land, Reima walks through a stone road admiring the half-built stone structures being erected around him. Elves, Prospects and Pyromancers worked together to create houses, however, none of that compared to one thing he spots on the road… Connected to the sidewalk that he requested to be built on every road was… A storm drain. Luckily there was no clown inside it, but what it meant was there was some rudimentary water system already in place…

Reima “Hinky?”

Hinky pops in, “Yes master!?!”

Reima points at the storm drain, “What’s that?”

Hinky looks at it and smiles happily, “It is a rain to river travel!”

Reima “A what?” he asks, confused at it’s name.

Hinky “It diverts water to the river!”

Reima “Yeah, I guess that, but why is it called-Oh… Hinky, I’d like to change it’s name to “Storm Drain”, is that ok?”

Hinky nods happily, “Yes master!”

Reima “So, how is construction going?”

Hinky “Roads is built, now is the buildingses.”

Reima nods and continues to walk, taking a right on the road towards an area just below the western wall of Kaer Morhen. Stopping at a huge foundation for a building bigger than all the others near it. “Hmm, I was expecting this to be a priority to be honest…”

Hinky “We is sorry, but bottomless box is being used by everyone…”

Reima “Right…” he then rolls up his sleeves, “Well, this library ain’t gonna build itself, how are we going to go about this?” he asks, the elf having more knowledge at building than he does.

Thus, he spent most of the day helping the House Elves build the Library. Kuretz and at few others came to help which sped up the process but overall it was a large timeconsuming project.

However with everyone’s help it only took a couple of days to complete, once done the building was finished it was around 7 stories tall, it was almost completely made from stone with the exception of some gold accents on the corners and Izalithian inscriptions carved into it. Reima wasn’t really bothered by that due to the sheer amount of gold he had in his Folded s.p.a.ce, he felt like he could probably create the city of Eldorado and still have too much gold…

Regardless the stone building had a large entrance fit for two huge doors that would allow anyone of any size (Within reason) to enter, as well as a few other exits. Additionally, he enchanted a few large gla.s.s panes with the “Unbreakable charm” before having them fitted, the charm would make breaking it as difficult as cracking stone, which should keep the contents of the building protected.

Once that was done the room was fitted with many, many stone bookshelves. So many that they covered the walls, truth be told Reima was organising this place to look similar to the Dukes archive, balconies allow access to books too high for regular ladders to access. Once that was done he had large st.u.r.dy stairs fitted that led to the top floor, a floor only accessible to certain people due to the contents he’d be storing in here.

The contents would mainly be information about nuclear bombs, along with their history, Dark Magics that could lead to the user becoming crippled or even killed, Necromancy, Ritual Magic, soul magic and sorceries. Of course, he made sure to copy every book just in case of the unlikely event of a fire breaking out… Which wouldn’t really be possible since the whole building and bookshelves are made from stone…

The main reason he wanted to set up the Library as soon as possible was to allow the Prospects, Chaos Servants and anyone else to expand their knowledge, the advanced science of the Harry Potter world would allow many things to be created and he had no doubt that ancient people who’d lived for centuries would be incredibly happy to learn something new.

Of course, after it was finally built that left one thing… The need for a Librarian, but Reima knew just the people for the job…

*Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock!*

Logan “C-come in!” they exclaim in a weak voice.

Reima walks in but stops as his eyes look at Logan carrying a huge pile of books, the old man shaking as he barely hold them up. “Er, what are you doing?”

Griggs walks out from another room, “Master Logan wished to increase his strength and decided that books were the answer to everything… Literally… I’ve been trying to get him to stop for a couple of days now.” he says with a sigh.

Logan “Be quiet apprentice! Don’t you see the genius in my actions? If books could be used to increase your intelligence and expand your mind, then why couldn’t they be used to increase your strength!?!” he says, his knees now beginning to shake.

Reima “Well… I have a book explaining the biology of muscles and the complete anatomy of humans, I’m sure not even Seath would know of these secrets.” he says casually, causing Logan to fall backwards and drop the stack of books.

Logan “You must allow me to read this book you speak of Reima!”

Reima shrugs, “I don’t know, all of my books have been stored within the new Library that’d been constructed… Alas I need someone to take care of the-“

Logan “We will do it!… Ahem.. My apprentice and I would be glad to a.s.sist you.”

Griggs “But mast-“

Logan glares at him, stopping him mid-sentence.

Reima claps his hands, “That’s great, however you’ll have to follow a few rules if that’s ok?”

Logan nods his head, “Of course, a place of learning must be strict.”

Reima “Then pack your stuff, I don’t think either of you will mind living next to the Library right?” he asks.

Griggs sighs, “No, I don’t suppose not. Though all that time spent within the Pale Dragon’s archives has given me a distaste for Crystals.”

Reima “Then it’s good because the only thing inside the Library are stone, paper and gold.” he states, waiting for them to finish packing up their stuff and teleporting them inside the library.


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