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Read Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1137 – Senior, Let’s Date (Part Two)

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Chapter 1137: Senior, Let’s Date (Part Two)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Liang Zihua and Wu Yuefan left, Su Yue turned her head to ask Bai Jing. “Wu Yuefan likes you?”

Bai Jing peered at her, looking rather amused. “Why are you so clear about others’ intentions? Are you even aware of your own?”

“That’s because I’m an outsider,” Su Yue said as she licked her lollipop.

Bai Jing laughed rather helplessly.

The umpire blew the whistle shrilly at the same moment.

The match was starting and two teams entered. One team was wearing red jerseys, the other was in white.

All the players were at least 1.75m tall, and all of them seemed like professional players for they all had an athletic built.

Su Yue used her hands to support her chin, looking as if she was interested in the match. But her heart and mind had flown somewhere else.

She was staring at these tall and muscular players, but Ming Ansheng came to her mind instead.

She wondered if Uncle Ming knew how to play basketball.

“Guys who play basketball seem cool.”

Su Yue retracted her gaze and mumbled under her breath.

Bai Jing overheard her and inched nearer to her. “The school beau is wooing you. You can try dating him.”

Su Yue instantly refused. “I don’t like guys like him. He has a glib tongue.”

“What is your type?” Bai Jing asked as she gestured towards the basketball players in the court. “Look at them, most of the good-looking guys in school a.s.sembled here today. Did anyone catch your eye?”

Su Yue answered, “I will like whoever wins the match.”

She was merely joking around with Bai Jing.

To her horror, a girl sitting in front of them overheard her and yelled, “The school belle says that whoever wins the match will win her heart!”

Her voice echoed around the entire court.

Her yells caused a commotion among the crowd and the players.

Su Yue’s eyes were huge with shock. What’s happening?

What did she say?

It affected all the basketball players, and they were all tempted with her proclamation. ‘Whoever wins the match will win her heart…’

Did it mean that whoever who won the match would succeed in professing their love for her?

There was only one player who wasn’t affected by the commotion. He seized the opportunity and scored a three-pointer.

He was the first to score points in the match.

Loud applause echoed around the court.

“Senior Chen is so handsome!”

“Jiao Chen… Jiao Chen!”

The girls began screaming wildly, as though they were competing with each other.

The guy who had just scored had lured Su Yue’s eyes… The guy whom everyone addressed him as Senior Chen.

She merely wanted to see how he looked like.

“He is indeed quite good-looking,” Su Yue muttered inaudibly. She had finished eating her lollipop and was now sucking the plastic stick.

Bai Jing quipped, “He is the school beau of the English Literature faculty, and he is the top student. His name is Jiao Chen.”

Su Yue stared at Bai Jing, looking astonished. “How do you know? You know him?”

Bai Jing was speechless… This girl was clueless about everything!

She continued, “The school forum has all the information on the popular and influential figures in school. Including yours, too.”

“Really?” Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows tightly and glanced at Jiao Chen. “School beau, a top student, and he seems like a good basketball player, too.”

Bai Jing was speechless.

She surveyed Su Yue with a doubtful expression. She sounded like an expert as though she knew how to play basketball.

She was truly speechless.

“Then do you want to date Senior Jiao Chen?” Bai Jing grinned cheekily at her.

Su Yue frowned and retorted, “But he didn’t woo me.”

She sounded like her usual self, with no emotions.


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