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Read Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1702 – Feed Me Once and I’ll Kiss You Once (Part Five)

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Chapter 1702: Feed Me Once and I’ll Kiss You Once (Part Five)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Yueyue, I’ve always wondered and asked myself, why do I love you so much?” Ming Ansheng ate a mouthful of porridge and eyed Su Yue with a thoughtful expression.

He stared intently at Su Yue with his shrewd-looking eyes. Su Yue felt as though she was naked since he seemed to be able to look right through her.

She flushed crimson and felt her cheeks burning. She felt so bashful.

The more bashful she was, the more Ming Ansheng wanted to tease her. “But I have no answer. I just love you very much. You’re such an ungrateful la.s.s.”

He stretched his hand towards Su Yue’s chest and pinched her.

Su Yue knitted her eyebrows and nearly yelled out in pain.

She glared at Ming Ansheng in anger. “Do you still want to eat?! If you don’t, I’m dumping this.”

He was really too much. How could he be so shameless! To think that the hot porridge didn’t manage to seal his mouth.

He was becoming more like Yan Rusheng.

Ming Ansheng quipped, “What I want to eat the most is you.”

He grabbed Su Yue’s arm and pulled her into his embrace. He used a hand to restrict her movements, while the other hand wandered beneath her clothes.

His hand slowly crept up, and his fingers were just like a crab’s pinchers.

It made Su Yue fl.u.s.tered, and she hissed, “There’s a child around. Will you stop doing this!”

She grabbed Ming Ansheng’s arm and peeled his hand away from her.

Ming Ansheng realized that Su Yue wasn’t wearing a bra when his fingers brushed against her chest. But the next second, she had yanked his hand away.

That sensation was too wonderful that he couldn’t suppress his desire.

“Yueyue, just let me have a touch. Just one touch.” Ming Ansheng decided to press his luck, and he clung onto Su Yue.

And his hand once again crept beneath her clothes with determination.

For fear of alarming Xiaojiao, she didn’t dare to struggle or retaliate too violently.

But Ming Ansheng had made up his mind, and she was helpless against him. She could only allow him to have his way.

Four years had pa.s.sed and the mature and reserved Uncle Ming had changed. He was now a l.u.s.tful old man with a glib tongue.

Was there any difference between him and a lecher?


Su Yue had stopped struggling and it emboldened Ming Ansheng. He bent and kissed her.

He was quite experienced with women and he was certainly skilled and practiced. He caressed Su Yue slowly and gently.

Su Yue’s body had become limp and powerless with his caresses. She slumped against Ming Ansheng’s chest.

She caught a whiff of cologne and the scent was identical to what she had remembered. She felt protected and safe with him.

She really wanted to shut her eyes and hug him tightly. She really didn’t want to let him go again.

‘Uncle Ming… Can we… not let go of each other ever again?’

Su Yue’s eyes welled up with tears and she closed her eyes.

The man’s soft lips crushed against her and that sensation was incredibly wonderful.

She didn’t want to open her eyes. All she wanted was to fall deeper into his pa.s.sionate and gentle kisses.

Ming Ansheng’s actions, along with his kisses, began to get more intense and pa.s.sionate.

Su Yue began to gasp for breath.

Both of them were caught in the abyss of this intense intimacy.

“Yueyue, let’s go to the room.” Ming Ansheng reluctantly backed away from Su Yue’s lips. He placed his hands behind her back and lifted her up.

His phone rang at that moment.

Ming Ansheng frowned as he glanced at his phone with annoyance. His face darkened when he saw Lu Yinan’s name.


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