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Read Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 678 – Impossible

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Chapter 678: Impossible

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yan Rusheng had gone on a work trip to settle important issues, so it would mean that he should be hustling or entertaining potential clients—not lounging back at his hotel at such an early hour.

But even so, Xuxu sent him a text.

‘Have you eaten dinner?’

‘Will you be able to come back tomorrow?’

She thought she would have to wait for some time before receiving his reply. To her surprise, her phone rang almost immediately.

She instantly picked up the phone.

A familiar voice—that she had missed very much—echoed from the other line. “Xuxu, are you thinking of me?”

He sounded a little tipsy, and there were sounds of the clattering of cutlery in the background. He should be in the midst of dinner.

Xuxu’s heart softened a little when she heard his voice. She quickly responded, “So, any progress?”

“It’s settled. I can go home tomorrow.” Yan Rusheng’s voice sounded contented and sluggish.

His voice sounded exceedingly attractive. Xuxu responded, “Okay, then go back to the hotel and rest early.”

“President Yan, why are you here? We were all looking for you.”

A middle-aged man’s voice sounded in the background, and he sounded drunk too.

Xuxu knew that he must be busy. “Go ahead and don’t drink too much.”

When she was about to end the call, Yan Rusheng suddenly confessed, “Xuxu, I miss you so much that I wish I could fly back to you right now.”

His gentle voice seemed like warm current coursing through her whole body. She had completely surrendered to him. “Come back soon,” she softly said.

Then she hung up.

She went to her photo gallery and clicked on a locked photo alb.u.m. She had secretly taken pictures of him while he was unaware.

She browsed through the photos one by one.

‘Love is long-lasting.’

‘Love is when you start to miss him the moment he is out of sight.’ As she thought to herself.

The next morning, a phone call had awakened Xuxu from her slumber. She sleepily squinted her eyes to glance at the screen.

She didn’t save this number, but she could distinctly recall that it was Qiao Jian’s.

She used to be Yan Rusheng’s secretary while he was his a.s.sistant. Both of them used to work closely together, so she could still vaguely remember his number.

It jolted her awake. She then picked up the call. “h.e.l.lo, Qiao Jian.”

Qiao Jian had called her so early in the morning, and she had a bad feeling that something terrible must have happened.

She scrambled and sat upright.

Qiao Jian’s anxious voice traveled to her ears. “Lady boss, Boss wanted me to convey a message. Please trust him and remain calm.”

Upon hearing what he had said, Xuxu’s heart furiously thudded. Her free hand tightly gripped the blanket. “What happened?”

She thought reading the news might be faster than hearing it from Qiao Jian. So she hung up and searched online.

‘Flourish & Prosper’s President, commonly known as Third Young Master, was drunk last night and had an intimate relations.h.i.+p with three high school girls. The police are investigating now. Third Young Master might be charged with the crime of having intimate relations.h.i.+ps with under-aged girls…’

Xuxu stared at her phone in disbelief and shock. Her phone slid out of her hands.

Left dumbstruck, she recovered after a while and composed herself. She shook her head and muttered to herself, “No, this is impossible.”

Yan Rusheng would never do something like that. He didn’t need such intimacy, and he wasn’t someone who would do that.

This was a conspiracy.

Xuxu picked up her phone and flung her blanket away. She went to the living room and turned on the TV.

She changed to the capital city’s news channel and true enough, Flourish & Prosper was on the news.


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