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Chapter 85: Victory Celebration Party 5

A brightly moonlit night.

On the hill of the Brandon city was a white marble palace, no, it was more like a lord’s residence.

On the terrace of the tall building in there was a gray-haired elderly n.o.bleman looking at the bright moon with a gla.s.s of wine in his hand.

“Did he refuse?”

At the question from the n.o.ble, the Baron, Aron de Bazo answered,

“It wasn’t an outright refusal, he said that he would contact us after thinking, your majesty.”

“Isn’t that the same as refusing smoothly? The Rakan bloodline sure is a pretty stiff one to shake.”

The elderly n.o.ble was Marquis Mayers, the descendant of King Milton. 480 years ago, Milton had surrendered to the Baroque invasion immediately on the condition that his dignity, his bloodline and the estates would be left untouched.

Although the t.i.tle had been relegated to Marquis and the land had been reduced to just one-third of the original, the descendants had retained their influence and considered themselves as kings from generation to generation.

“He defeating the Gigants with just his body, do you believe that he possesses those skills?” asked Aron.

Marquis Mayers looked over at Baron Aron with a sharp stare and responded,

“I can’t be certain. No one had known in advance that he had such ability.”

“I, I am sorry, king!”

Marquis frowned looking at Aron who apologized for the answer which he thought didn’t please his king.

“Don’t shout apologies without thought, just think about what we need to do next.”

“Ah, we are looking for the whereabouts of Count Monarch who fled the scene.”

The Lord had fallen after the war, however, the Lord himself was said to be alive, and the minds of the retainers under him must be concerned.

In addition, as the conquered group was thinking about selling the occupied land, the n.o.bles and lower n.o.bles who were close to the Monarch would be much more anxious.

“If we can get that Count Pig, we can use him in numerous ways. Like encouraging the people over there for a rebellion. However, just my thoughts, isn’t it easy to just get rid of that person?”

“I am sure that the Imperial family will be looking into it too, I don’t think that we have to go completely out.”

“Tch tch. You would like not doing it.”

At the response from Marquis Mayers, Baron Aron just bowed down in embarra.s.sment.

“Even the Ogres do their best in trying to catch the goblins. Do you want to leave the target in someone’s hand and watch? What if that young man goes to his service only to come back strong like a monster?”

“Don’t tell me, Majesty you really that it is possible? Aren’t all the seeds of Rakan short-lived?”

“Which is why I asked. Has there been any seed of Rakan who has been better than this one over the last 500 years?”

At that question, Aron went silent.

Marquis Mayers was indeed right. For over 500 years, the descendants of Rakan rarely stood out and were in a crisis of declining.

However, Luke de Rakan, who appeared at the moment of the bloodline extinction, was showing unexpected performance.

Repaying the debts of the estates in just one payment, they even accepted the refugees of the Volga kingdom who increased their population and then won the war over Count Monarch.

He had also showed the ability as a ‘Destroyer’ while defeating the Gigants with his bare body.

It wasn’t unreasonable that the Rakan estates were feeling elated with the news of the Return of the Warrior Rakan.

“Weeds should always be plucked out before they get any longer and bigger. Even if we have a clear grip on the South, we need to get rid of that guy.” said Mayers.

“Your Majesty, leave me in charge of that.”

After that talk with Marquis, a rough voice came from behind the curtain, a man made his appearance.

A st.u.r.dy body with full knight armor.

‘He, he is!’

Aron was surprised to see who the knight was.

He was Cain himself.

The man who had led the army of Count Monarch in the battle which had been smashed by the Rakan and suffered a great loss in return.

There were a few sayings that he ran away, but no one ever imagined that Marquis Mayers would be the one sheltering him.

“You too need a chance to reclaim your lost honor.”

As Mayers asked with a grin, Cain knelt down touching his head on the marble floor.

“Please believe in me and give me a chance!”

“Yeah, I will have to believe in the skills of the High Expert knight.”

As Marquis Mayers accepted the request, he filled his empty gla.s.s with wine once again.

The wine in the gla.s.s was vivid red, enough to remind someone of human blood.

“To get rid of the stolen territory, you need to get rid of all the things that are on it. Whether it is the Rakan or the Baroque Imperial.”

Antic.i.p.ating the day when he would be the true and real king, Marquis Mayers toasted to himself.


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