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Emperor of The Cosmos is a web novel made by Meng Ru Shen Ji.
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The battle continues!The warriors once again band together and come charging in. The first to reach were the spear wielders. The spear they held were like stinging vipers and a small thrust would reach Jiang Li almost immediately. The sword wielders followed in back-up.In one stroke the swords nearly broke through all of Jiang Li’s defenses.It was a dangerous situation.Having so many peopleEven if Jiang Li had three heads and six arms, being ganged-up by so many people was still impossible to defend“[Downpour Slash]!”In that moment he wielded the spear as a sword, and initiated [Downpour Slash]. It was Liana’s martial technique, which when mastered to a high level meant that even in a heavy downpour of rain, not a single drop will fall onto the user.As right now he is being attacked on all sides, he must protect his vitals and make a retreat.The spear danced about, blocking attacks from all sides.Ding! Dong! Sparks flew everywhere, accompanied with the sounds created between clashes of metal and steel.Every hit bore great killing intent. Jiang Li’s could feel the opposition’s mental att.i.tude of killing the trio at all costs, even sacrificing themselves. It was terrifying.Jiang Li had never been in such a life and death battle. Even in the battle with Illusory Fox, Illusory Fox didn’t bear as much killing intent as these guys for he was mostly concerned in running away.Pu!Jiang Li’s back hit a giant boulder as he retreated. By this time his whole body was covered in blood, his clothes shredded by the swords.On his shoulders, a long gash that reached muscle had soaked his upper body in blood.It was made by the expert spear wielder.Performing [Downpour Slash] with a spear proved ultimately inconvenient, and as such Jiang Li’s defense was broken. It also showed his lack of battle experience, and that his heart and spiritual training are not at their peak.The intense pain made the muscles in his whole body convulse.“Yimo tacha!”Noting that Jiang Li is clearly injured, a lance wielder leaped in the air and thrust forward, his body like a sword fish dashing through the waves.Jiang Li struggled to defend himself!Dang!The spear and lance clashed together, twisting and churning around. Jiang Li’s hand was numb, as if unable to grip the spear anymore. After all, two fists are hard to stop the onslaught of four, let alone this many people well versed in battle teaming up on him. Though his stamina was good, he was a mere student, and was not a substantial force in the grand scheme of fighting.“Yimo tacha!”The other warriors circled around, leaping around with an agility more than that of a locust, speed more than that of a leopard. A katana wielding warrior dashed forward, his blade churning with power and force, creating large ripples in the air.Jiang Li made an exit, as he felt the scent of death brush past.Shhhhh!He had no more exits! With half a foot in a small stream of the ravine, his mobility was impaired greatly.“Tacha!”The warriors rushed forward once again, snarling viciously.Dududu… The lance wielder whipped his weapon around. Though the lance looked slow and heavy, it was extremely fast, projected viciously towards Jiang Li’s head.At the same time other warriors got close and attacked from every angle, each targeting a different organ of Jiang Li.Right now Jiang Li was not wearing armor, and thus if hit he’d be chopped into pieces.“Would I die here?” It was Jiang Li’s closest experience with death thus more. In his state of mental overdrive, the threat of death stimulated his hidden potential.“Deep Sleep!”Suddenly, he entered the stage of Deep Sleep whilst moving, reminiscent of his newly learnt spiritual state.The dire strait forced him to utilize every ounce of power, and he thrust his spear in all sides, his whole body dancing like dragons and snakes. His spear knocked aside all swords, similar to the move [Boneless Dragon Snake Dance].In the state of Deep Sleep, his physical prowess increased considerably, even more so than drug stimulants.Of course, the prerequisite is that he had come to learn the in’s and outs of [Boneless Jujitsu], otherwise he would have died long ago.“Trickling stream hypnotism…” In that instant his spirit merged with that of the stream under his foot. Qi from deep in his underbelly rose up to be a tranquil sound, like that of water droplets.This was sound hypnotism.The movement of the attackers immediately become sluggish, their spirit in a dazed state.Originally, it would be impossible to hypnotize the warriors as their willpower was unshakeable.But Jiang Li had entered the third stage of Deep Sleep, his spirit powers increasing immensely.His grasp of the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] had also become elevated.“Tacha!”The lance wielder was the first to recover as he was the strongest. Biting his tongue to force himself awake, he stabbed at Jiang Li’s throat, attempting to leave the latter bereft of any chance of survival.Jiang Li had no time to think. Swinging his spear around, he managed to perform [Fire Dragon Scorching the Plains] through the spear, knocking aside the lance.Pu!The lance stabbed into his arm, with blood splattering everywhere. Subconsciously he retracted his spear, performing [Returning Black Dragon].The spear was deeply entrenched in the lance wielder’s heart.Pop!As if a balloon that had been stabbed by a needle, the lance wielder fell down, convulsing a few times before losing all life signs.Jiang Li had killed him.This was an exchange that would only end in either side dying. There was no time to think about the consequences.Though Jiang Li was covered in wounds, the very moment his spear penetrated the warrior’s heart he had felt something blossom from within him. He didn’t know whether it was sadness, numbness or relief… But he did experience a lot of emotions, and he felt that he had become more mature.“Shhhhh!”Having killed one of the warriors, he made the sound of trickling water again, and this time supported it with a swaying spear that bears the essence of hand seals from [Spiritual Emperor Sign]. If one was to look at Jiang Li right now, he’d been seen as gentle and lapping waves.Immediately the surrounding warriors fell asleep, unable to focus.Capturing this chance, Jiang Li jerked his spear, aiming for the heads of the warriors.They all flew outwards, knocked out. Jiang Li had managed to control his killing desire. His heart was one of mercy, nurtured through long periods of feral cat feeding. He valued life to the utmost, unlike other people that had killed, whom were likely to sate their inner demons by more killings.“How’s Lara and Liana?”Having finished his duty, he looked towards the other side of the ravine to find the three locked in an intense battle.Though Lara and Liana were teaming up against the leader, they were soaked in blood with many wounds. Each of the leader’s attacks possessed great killing intent and hate, hate born forth from losing his homeland and family.In comparison Lara and Liana had a much weaker will in the fight, for they had never killed before.“Yimo tacha!”Suddenly the leader’s sword fanned out, as if a peac.o.c.k spreading her tail!Dang!The sword Liana was holding was sent flying.Afterwards, the cruelty of steel brushed past her tender neck.Her eyes were flight with terror, and she attempted to retreat.But the sword easily sliced through skin.A spray of blood was sent in the air.One stroke of the sword at the throat!The scene of blood spraying from Liana’s neck deeply triggered Jiang Li’s mental state. He couldn’t think of anything else and his vision turned dark red.A beautiful female student now lay before him covered in blood.It was at this very moment that he realized the ruthlessness of survival.Even caged beasts were extremely dangerous.“Liana!” A haze covered Jiang Li’s vision, and internal secretions worked furiously to keep up with his mental state.Sou!The spear in his hands shot forward towards the leader.Jiang Li had entered the state of Dream to Power, increasing his physical capabilities by twice as much. A single throw sent the spear hurtling like a lightning across the distance of more than thirty meters, threatening the leader’s livelihood.“Lara, save Liana!”Jiang Li rolled to the side and picked up a katana. He dashed forward in a straight manner, as if a tiger exiting the woods.“Liana, Liana!”At the same time Lara fell back and grabbed Liana.“Die!” The leader spoke earthly language, and chased after the girls, intent on cutting them to pieces.It was extremely dangerous, because at this moment the spear had reached his backside. If he continued his pursuit, he would succeed in killing the girls, but at the cost of his own life.He turned around to stop the spear.The spear bounced upwards.But his sword shook with the impact, and an array of dents showed up on the sword edge. Jiang Li was way too powerful. It was obvious in the Dream to Power state Jiang Li was stronger than him.Jiang Li charged in, small gales by his side. He cut down with all his might, like a heavy torrent of rain, creating ripples in the air.“f.u.c.k!” The leader had sensed Jiang Li’s increase in power and speed, and felt frustrated. He coiled and twirled his sword around, making many arcs in the air.Jiang Li could feel that with every clash of his weapon against the sword, his power had been defused. The enemy was adept in the art of swords, and even used Jiang Li’s own power against him. It was like the peak of mortal swordsmanship.His own arms, shoulders and body were covered in wounds, blood still seeping from them. If he were to continue the battle he’d most likely die.“Rain!”Jiang Li used [Downpour Slash] once again. In his mind he contemplated a thunderstorm, every bit of his spirit becoming rain that fell upon the earth. The sound of the katana slicing through air merged with the rhythm of his breathing, as if rain dripping on leaves. The area near him gave off the sense of an imminent downpour.Between the strokes of his katana, the bright reflection of the steel dazzled the eyes, making people want to fall asleep and fall under hypnotism.“This is…” The change in sword styles shook the conscious of the leader. He could no longer focus, and felt tired to the utmost, on the brink of sleeping.Hua!Jiang Li swiveled his katana around and made contact with the leader’s arm. Blood gushed out after the impact.Jiang Li had wounded him!“Otherworldly Demon!” Bloodl.u.s.t covered the eyes of the leader. By biting his tongue which sent signals of pain to his brain, the leader made great efforts to break free of the hypnotism. His continued to swing his sword, l.u.s.ting after Jiang Li’s lifeEach stroke was like a poisonous viper, deadly and chilling.“Die!”Jiang Li did not budge and transformed his sword style once again, inputting the {Spiritual Emperor Seal} into his swordsmanship. Thunder claps accompanied each movement of his katana, each attack more ferocious the last. He ignored the blood on his body, as if willing to fight even if his head had been cut off!This was a mental state that exceeded the limits of the human body.It was the moment between life and death!Translated by XianXiaWorld


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