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Chapter 196 – Iron Door

Looking at the Red Armored Turtle Beast Core in his hand, Li Mu sighed emotionally and thought about it. They had paid a huge price for this, first, it was He Weiying and Tuoba Han who had fallen, and with Hu Qiang being heavily injured, his current status was unknown. Amongst the group of eight, including the severely injured Hu Qiang, only five people were left.

“If you weren’t severely injured, I wouldn’t have dared to follow along, let alone take your life!”

After keeping the Red Armored Turtle s into his storage ring, Li Mu started to worry as he looked at the corpse of the Red Armored Turtle in front of him. Although this fellow had died, the poison on his body and the flesh and blood on his body were already useless, but the armor on the other party was a rare material used to refine artifacts.

After hesitating for a while, Li Mu was still unwilling to part with this piece of high-quality equipment. Although his storage ring was not very big, it could barely fit into the Red Armored Turtle’s body.

With the Scarlet Spirit Holy Water and the Snow Spirit Break Pellet, as long as my luck isn’t too bad, breaking through to the Divine Abilities shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This way, no matter if it’s helping Chaotic Celestial reconstruct the body or planning to save mother and father, they would both be greatly a.s.sisted, not to mention that I have obtained a Spirit Nurturing Fruit. If my Spiritual Sense is ten times stronger than warriors of the same level, hehehe … ji ji *

Li Mu’s mouth revealed a pleased smile, he wanted to turn around and return back to the ground to reunite with Xiao Kuan and the rest, but just at that moment, Xiao Tian Yin, who had been standing on his shoulder for a long time without any reaction, suddenly started chattering. Xiao Tian Nan’s nimble body flickered, and directly landed in a corner at the end of the pa.s.sage.

“This is …” How could there be jade bricks underground? “

In the corner in front of his eyes, a small corner made of white jade bricks had actually appeared. Pieces of square white jade bricks were neatly arranged together, and it was unknown what material was used to stick them together, but even the gaps were so small that it was difficult to see with the naked eye. At this moment, Xiaotian was standing on top of a white jade wall.

The majority of the white jade wall was buried under the soil, while a small portion was exposed outside. This was all thanks to Li Mu catching up to the Red Armored Turtle in time, if he allowed the Red Armored Turtle to use the Spirit Demon Pill to clear the way, who knows what he would run into.

“Could it be that there are other buildings underground? These square jade bricks are st.u.r.dy enough to withstand the scorching fire of the Red Armored Turtle’s beast core!”

Li Mu used his fingers to tap the white jade bricks, and then muttered to himself as he took out the partridge, and cleaned up the soil in front of him. After that, he cleaned up, and a path made of white jade bricks appeared in front of him.

“There is indeed a secret!” “What is going on? There is actually such a pa.s.sage in the depths of the earth. I wonder where it leads to?”

Looking at the cleared white jade pa.s.sage, Li Mu rubbed his eyes carefully. The opening to the white jade pa.s.sage was not very big, it was only about two metres wide and three metres tall, with a depth of one to two metres. The entrance was completely empty, showing that it was still not far away.

“Could it be that I was in luck today? Rumor has it that some experts like to open up their cave abode in some desolate and remote places in order to prevent enemies from finding it. If this white jade pa.s.sageway is built in this kind of place, then isn’t it supposed to lead to the cave of some expert!”

In the cultivation world, there were people who unintentionally discovered the cave of an ancient cultivator, then obtained its inheritance, and became the strongest of their generation. Although there were very few examples, they did not exist them, so looking at the white jade pa.s.sage in front of him, Li Mu subconsciously thought about the cave of an ancient cultivator. The reason he guessed that it was the cave of an ancient cultivator was because the entrance to the white jade pa.s.sage was buried by earth, making it obvious that no one had entered or exited it in a long time.

Li Mu stood at the entrance of the white jade pa.s.sage and did not directly enter. He had followed the Red Armored Turtle here, and because he had been staying underground the entire time, he had already lost his sense of direction, and did not know if the Red Armored Turtle was heading left or right, moving upwards or downwards. Although he was sure that there was a secret inside the white jade pa.s.sage that he had discovered, it was not certain that it would be dangerous.

“I think I should call Xiao Kuan and the rest along. For such a white jade pa.s.sage to appear in a place like this, I don’t think it is some ancient expert’s cave, there must be some other secret!”

After hesitating for a while, Li Mu resisted the urge to walk in and explore by himself. He called out to Xiao Tian, then turned around and was about to return, but before he could take a few steps, Li Mu stopped himself.

Normally, a cultivator’s cave would have a chance of keeping a treasure inside. With so many people, Xiao Kuan and the rest, if we split them all equally, wouldn’t that mean I would suffer a huge loss?

Li Mu thought about it, then gritted his teeth and walked straight into the white jade pa.s.sage. Xiao Tian Xiao did not stay idle either, as he followed him into the white jade pa.s.sage while bouncing.

After entering the white jade pa.s.sage, Li Mu activated the earth attribute Earth Burst Talisman, causing a large piece of the earth outside to collapse, blocking the entrance of the white jade pa.s.sage.

As he stood inside the white jade pa.s.sage, Li Mu held the Night Pearl and illuminated the originally pitch black pa.s.sage, causing it to brighten up. Xiaotian once again returned to his shoulder, and with a lazy look on his face, ever since this fellow had swallowed the remnants of the Fireplume Nine Spirits Viper’s Spirit Demon Core, he seemed to have become slightly lazy, and he looked much more obedient. Even with the large commotion caused by Li Mu and Xiao Kuan’s group fighting a great battle with the Red Armored Turtle, it had not reacted much.

With no time to think about it, Li Mu headed deeper into the white jade tunnel under the light of the Night Pearls. The white jade pa.s.sage was extremely simple and crude, with the exception of the smooth jade wall made of white jade bricks, there was nothing else.

After walking about a hundred meters into the white jade pa.s.sage, Li Mu met his first obstacle. A black iron gate that was filled with iron nails.

The steel door that appeared in front of Li Mu was different from normal doors. This iron door was shining with a black light, it did not have any crack doors, if not for the dense number of nails on the door, Li Mu would have thought that it was an iron wall.


Li Mu used the partridge in his hand to lightly knock on the iron door, which released a ear-piercing sound. The sound was not heavy, and Li Mu knew that the door was not very thick.

“This door doesn’t even have a single crack. It seems like I can only try to use brute force to break through it.”

Li Mu stood in front of the metal door and studied the technique for a while. Then, he activated the Heavenly Demon Nine Transformations and punched the black iron door.


With an explosive sound, Li Mu smashed his fist against the metal door, bringing about a strong gust of wind. But what made Li Mu click his tongue, was that under his punch of over a thousand kilograms of strength, the iron door that did not look heavy actually did not loosen in the slightest, and instead forced him to take a few steps back.

“Aiya, looks like I won’t be able to get in without using some real ability!”

After the first strike failed, Li Mu launched the second strike. This time, he used palm of great sorrow, and dense golden true essence surged out of his hand, transforming into a golden palm print that fiercely smashed against the black iron door.


Li Mu’s golden palm of great sorrow’s might was comparable to a normal Divine Abilities Realm Experts’s strike, and the effect of his palm strike was evidently much more different than the first strike. Although the iron door that was struck by his palm was still unable to be opened, its surface lit up with numerous ancient blue colored runes. These runes looked extremely small, but for some reason, they condensed into an ancient large character on the surface of the iron door — — Thunder!

“This is really strange. Muddy Muddy Heavens, Muddy Sky!”

Li Mu was shocked by the bizarre scene on the stone door. Although he was unwilling in his fl.u.s.ter, he still sent his telepathic transmission into the heliogram fragment at his chest.

“Mu Xiaozi, what’s going on?!”

As soon as Li Mu’s voice reached the sky-splitting diagram, his lazy voice quickly reached Li Mu’s mind.

“Luan Tian, quickly look at this metal door!” I just used the palm of great sorrow and smacked it. I never thought that not only was I unable to smack it away, it would even become like this! “

Li Mu pointed to the iron gate in front of him, his tone serious.

“Huh?” This… What a great skill, to actually use Black Eerie Swamp to forge a door, that was a top material used to refine daoyin apparatus! Back then, when my cultivation broke through to the Transcendence, even when I wanted to refine a new set of Intrinsic Soul Treasure, I didn’t dare to think about using this kind of material! This is an existence that is about to go extinct in the cultivation world! “

Under Li Mu’s reminder, Luan Tian quickly noticed the iron gate which was flickering with azure colored inscriptions. Seeing the black iron gate, Luan Tian immediately changed from his lazy state, and started shouting excitedly as if he had eaten an aphrodisiac.

“Black Common Iron? The best materials to refine a daoyin apparatus? “No wonder I wasn’t able to open it with a single palm.”

Li Mu was shocked by Luan Tian’s words, and muttered under his breath.

“You want to use the palm of great sorrow to knock open this door? Are you joking? Even in my heyday, I would not have dared to boast of such an opening! Oh right, where is this place? My G.o.d, this… This was actually a pa.s.sage made from flying snow jade. What a waste. Although this flying snow jade was not as good as Black Common Iron, it was still a rare material for refining weapons! Just a single piece of jade brick here is enough to be auctioned off, it would at least cost over ten thousand crystal s! “

After he discovered the white jade bricks, he let out another cry …


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