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Chapter 295 – Nine Tails of the Mystic Fox Flower

“Kill me? Wait for your next life! Evil beings like you should be trapped in the Demon Sealing Land for your entire life, until the day your Dao disappears! “

Li Mu sneered as he looked at the cultivator that was separated from him by a barrier. Then, without looking back, he started to walk towards the rock pillar above, quickly disappearing from Yue Yuan’s furious gaze.

“Roar!” “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, ever since I was born, I have never received such a great insult. Don’t give me the chance to leave, otherwise, no matter what kind of world you’re in in, I will skin you alive and tear you apart so that your soul will never be able to reincarnate!”

He wanted to get close to the golden barrier, but he was stopped by the huge golden buddha silhouette that constantly appeared on the golden barrier. No matter how many divine abilities he had, he would not be able to use even half of them under the effects of the Demon Sealing Array.

“Bo!” The sound of breaking earth came from the bushes in the Demonic Corpse Forest. A young man with disheveled hair and a tattered body came out of the bushes with a flash of yellow light.

As soon as the young man with disheveled hair returned to the ground, he immediately lay on the ground like a dead man. Of course, there was still a difference between him and a dead man, because he was currently breathing heavily.

“I’ve finally returned to the surface. d.a.m.n it, this time is almost a narrow escape, no wonder people say that there are many dangers within this Grand Mysterious Realm. It’s well-deserved its reputation!”

He was none other than Li Mu who had just escaped from the hands of the heavenly devouring demon. It had already been half a day since he had escaped from the Demon Sealing Array.

This exhaustion did not refer to his body. As an existence of the sacred art realm, as well as the dual cultivation of martial bodies, the word ‘exhaustion’ was rarely used on him. The reason why he was in such a state of exhaustion was mainly because he had used up too much of his Spiritual Sense, so he had suffered injuries to his Primordial Spirit.

Rubbing his head, Li Mu stood up while enduring the intense pain coming from the Sea of Consciousness. He looked around him, and after confirming the direction, he used the ability to fly in the air, and headed to the west, flying at a low alt.i.tude.

Although Li Mu was currently in a bad state, and logically speaking, finding a place to rest for a period of time was his best plan right now, he did not do so. He was afraid of the King of the Demonic Corpse Forest, Nine-eyed Demon Lord, this guy had a irreconcilable enmity with him, on his territory, he was not willing to stay for even a moment longer, so the most important thing right now was to leave the Demonic Corpse Forest.

Half a day later, a dark golden stream of light flew through the low sky of the Demonic Corpse Forest, landing on a relatively thick and large tree.

“The heaven and earth origin energy here is much denser than it was not long ago. Although it’s still primarily composed of spirit energy, the eerie energy here is almost 90% weaker. This should be close to the edge of the Demonic Corpse Forest.”

Standing on the huge tree, Li Mu muttered with a slightly happy expression. But soon after, his expression changed again, becoming somewhat strange.


It was a middle-aged man dressed in white. His cultivation was not weak, and had already reached the peak of the late Xiantian, just half a step away from the sacred art realm, but this kind of expert, who was rarely seen in the Northern Dipper’s mortal world, had a nervous expression on his face, looking extremely miserable. There was a trail of blood at the corner of his mouth, as though he was injured.

“Murong Baili, where do you think you’re going? Hand over the Nine Tailed Maze Fox Gra.s.s and I’ll leave your corpse intact!”

A haughty voice filled with arrogance came from behind the man in white. With a flash of black light, a black beam of light flew out from the man in white and landed not far away from him.

This was a young man with short hair dressed in black. His aura was a lot stronger than the man in white, and with his cultivation in the Early Divine Realm, he was obviously one of the top ten disciples who had entered the Grand Mysterious Realm with Li Mu.

“Li Xing! Do you really want to kill them all? Even though your Hades and your Hades aren’t really friendly, up until now, you still haven’t become enemies! Although you have broken through to the Divine Arts realm, this time, My Snow Spirit Sect has not yet broken through to the Divine Arts within this Grand Mysterious Realm! “

After the white-clothed man was blocked by the black-clothed youth, his face became extremely ugly. A light flashed in his hand, and a snow-white longsword appeared in his hand. He already had a storage ring at the Xiantian realm.

“Hahaha, Murong Baili, do you think it’s useful to talk rubbish with me in this situation? We are all well-informed, what kind of superficial friendship between sects, what kind of dog s.h.i.t alliance, that’s all for outsiders to hear, behind the scenes killing and robbing people, who didn’t do it, these three thousand years of Nine Tailed Mystery Fox are more than enough for you to stay here with your life intact! “

He did not take out his weapon, as if he did not care about the enemy in front of him at all.

As the white-clothed man, Murong Baili, heard the other party’s mocking tone, he knew that he would not be able to be good today.

Each bud was very thick and long, and looked a bit like a fox’s tail. As soon as it was exposed to the air, it quickly released a very enchanting fragrance that was very delicate and long. If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone’s cultivation was not weak, they would have probably been captivated by this rich fragrance.

“What a good three-thousand year old elixir, it is indeed high quality, this level of elixir is hard to come by even for experts in Tongxuan realm, no wonder it caused that man called Li Xing to fight over it.”

Li Mu restrained the aura on his entire body as he stood on top of the huge tree. He could feel the rich fragrance of the Nine Tailed Mystic Fox Flower, and a brilliant light shone in his eyes. Spiritual medicine, was a temptation that not a cultivator could resist, especially one that was rarely seen in the outside world due to its age.

“What, you want to give me the Nine Tailed Mystery Fox Flower?”

Looking at the Nine Tailed Mystery Fox in Murong Baili’s hands, Li Xing asked with greed written all over his face.

“If I give it to you, will you spare my life?”

Looking at the Nine Tailed Maze Fox in his hands that he was reluctant to part with, Murong Baili let out a long sigh.

“Let you go? “Hehe, what qualifications do you have to negotiate with me? If I kill you, everything on your body will be my spoils of war. Why would I need to leave any hidden dangers for myself in the future? You should just go and die!”

With a low shout, a black light flashed above his right hand and it instantly turned into a ferocious Ghost Claw. The Ghost Claw was covered in shiny black scales, and even his fingernails grew by half an inch, giving off a terrifying feeling.

“You’ve gone too far!”

Murong Baili’s eyes were overflowing with hatred. He stuffed the Nine Tailed Maze Fox Flower in his hands into his embrace, and with a flash of white light, he charged straight at Li Xing.

“Cold Star Sword!”

Murong Baili brandished the longsword in his hand, and snow-white Cold Sword Qi s crisscrossed in the air, as a dense and cold Qi spread out in all directions, causing the ground to freeze and form a thick layer of ice. These Cold Sword Qi s’ attacks were all concentrated towards Li Xing’s face.

“Middle rank Earth Realm martial skill, hehe, it’s a pity that your cultivation isn’t powerful enough, if not it would take a bit of effort to break your sword technique, Abyss Demon Claw!”

Facing Murong Baili’s beautiful Cold Sword Qi attack, Li Xing had a cold smile on his face. He grabbed forward with his right hand, and streams of True Essence light, which seemed to have solidified into a solid form, danced about in the sky, crushing all of the Cold Sword Qi Murong Baili had released.


After shattering Murong Baili’s Cold Sword Qi’s attack, Riko Xing’s right hand swept out and appeared right in front of the other party. His pitch-black demon claw was like five swords that pierced through the sky, and directly stabbed towards Murong Baili’s head.

Although Murong Baili’s attack was at a disadvantage, his reaction speed was not slow at all. Seeing that the other party’s attack was aimed at his head, he raised the longsword in his hand and blocked above his head.


The ice sword was. .h.i.t squarely by the Demon Claw. The Sword of Ice that looked quite extraordinary was at least a Grade 9 Common weapon. With a crisp sound, it split into pieces and fell to the ground.

After his devil claw had been blocked by the ice longsword, although his attack direction had changed slightly, his attack did not decrease in the slightest, and directly landed on Murong Baili’s left shoulder.


Murong Baili let out a blood-curdling scream, Li Xing’s demon claw directly pierced into the flesh of his left shoulder. The bone-piercing pain caused his entire body to tremble, and fresh blood uncontrollably flowed out from the wound, quickly dyeing his snow-white clothes blood-red.

“Humph!” If you do not have the divine ability, you will forever be nothing more than an ant.

Riko Xing laughed complacently, and then, with a wave of his right hand, he sent Murong Baili flying more than ten meters away. He crashed into a large tree, and broke it.


Murong Baili’s mouth surged with blood, the Qi around his body became weaker and weaker, until he had lost his ability to fight.

What a good thing that you didn’t have any divine abilities. You’ll always be nothing more than an ant. However, to me, even if you have divine abilities, you’ll still be nothing more than an ant!

Just as Li Xing had heavily injured Murong Baili in one strike, a light voice suddenly floated into the ears of Murong Baili and Li Xing. With a flash of dark golden light, Li Mu’s figure floated down from a tree not far away and directly landed in between Murong Baili and Li Xing.

“Who are you? Why are you here! “

He was confident that his Spiritual Sense Power was not weak, but from the beginning till now, he did not feel a trace of Li Mu’s Qi, and not only him, even Murong Baili who was lying on the ground was the same. The gaze he used to look at Li Mu was filled with doubt, because he did not know if this person was an enemy or friend.


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