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Emperor of the North is a web novel made by Black Robe, Hei Pao, 黑袍.
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Chapter 95 – Breaking through the Innate Realm

“Innate! I have finally broken through to the Xiantian realm! “

Li Mu laughed out loud in excitement, he was desperately trying to absorb the vitality around him from the crystal, to replenish the emptiness of the True Essence in his Dantian.

At this moment, Li Mu’s body was like a bottomless pit, where a large amount of his vitality was absorbed into his body. Right now, the capacity of his dantian’s True Essence was nearly ten times stronger than that of the late stage of the Postliminary Realm, so he was currently training the Heaven Grade Technique.

As the amount of spirit energy Li Mu absorbed increased, the golden buddha shadow behind him slowly dimmed and eventually disappeared into thin air.

After absorbing enough true essence, Li Mu stopped the circulation of the Great Brahma Art, and at the moment, he felt extremely comfortable. He did not know how strong he was right now, whether it was the fourth form of the Sky Demon G.o.d’s Battle Demon Body, or the strong true essence contained within the Heaven Grade Technique, both had greatly increased his strength.

“Senior brother Li, did you break through to the Innate Realm? It’s so powerful, there’s actually Buddhist light flashing, the shadow of the Buddha appears, it’s truly mysterious, I have never heard of such a phenomenon after breaking through to the Innate Realm, but your previous appearance was so terrifying, it scared me! “

Seeing that Li Mu had stabilized and that there were no adverse reactions, Zhou Xianguan walked in front of Li Mu and said with a bitter smile.

Thank you Junior Brother for protecting me, I, Li Mu, will remember this. As for the change that happened in the beginning, it was because of the problem with my cultivation technique, I have not even found out the details myself, if you have offended me, please forgive me, Senior Brother Xiao Kuan, please do not take it to heart. “

Li Mu laughed embarra.s.sedly, the last sentence he said was towards Xiao Kuan.

What kind of monster are you, to be able to refine your body to such an extent, almost taking my life, and your Zhen Yuan cultivation method, if I’m not mistaken, it should be a powerful buddhist cultivation technique, and its rank is definitely not low, at least a middle rank Earth Realm cultivation technique, and it even produced a buddha phenomenon, you sure are well-hidden!

Although Xiao Kuan did not have much of an expression on his face, he did not underestimate him anymore. If it was before, Li Mu was nothing in his eyes, but now that he was an Innate, Li Mu definitely had enough strength to threaten him.

“Hehe, it’s just a simple and shallow cultivation method pa.s.sed down in my family. Although it’s somewhat mysterious, it’s not worth mentioning in front of senior brother. I’ll continue helping you forge your weapon. After such a long delay, I feel really sorry for it.”

Li Mu naturally would not bring up the issue of his cultivation technique in front of others, so he let out a laugh and changed the topic.

“Junior Brother Zhou, you have fused with the Darksteel Heavy Gold, we will complete the final step!”

Li Mu instructed Zhou Xianguan, while he himself lightly picked up the Giant Imperial Blade and placed it in the furnace to calcined it. Right now, whether it was his cultivation or body, both had increased by a large amount, so the 9000 jin Giant Imperial Blade was no longer pressured in his hands.

Seeing Li Mu pick up the Giant Que so easily, Xiao Kuan could not help but roll his eyes, and silently cursed himself as he thought, his main purpose for coming here was to recreate the Giant Que, so he did not disturb Li Mu, but from time to time, he would throw a weird look at Li Mu, as he became extremely interested in this mysterious junior brother of his.

A moment later, the last piece of Darksteel Heavy Gold was melted into liquid and Li Mu merged the liquid Darksteel Heavy Gold into the Giant Que.

The weight of the Giant Que that had fused with the last piece of Darksteel Heavy Gold once again increased to over ten thousand kilograms. Li Mu didn’t cast it on the copper block like before, but used his flurry hammer technique instead, and threw the ten thousand kilogram giant Que up. After that, he wielded the hammer with both of his hands and began to work together with the river crossing step to temper it.

Clang! Clang! “Clang!”

The ten thousand kilogram giant sword danced in the air, controlled by Li Mu using his twin hammers, as loud as he could be. The sound was extremely ear-piercing, and if not for the fact that the cultivation of everyone present wasn’t weak, it was possible that they would have directly fainted from the impact.

Only after the time it took for an incense to burn, did Li Mu give Zhou Xianguan a meaningful glance. Zhou Xianguan understood what was going on and moved the copper jar that was filled with the Refinement Liquid to a place not far from Li Mu. With a sudden change in technique, Li Mu smashed the huge hammer that weighed tens of thousands of kilograms towards the copper jar.


Giant Que fell into the copper vat, and then there was a sizzling sound.

Water vapor rose into the air. Different from ordinary weapons, it took more than half of the vat of quenching water to cool down.

“That’s great! We finally succeeded! “

Seeing that he had succeeded, Zhou Xianguan laughed emotionally. Because he was the closest to the copper vat, he was the first to walk up, and was prepared to try picking up the Giant Que. However, after trying to grab the Giant Que, he immediately gave up, because he could not lift it at all.

Li Mu forced out a dry laugh and quickly walked in front of the copper vat, grabbing Giant Que in one go.

“How is it?! Have you reached the ninth rank? “

Xiao Kuan excitedly walked to the front of Li Mu. Looking at the remodelled Great Ravine, he was both nervous and a little worried. ))

Li Mu laughed but did not speak, the rich True Essence in his body circulated, and poured into the Great Ravager Blade in his hands.

Following the infusion of Li Mu’s true essence, the jet-black blade shone with a resplendent golden light. A heavy and oppressive aura spread out from the blade and Zhou Xianguan, who was relatively closer to the blade, could not help but take a few steps back as he was forced by the heavy aura.


Li Mu slashed down at an open s.p.a.ce to the side with the Great Ravager in his hand. A streak of golden colored light broke through the air and left a ten meter long crack on the ground.

“Hahahaha, Senior Brother Xiao Kuan, I will be happily accepting the rest of the Darksteel Heavy Gold.”

Li Mu threw the Great Ravager in his hand to Xiao Kuan, and then laughed out loud.

Xiao Kuan took the heavy giant sword and tested himself. After a while, he glared at Li Mu with some unwillingness. This giant sword had indeed reached the realm of the ninth level.

“I, Xiao Kuan, am not a person who goes back on my words. You can take the rest of the Darksteel Heavy Gold, since it’s useless for me to keep it.”

Although Xiao Kuan was a little unwilling, he still said these words happily.

“Alright then, Senior Brother’s goal has been achieved. It’s about time for Junior Brother to rest. I won’t send you off. Senior Brother, please go ahead.”

Li Mu was extremely excited after winning the Darksteel Heavy Gold. Adding on the breakthrough of the Heavenly Demon Nine Transformations and the Great Brahma Art today, he had long wanted to run back to the secret room and tidy himself up a bit.

“There’s no need for you to rush me. I will leave by myself, but before I do, I have a small matter that I need your help with.”

Xiao Kuan rolled his eyes at Li Mu, and ignored his orders to leave.

“Help? “What is it? I don’t have much else I can do besides crafting weapons. What can I help you with?” Li Mu asked with suspicion.

“That what …” You’ve won this bet, you’re the richest out of all the inner sect disciples in Gold Jade Sect recently, you know Senior Brother’s situation, so you should borrow a hundred and eighty crystal to use first. I will be preparing to go into closed door cultivation immediately, so I won’t have time to earn the crystal.

Xiao Kuan said out his request somewhat embarra.s.sedly. The reason he said that was because he wanted to borrow the crystal from Li Mu.

I don’t think so, senior brother still needs to borrow crystal s from me. Although I have earned a lot recently, I only have enough for myself, I am really not rich, can you find another senior brother to borrow from first?

Li Mu did not want the crystal that he had worked so hard to earn, to become like a dog or a meat bun.

“That’s right, although Senior Brother Li has earned quite a lot of crystal, he has really used them all and doesn’t have much left. The three days he promised me, he hasn’t even given me a single crystal. It’s not that he’s stingy, he’s really used up.”

Zhou Xianguan had completely followed Li Mu around, and started to chime in. Towards this HuBao Li Mu, he was truly speechless, even though the other party’s words were directed at him, he still felt that it was weird.

“Get lost! If you don’t scram, I’ll cripple you right now! “

Xiao Kuan roared at Zhou Xianguan, but he did not have any good impression of Zhou Xianguan, the other party kept making things difficult for him, if it was normal times, he would have already done it, it was because of Li Mu’s face, it would not be good.

Zhou Xianguan laughed bitterly, nodded at Li Mu, and then quickly left the place.

“You really won’t lend it to me?” “I admit that I lost today, but you almost killed me for no reason. You have to give me an explanation for this, and I don’t care about anything else. Five real Dao talismans are not empty. I haven’t settled the score with you yet!”

After Zhou Xianguan left, Xiao Kuan loosened his grip quite a bit and acted like a scoundrel. This made Li Mu extremely speechless, he never thought that the cold Xiao Kuan in front of him would have such a side to him.

“This is seventy crystal, I’ll lend it to you, but remember to return it. This time you won’t be happy to return it.”

In the end, Li Mu was unable to change anything. Firstly, he had indeed taken advantage of the other party’s Darksteel Heavy Gold, and secondly, he had nearly taken the other party’s life. He took out the crystal bag that Senior Qi had given him and threw it to him.

Xiao Kuan laughed as he received the crystal bag. Without thanking him, he turned around and walked away.

Li Mu secretly cursed, the other party was not just borrowing, he was asking for it, asking for it, acting as if it was natural, not even saying a word of thanks.

After Xiao Kuan and Zhou Xianguan left, Li Mu picked up the remaining Darksteel Heavy Gold s on the ground. There were only two Darksteel Heavy Gold left, one was big, and the other was as small as a pigeon egg.

“Hahaha, the transport is complete! I, Li Mu, managed to teleport today, making a breakthrough in Heavenly Demon Nine Transformations and Great Brahma Art at the same time. I have finally stepped into the Innate Realm, let’s see what my cheap master has to say now!”

“Father, Mother …” I have taken yet another big step forward on the path of the strong. One day, I will find you all. No matter how big the obstacles in front of me are, I will use this pair of fists to destroy everything! You guys wait for me! “

Li Mu clenched both his fists tightly, as he remembered in his mind that he had never met Li Chongtian and Zhao Yiyi before. They were his biological parents, and it was unknown whether they were dead or alive.


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