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Read Emperor’s Domination Chapter 2461: The Fun Starts

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Nine-linked Mountains became rowdy a bit after Li Qiye’s stay. Normally, few people came to dao search, only one or two a day or so.

However, more and more cultivators, predominantly youthful ones, entered the mountains in recent days.

“The colors will be changing soon in the lakes.” The middle-aged man who is in charge of registration murmured.

“Brother Baihe, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Many people saw their old friends and quickly chatted.

A few strangers began by stating their sect and name as the introduction; friends.h.i.+ps soon followed.

Even though many sects had conflicts, the majority still considered themselves to be part of Nine Secrets as a whole. They were part of the same family, to a certain extent.

Thus, when there was no direct conflicts or contested benefits, they remained amicable with each other.

“The nine lakes are changing, are you here to test your luck, Brother Baihe?” Conversations sparked between old friends.

The youth named Baihe shook his head: “Brother Wu, you think too highly of me. Obtaining the fortunes here is easier said than done, not to mention their rare occurrence. Even if one were to occur, it wouldn’t be my turn anyway. Too many geniuses are here, such as the princess of the Bingchi and fairy of Calm Lotus.”

“Is this information reliable, Brother Baihe?” The youth with the last name Wu was startled.

Baihe replied: “Very. I’ll be honest with you, Brother Wu, not just those two but even Saber Saint and the True Emperor are personally coming.”

“What? Waterwatch Saber Saint and Eight Formation True Emperor too?” Brother Wu felt trepidation.

“Indeed, those two. I believe the Five Heroes are all coming, and some people from War Saint Dynasty too.” Baihe solemnly revealed.

“Aren’t they stuck in a stalemate at Skywrap City? I heard those legions are camping there right now, so how can they come? Same with Eight Formation True Emperor, I thought he was presiding over the situation there.”

“Your sources are late.” Baihe said: “The legions are preparing to leave now, a temporary agreement has been reached between the great powers.”

“A new king is chosen?” Wu was surprised: “Who will be in charge of Nine Systems now?”

Ever since the decline of War Saint Dynasty and the abdication of Li Qiye, numerous sects competed for both the throne and the authority that came with it.

“No one for now.” Baihe shook his head: “The lineages have agreed to put that matter aside for now. At the same time, War Saint Dynasty is consolidating its power once more, there are rumors of the Sacred Cabinet returning.”

“A centipede dies but never falls down.” Wu murmured: “Quite surprising that the dynasty can rise again.”

“That’s why this trip to Nine-linked Mountains is very important.” Baihe lowered his voice: “The fortune here might affect the political climate.”

“Isn’t that an exaggeration? This isn’t the first time the lakes are changing color and previous occurrences haven’t yielded many results. Sounds hard to believe.”

“Not at all.” Baihe disagreed: “Putting the lakes aside, the current political climate right now is different than the past. Lucidity King had a firm grasp on his reign, so it didn’t matter who got something from the lakes, they wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. But now, the balance is hanging on a thread. Just a little spark of conflict can ignite a great war, so don’t you think this event can be significant?”

Wu calmed down and said: “That’s true, the situation is very delicate right now. Just one spark can change everything. If something amazing were to come out of the nine lakes, then everyone will be pulled in, resulting in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle.”

He shuddered after thinking of this.

In the past, people were only competing for the treasures or fortunes at the lake, not thinking about influence and power since Lucidity King was untouchable. Now, chaos permeated the system and sects had other agendas when coming to this place.


The influx of people didn’t slow down so the mountains became bustling with noise and excitement.

“Let me tell you something shocking.” A cultivator told his friend with a mysterious tone.

“What? Acting all mysterious now.” The friend said.

This cultivator pulled his friend to a corner and looked around before whispering: “I found out something earth-shattering.”

“What is it?” The friend noticed his companion’s serious expression.

“Do not tell anyone else, alright? I found out that the new king is staying right here in Nine-linked Mountains.”

“Really?!” The friend jolted backward and shouted.

“Shhh!” The cultivator immediately pulled him back and pressed one finger on his lips, telling him to be quiet.

This friend took a while before calming down, staring at the cultivator in disbelief. He eventually took a deep breath and said: “Are, are you just speculating? Why would the new king be here?”

“I’m absolutely certain. During the registration, I accidentally saw the new king’s name on that scroll, it can’t be fake.” The cultivator hurriedly said.

“Impossible. So many people tried to find him and failed, so why would he run here? It must be a fake.” The friend remained skeptical.

No one knew who saved the king after the fall of Swywrap City. Many tried to find him; all kinds of rumors came out but nothing concrete.

So now, his presence here was naturally shocking. If people were to find out, the great powers would surely send their legions here.

“Pretending to be the king isn’t a joke, that’s a crime punishable by death.” The cultivator whispered: “Who would dare to do so? They would lose their head on top of dragging their friends and families down too.”

His friend agreed. The world wanted the king to be dead right now, so who would take that risk unless they were suicidal?

“s.h.i.+t! This place isn’t safe then.” The friend shuddered: “Would armies come the moment the great powers find out? This place will turn into a battlefield and we’ll be trapped by the flames of war, how are we going to survive?”

“That won’t happen. Don’t forget that this is Nine-linked Mountains, no one is going to cause trouble. This has always been the case. Like Lucidity King never gave a d.a.m.n about anyone, but he didn’t dare to put up the same pompous act in this place. It is unfathomable. Sending an army here and starting a battle will be very unwise, because of the consequences.” The cultivator reasoned.

“You’re right.” The friend rubbed his palms and became excited: “Hehe, why don’t we go take a look at the new king?”

“Why? He’s just a piece of trash.” The cultivator was disinterested.

“A piece of trash, but still a king. If we kidnap him and bring him back to our sect, that will be a great contribution, maybe we’ll get rich from it.”

“You’re insane!” The cultivator slapped the guy’s head: “That guy is a beehive right now. Messing with him will only incite needless trouble. One wrong move and a disaster will come. How are you going to earn any rewards when you’re dead?”

“Ugh, I guess we’ll just have to watch and give up on this good opportunity.” The friend gave up.

He was aware of his own abilities and didn’t want the risk.


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