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Chapter 497 What is this game?


It was just a simple board game. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s just a game meant to be enjoyed with your friends.

But for the two people playing this board game, this game was nothing but simple.


u003cu003cu003cNegated. That’s a rule violation.u003eu003eu003e

[[[Huh? What do you mean by violation, old man? Didn’t I just move this planet forward? Why are you blocking it?]]]

u003cu003cu003cHuh? Old hag, are you saying that I am cheating? Look, that planet of yours is just a Stage 4 Planet! You cannot just put that on this slot, which only allows Stage 7 Planets and higher!u003eu003eu003e

[[[Eh? Oh, that slot is indeed number 7+. My bad, my bad.]]]

u003cu003cu003cTsk, you have been making mistakes like this since earlier, Old hag. What the h.e.l.l is wrong with you?u003eu003e

[[[Nothing’s wrong with me old man. Why don’t we just continue this game? PLANET REDFANG. STAGE 4 PLANET. MOVE 7 LIGHT YEARS NORTHWEST.]]]

u003cu003cu003cOh, that’s a nice move. How about this? PLANET JUNIPER. STAGE 3 PLANET. MOVE 4 LIGHT YEARS SOUTH.u003eu003eu003e

[[[Tsk, so you’re going the retreat tactic then. Did you think that I will really allow that? SACRFICE PROTOCOL ACTIVATE: CONVERT 10,000 SENTIENT BEINGS INTO AN IMMORTAL WARRIOR. ]]]

u003cu003cu003cAn immortal warrior? Hey, how the h.e.l.l can you just summon a Non-Planetary Unit this early? Isn’t that only allowed once we destroy 5 planets?u003eu003eu003e

[[[Idiot, I just activated the Sacrifice Protocol. Didn’t you read that in the rules?]]]

u003cu003cu003cI know about the sacrifice protocol, woman. I just don’t like using it, as it kills a lot of peopleu003eu003eu003e

[[[Wow, did you really just say that you are sorry for all the people dying in this game? From what I remember, you were so excited when you first started playing this. You even tallied the most kills here. How much was it again? Ah right, around 1 s.e.xtillion sentient beings-]]]

u003cu003cu003cThat was my past life, old hag! Don’t you dare compare that to me now!u003eu003eu003e


u003cu003cu003cArgh! My ace planet! I was supposed to upgrade that later!u003eu003eu003e

[[[Hmph, that’s what you get for not acting aggressive. If you just mined your first Planet for minerals, then you should have been able to produce a Mobile Fortress…]]]

u003cu003cu003cA mobile fortress? Woman, this game might be important to me, but I ain’t wasting my money on this! I am spending my resources on the right person, so don’t bug me! PLANET SEROL. STAGE 5 PLANET. MOVE 14 LIGHT YEARS UPWARD.]]]

[[[An important person? Are you perhaps pertaining to the Conqueror that’s under your protection? PLANET REDFANG. STAGE 4 PLANET. MOVE 10 LIGHT YEARS DOWNWARD]]]]

u003cu003cu003cSo what if I am pertaining to him? Do you have a problem with that? PLANET XEREX. STAGE 6 PLANET. INITIATE GLOBAL STRIKE.u003eu003eu003eu003e

[[[I have no problem with Emperor Litch. I just think that kid is too eager to be a member of our group. ACTIVATE IMMORTAL WARRIOR. BLOCKING SEQUENCE INITAITED.]]]

u003cu003cu003cEager? He only looks eager since he’s still at the Lower Realm. But I a.s.sure you that once he ascends here, he will be a behaved person. PLANET XEREX. STAGE 6 PLANET. INITIATE EVOLUTION PROTOCOL.u003eu003eu003e

[[[A behaved person? Old man, you knew what things Emperor Litch did during his reign as the ruler of the Undying Empire. He committed numerous atrocities under his name, and he just pa.s.sed those off as effects of his rule. Aside from that, he also violated lots of rules set on the Lower Realm! The only reason he’s still not punished by the Vice Monarchs was because of you! PLANET BLUEBERRY. STAGE 6 PLANET. INITIATE EVOLUTION.]]]

u003cu003cu003cSay all that you want woman, but I will never change my choice. Emperor Litch shall be my newest disciple, and n.o.body, not even you can stop me! Remember that! PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESSu003eu003eu003e

[[[Are you sure that n.o.body can stop you? Do you dare say that to the Endless Monarch himself? PLANET BLUEBERRY. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS]]]

u003cu003cu003cThe Endless Monarch? W-what’s he got to do here PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS u003eu003eu003e

[[[Old man, you know for a fact that one of Endless Monarch’s seedlings is currently fighting Emperor Litch. With that kind of scenario, are you still condiment that your Emperor Litch can survive? PLANET BLUEBERRY. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS]]]

u003cu003cu003cO-of course he can! Emperor LItch is only a step away from Transcendence, and n.o.body on that Realm can defeat him! Even if his opponent is an Elite Seedling from the Endless Monarch, I am sure that it will be Emperor Litch that will win! PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS u003eu003eu003e

[[[Hoho, you sure sound confident about your disciple. But will that confidence of yours last once the seedling starts tras.h.i.+ng Emperor Litch? PLANET BLUEBERRY. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS]]]

u003cu003cu003cOh come on, who cares of that seedling is a fast-growing power user? In face of Emperor Litch’s might, that seedling is still nothing! PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS u003eu003eu003e

[[[But this seedling is the bane of Emperor Litch. This seedling is the Emperor’s clone, which means tha-]]]

u003cu003cu003cYeah, yeah, yeah, I know, old hag. That seedling, who calls himself as Alex surely has the highest chance of beating Emperor LItch. But look at him now! That sissy clone is paralyzed like a trapped asteroid! Hehe, I bet this Alex will only last for 10 more seconds before Litch ends him for good… PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS u003eu003eu003e

[[[10 seconds? Hmph, I can’t believe you’d say that, especially to someone as good as Alex. Do you really underestimate him? He’s one of the elites chosen by the Endless Monarch himself! He surely has a way to overturn this! PLANET BLUEBERRY. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS]]]

u003cu003cu003cEndless Monarch might be scary, but that does not mean that all of his chosen people are scary too. Many of them had already died under the hands of numerous people, and even the greatest of them met their ends. What could someone as damaged as this Alex do, when his strongest peers had already fallen? He can do nothing. That’s just as simple as that. PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS u003eu003eu003e

[[[Wow, I never pegged you for a trashtalker old man, but you certainly sound like one right now. Do you want to say those words directly to the Endless Monarch himself? From what I heard, he was just fis.h.i.+ng somewhere nearby…. PLANET BLUEBERRY. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS]]]

u003cu003cu003cH-hey, old hag, quit making those jokes on me! We’re just playing here right? PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS u003eu003eu003e

[[[Wow. You say a lot of trashtalk, yet at the very mention of the Endless Monarch, you start p.i.s.sing yourself like a gutted Realm Snake. Are you really someone that should be in our group? PLANET BLUEBERRY. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS]]]

u003cu003cu003cSay whatever you want, old hag, but you will never be able to get rid of me. You can’t even beat me in this game, and you think of making me look weak? Heh, you’re still several eras too early for that! PLANET XEREX. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESSu003eu003eu003e

[[[You s***y old man. I hope that this seedling Alex will eviscerate Emperor Litch like a fileted fis.h.!.+ Hehehe, let’s see if you can still smile once that happens… PLANET BLUEBERRY. EVOLUTION ON PROGRESS.]]]

u003cu003cu003cHmph, I am telling you, that Alex will already be dead once we finish this game, I swear. PLANET XEREX. WORLD SOUL FORM. INITIATE DEFENSIVE STRATEGY.u003eu003eu003e

[[[[Sigh, I really want to see your face once you watch Emperor Litch dying on his pathetic little playground. But because I have already won this game, I am obliged to leave already….]]]

u003cu003cu003cHah? How can you say that you won this game? Old hag, are you becoming senile agai-u003eu003eu003e

[[[PLANET GREENDEW. STAGE 7 PLANET. MOVE 20 LIGHT YEARS FORWARD. Hehehe, can you see it now? It’s an instant ROUT! Hahaha, I win!]]]

u003cu003cu003c[You cheating skive! You… you distracted me with Emperor Litch just to set your pieces up! You-u003eu003eu003e

[[[Hehe, it’s your fault for getting distracted. Now, pay up according to our bet~]]]

u003cu003cu003cH-hey, can it be just later?u003eu003eu003e

[[[You owe me 1,000 Planets. Cough it up already, or I will call your sister to beat you up.]]]

u003cu003cu003cArgh fine! Here’s 1000 Planets! There, go eat that!u003eu003eu003e

[[[Now that’s the old man that I knew! Hehehe, thank you for gifting these planets to me! I will not put them to waste…]]]

u003cu003cu003cChe, I hope you choke on them!u003eu003eu003e

[[[Hmm, did you say something?]]]

u003cu003cu003cN-nothing. I just said that you look nice today…u003eu003eu003e

[[[Aww, are you trying to flirt with me, old man? I never knew that had that in you!]]]

u003cu003cu003cFlirting with you? h.e.l.l no! I was just-u003eu003eu003e

[[[Hehehe, it’s been years since I had a male dote on me. Now that I think about that, it actually makes me feel sad. Well, since you seem to like me, I think I have no choice but to accept your invitation to sleep with me…]]]

u003cu003cu003cSleep with you? h.e.l.l no! I did not say that I want to sleep with a wrinkly, dusty, old woman like you!u003eu003eu003e

[[[I can feel your sister is just lurking nearby. Want me to call her?]]]

u003cu003cu003cO-oh right, I’m actually inviting you to sleep with me! How could I have forgotten that?u003eu003eu003e

[[[[Hehe, good boy. Now, where do you want us to go, cutie pie?]]]

u003cu003cu003cSigh, women are scary. Why did I even a.s.sociate with them? I must be cursed…u003eu003eu003e

[[[What did you say?]]]

u003cu003cu003cOh, I just said that you might look better once I undressed you! Hahaha, that’s right! You must be a smoking ble- G.o.ddess under your dress! I-I can’t wait to dig in!u003eu003eu003e

[[[Oh, don’t worry about that, old man. You will get a lot of me later, I a.s.sure you…]]]



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