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Read Endless Journey: Infinite Realms Chapter 636 Awakening!

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Chapter 636 Awakening!

Just as what Delia had said, she already started fusing her Holy Order Power with her Holy Order Transcendence Shard.


Her wings unfurled behind her as they attempted to swallow the Transcendence Shard, an act that gave Delia tremendous amounts of pain.

[ Delia ]: Grr….

The pain did not only penetrate Delia’s body. It also affected her mind, giving her a burning sensation that disrupted her thoughts.

Such pain was enough to bring her down to her knees, and it even made her almost forget her goal.

[ Delia ]: Argh! I expected that the act of fusing with a Transcendence Shard will be painful. But I did not expect it to be like this! Tsk, how in the world did Alex manage to fuse with two shards through this kind of pain? He’s really a madman!

Although she had prepared herself for the pain, Delia did not expect the pain to be this bad. The pain has even affected her soul, making her want to give up already.

But Delia cannot give up here, as it is her task to kill Alex!

[ Delia ]: Ugh, no pain, no gain. If it is for saving this world, then I am willing to endure this pain!

With this declaration, Delia gritted her teeth as she persevered on.

The pain that she was experiencing right now might be too much but Delia knew that in the end, all of this pain will be worth it.

Or so what she had thought.


Just before Delia could finish fusing with her shard, the malicious aura surrounding her suddenly disappeared, bringing the whole place back to its normal state earlier.

All the malicious whispers and murderous thoughts hounding Delia also disappeared too, leaving her standing in confusion as she tried to realize what had happened.

[ Delia ]: What? Why did the malicious aura disappear? Wasn’t it supposed to be spreading out now? What the h.e.l.l is going on here!

In Delia’s knowledge, once the corruptive Abyss Energy had made its presence, it will always spread out to search for more victims. Such were the usual cases in the past, and Delia had expected it to also happen here.

But instead of spreading out, the malicious Abyss Aura actually disappeared, as if it never existed at all!

[ Delia ]: ….

At this point, Delia’s fusion with the shard only need one more push to be complete. This push was something that Delia can easily do, but because of the strange even that had just happened, she found herself unsure on doing it.

[ Delia ]: Something wrong is happening here, I am sure of it. I just don’t know what it is…

In front of Delia, the nervous-looking Alina also noticed the sudden disappearnance of the Abyss Aura.

But unlike Delia whose tension has increased, Alina’s reaction to this disappearance was the opposite.

[ Alina ]: Hehehe….

Alina was actually happy, as if the disappearance of this aura was something that she had wanted to happen.

Delia naturally noticed this, and it made her stiffen in tension.

[ Delia ]: Hey Alina! Why the h.e.l.l are you happy with what’s happening now? Shouldn’t you be nervous? What if this aura had disappeared because Alex died? Shouldn’t that notion make you afraid at this point?

[ Alina ]: Why would I be nervous or afraid? Nothing bad has happened with Alex. Instead, something good has happened to him. You just can’t see it.

At this point, the innate curiosity inside Delia prompted her to interrogate Alina for more answers. The latter was after all acting weird, and Delia could not resist her temptation to discover its cause.

[ Delia ]: Something good has happened to him? What are you-

But before Delia could finish her question, an unmistakable sound of an opening door interrupted her, which was followed by a voice that Delia did not expect to hear.

[ Alex ]: Hey, what’s with this ruckus? I just had a good sleep, and this is what you will make me hear? Tsk, it must be you who made that ruckus, Delia.

[ Delia ]: !!!

Out of all the people that Delia expected to hear today, she did not expect to actually hear Alex talking to her!

And this Alex was not an ‘Alex’ who was just an illusion.

This ‘Alex’ was the original Alex!

[ Alex ]: Oi, why are you two looking like you’re fighting again? Didn’t you say that you two will behave yourselves?

[ Delia ]: Y-y-you….

A handsome face that evoked the sensation of wariness.

A relaxed posture that made people feel secure.

And a smug grin that provokes anger.

There was no doubt about it. The man who just spoke was Alex, and he did not look like the man who was in coma for 7 months!

[ Alex ]: Hm? You got something to say, Delia? I’m all ears here. But if you don’t want to say anything, then can you stop fusing with your Transcendence Shard? It makes me feel tingly….

[ Delia ]: (*u0026(*$[email protected](!!!

Delia could not believe this.

How could Alex, a Traveler who had forcefully fused his body with two Transcendence Shards, actually wake up today and be in a good condition?

Not only that, but Alex appeared to have survive the corruption of the Abyss too, something that Delia knew was impossible!

[ Delia ]: ….

These impossibilities had forced Delia to be wary again, as she realized that even if Alex was awake, she still had to deal with him.

[ Delia ]: Oi, are you really Alex?

[ Alex ]: Hm? What are you talking about? I’m Alex. Alina, you can see that I am telling the truth right?

[ Alina ]: Delia, Alex is telling the truth. He’s really Alex, and he’s not just an impostor that will attack us. You can taste the truthfulness in his words, right?

[ Delia ]: …Yeah, I can taste it.

[ Alex ]: You see that, Delia? If you can taste that I am telling the truth, then there’s no need for you be wary against me. I a.s.sure you that I am still me, and that I have not been influenced by any outside forces.

[ Delia ]: ….Tsk, you sound genuine to me.

[ Alex ]: Exactly. I am not lying to you. So can you please stop fusing with your shard? If you continued doing that, nothing beneficial will happen. You will just be wasting your time…

[ Delia ]: …

As much as Delia wanted to lower her shard, she could not bring herself to do it, as she could feel that there was something extremely wrong with the way Alex was talking to her.

Although everything that Alex just said had registered ‘True’ in Delia’s tongue, there’s something about Alex’s actions and att.i.tude that made her wary of him.

Delia could not point it out, but she’s sure that it was there.

[ Alex ]: What’s the matter, Delia? Why are you not yet lowering your shard? You can see that I’m safe!

[ Delia ]: Your words may register as the truth to me, but that does not mean that I believe you. After all, you just came out after we saw a large influx of Corruptive Aura from the Abyss. With that kind of corruptive aura, I cannot just let you get out.

Alex may look like he was healthy and unaffected by the Abyss, but that does not mean that he’s already ‘clean’.

As such, Delia has decided to do her best to keep Alex in, as she knew that it will be for the best.

[ Alex ]: Hah? What are you talking about? Since you’re the Holy Order Envoy, then you know that you can only fight Abyss monsters if they are actually corrupting other beings. Do you see me corrupting anyone now?

[ Delia ]: You’re not corrupting anyone, and I can’t see any hints that you WILL corrupt anyone. However, I cannot just let you go after that phenomenon. So please stay, or else I will be forced to hurt you….

Delia tightened her grip at this point, as she prepared herself to complete her fusion with her shard.

[ Delia ]: I know that this is unfair Alex, but this is also for your sake. You may think that you are healthy, but what if you are corrupted by the Abyss secretly? If you go out, you might affect someone innocent. So please stay, or I will-

[ Alex ]: Hah, too noisy. Can you just keep quiet now?

Alex did not seem to be interested on listening on Delia anymore, as he proceeded to attack her immediately.


His attack was just a simple chop to her neck, an attack that Delia saw coming from miles away.

The sight of this attack made Delia shake her head in disappointment, as she knew that she can easily block this attack with her own power.


Although she had not fused her body with her shard, Delia was confident that she can deflect Alex’s attack. As such, she just summoned her Spear Qi and used it to block Alex’s hand chop.

[ Delia ]: Hmph, so you have shown your true colors then! Hahaha, since you want to fight, then I will give you a fight! Here I com-

But to Delia’s shock and surprise, Alex’s ‘simple’ attack was not simple at all.


Before Delia could realize it, Alex’s attack was able to bypa.s.s her defenses. His hand then landed on her neck, unleas.h.i.+ng a strike that was able to make her body go limp.

[ Delia ]: !!!!

The sensation of her body losing control made Delia panic, as she did not see this coming.

[ Delia ]: Ugh….

[ Alex ]: Oh, that was just my simple attack, and yet you could not withstand it? How the h.e.l.l could this happen? Aren’t you a Sixth Stage Being?

[ Delia ]: Ugh…

Delia tried her best to talk, but to her horror, she realized that no matter what she did, she could not force her body to move!

Not only that. Even Delia’s other abilities appeared to be ‘paralyzed’ at this point too, leaving her with nothing to defend herself with.

[ Delia ]: Ugh!!!

[ Alex ]: Well I’m sorry about what happened to you Delia, but you know that I have to defend myself…

[ Delia ]: Ugh!!!

[ Alex ]: Hey, you still look angry, so why don’t you sleep first? Let’s just talk civilly later once you have calmed down…


[ Delia ]: Ugh!

Alex sent another neck chop again, and this time it did not just paralyze Delia. This chop knocked Delia out, bringing her to a deep state of sleep.

[ Delia ]: …..


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