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Chapter 705 Congregation of the Divine Senses! Part 10

If the sight of this Traveler Woman freeing herself from the Event Loop was bad enough to Alina already, then the mere neutralization of Alina’s attack just made it worse.

“S**t… so not only did my opponent free herself from the Event Loop early, she even found a way to heal herself from my attack! And the way that this Traveler Woman did this was by using the power of her allied religion!”

“S**t! This woman must have been planning to not use the power of her allied religion until the right time comes. But since I already used the power of my allied religions, this Traveler Woman had decided to use the power of her allied religion too!”

“F**k, this is really the worst!”

In actuality, ALina’s calculation of her enemy Travelers freeing themselves in 30 more seconds was actually right.

What she did not take into account however were the presence of the religions, whose powers are obviously usable by the enemy Travelers too.

It was the power of these allied religions that allowed the Traveler woman to free herself, and it was also the one that completely healed her injuries.

This fact alone further plummeted Alina’s mood, and it only got worse when she identified this said religion.

“Since this Traveler Woman was covered by Demonic Energy, then that means that her allied religion was the Goetic Palace! After all, that’s the only place where this much Demonic Energy can exist!”

The sight of this Demonic Energy made Alina’s eyes twitch, as she knew how bad her situation is right now.

Having an enemy Traveler is bad on its own already, but the fact that this Traveler was an ally of the Goetic Palace made things worse!

After all, the Goetic Palace represents the Goetic Order Realm, a realm which has a slight enmity with Alina’s group!

“S**t, so this is how supportive the Goetic Place is on their Traveler? They must be really willing to let her succeed on this Main Mission. Tsk, what a bunch of supportive b.a.s.t.a.r.ds…”

“And they look like they want their Traveler to kill me… Hehehe, of course the Goetic Order Realm would want to do that. After all, our group had killed one of their members….”

“Yes, of course they would want to kill me. And now that I am free to be butchered, this Traveler Woman will obviously try her best to butcher me….”

“Tsk, just the look on that Traveler Woman’s eyes makes it obvious that she wants to kill me….”

“Oh, and from the looks of it, even if Professor Frances and Queen Mother tries to stop her, this Traveler Woman will still win in the end. Tsk, is this how powerful she really is, along with the support of the Goetic Palace?”

“Argh, this is much worse than my situation earlier!”

At this point, Alina knew that hoping for the best will not work anymore.

Her enemy Traveler had all the reasons to be hostile to Alina, and it was only exacerbated by the hostile relations.h.i.+p that Alina had with the Goetic Order Realm.

“Sigh, why do I have to go through this? I just won a fight and I had just managed to obtain an important power-up… Ugh, why do I have to be in danger this quickly? Can’t I have even just a little time to deal with my stuff?”

“Come on, it’s just a few seconds! n.o.body can be hurt by that, right?”

Although Alina was wis.h.i.+ng that fate would grant her a chance to survive this situation, she knew deep in her heart that survival was moot.

Her enemy was free to make a move while she had no way of defending herself.

This situation was a sure-kill against Alina, and no matter what she does, she is doomed to experience this.

“Sigh… and here I am again, back to the precipice of death. Why did I even expect myself to win?”

“I am facing against 5 Traveler’s for f**k’s sake! Of course I am bound to lose, no matter what I do!”

“Tsk, can’t I even just take down one Traveler with me? That way, all my efforts here will not be null…”

“Wait, can I even take one Traveler down with me? Just this woman alone is this powerful already. Using her as a reference, all the other Travelers here will just be as powerful as her…”

“Sigh… so I can’t really kill one Traveler, even with all the methods I used? Tsk, I am really a sorry excuse for a companion…”

At this point, Alina had already lost any interest to fight back against her enemies.

Why would she even fight back, when she’s in this state, powerless to even make a move?

All the struggle that Alina will do this time will be just a waste of her time and effort, so why even make an effort?


And besides, even if Alina were able to move this time, she still won’t be able to win.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Because aside from the Traveler woman, all the other Travelers trapped by the Event Loop had managed to free themselves out from it too.



The second Traveler that Alina attacked earlier, which is the fairy-like creature, has his body covered with the glow from a large boulder.

It was this boulder that had literally crushed the effects of the Event Loop, and it was also the object that removed the fluids which tormented the fairy Traveler all this time.

As for the Soul Warlock that Alina had attacked with a soul-splitting move, he used a piece of illusory paper in his hand to heal his wounded soul and to free himself from the event loop.

As for the fourth Traveler that Alina attacked earlier, who was the woman with the power to manipulate the void, she resorted to the power of a red floating emblem.

This emblem released a murderous killing intent when it was activated, which easily demolished the effect of Alina’s book and that of the Event Loop.


The combination of these abilities, as much as Alina wanted to deny it, were all effective on helping out these Travelers.

Now, these 3 Travelers are free from any traps just like the first Traveler woman, and they can now move all around without any worries for themselves.


The one who should be worried about this situation was only Alina of course, as things just got from ‘one enemy Traveler bad’ to ‘four enemy Travelers worst’.

“Sigh, so because I used the power of my allied religion for myself, my enemy Travelers already lost their worries on using theirs. After all, since someone like me had already used it, then there will be no more problems for them if they were to use it too.”

“Tsk, so that action of mine has become my undoing huh. What a way for me to reach the end of my life.”

“I did not even manage to reach a higher level of state after all the troubles that I went through. Instead, I am now waiting here to die, with n.o.body present that can help me.”

“Sigh… this is really the worst way to die, and the fact that I brought this to myself just made this worse….”

If Alina had already lost hope of winning earlier, then the consecutive ‘freeing’ of the other Travelers just made her negative feelings get worse.

Just one Traveler alone is sure death for Alina, and now she’s facing 4 at the same time?

Only the term ‘overkill’ can be applied to Alina’s current situation, and even that could still be an understatement!

“Well, being killed by 4 Travelers at the same time is an honor for me, right? After all, forcing these many enemies to kill me is an achievement on its own already.”

“Yes, I might be dying here, but at least I died through fighting.”

“It’s not like things can get any worse from here, so there’s no reason for me to be sad anymore.”

“Wait, things can’t get any worse from here, right? Right?”


With her acceptance of her defeat, Alina had already closed her eyes as she waited for her inevitable descent to death.

There are 4 Travelers roaming around her, so they only had to take one attack each in order to kill her completely.

Such attacks will only take an instant, so Alina knew that she’s already meant to die in just a matter of seconds.




But to Alina’s surprise, the death strike that she had been waiting for did not arrive. Not even a gust of wind or a powerful punch had destroyed her body at this point.

There were also nothing that slashed, crushed, or pierced her body as she waited.


And even after a few more seconds of waiting, Alina did not feel any attacks landing on her body.

“Hey, what’s the problem? Why are you not attacking me? Don’t tell me that you have kinks related to making me wait for my death? Tsk, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds sure are full of fetishes…”

Feeling that something was wrong with her enemies, Alina slowly opened her eyes in hopes of seeing what made them stop.

“Are you having a meeting right now in regards on how you should kill me? Tsk, you really like making me suffer through anxiety…”

In her mind, Alina had expected to see the 4 Travelers doing something weird at this point. This was after all, the only explanation that could explain why they are not attacking Alina now.

But for the nth time this day, Alina found herself surprised again with what she saw.


A black coat that was as dark as night.

A white skin mottled with large dark spots.

A hair that was a black as the void itself.

And a handsome face that bore the traits of an evil person.

These were the traits of a newcomer who suddenly appeared on this place, and he made sure to display these traits in full force, especially towards Alina.

[h.e.l.lo there, Alina. Did you miss me? How about you give me a kiss? I have been waiting for your love already ever since you left me! Do you even know how much I missed you? Not even your wounds right now can equate that!”

“A-Alex? You’re here? But… how could you be here? Shouldn’t you be hiding?”

[What do you mean I should be hiding, Alina? I am your partner, so I am responsible for your life. Since you are about to die here, of course I will come swooping in to help. That’s my responsibility as your partner, so don’t be surprised like that!]

“B-but you only treat me as a tool! Is that a reason for you to save me?”

[Hah? You think that just because I am corrupted by the Abyss, I will already abandon you even though you are just my tool? Hmph, I, the great Alex, is someone who is generous to his lovers! So don’t demean yourself Alina! You may be a tool to me, but a useful one at that! I can’t ignore useful tools like you, so don’t be this adamant about my att.i.tude!]


Out of all the people that Alina had expected to see today, this newcomer was the one that she least expected to see during this time.

How could not Alina be surprised?

This newcomer was Alex after all, her partner who had been corrupted by the Abyss!

For him to appear here is a mystery to Alina, as she knew that the corrupted Alex will never invade an area with this many Travelers!

And for him to invade this area just to save Alina’s life is even more unfathomable, as the current him has no compa.s.sion towards her!

Why would even a corrupted person like Alex save Alina, when he just treats her like a tool now?

[Author’s Note: Why indeed Alex? Why are you acting like this?]


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