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Read Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 1357 – The Mysterious Deskmate (127)

Endless Pampering Only For You is a web novel produced by 默小水, Mo Xiao Shui.
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Chapter 1357:

The Mysterious Deskmate (127)

Mu Xiaoxiao looked up and flashed a smile at Feng Tianqi before she continued to write something.

——I’m smiled at you too, are you happy now?

This guy was acting just like a child. How childish.

Feng Tianqi quickly wrote something..

——Not happy! Smile at me nine more times. If he gets one smile I want ten!

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

She could not be bothered to entertain him any longer.

At the end of cla.s.s.

Jun Zeye went out to take a call.

Feng Tianqi was behind him, bad-mouthing him to Mu Xiaoxiao.

“This guy has to be so mysterious even when he’s taking a call. And he’s even carrying a gun. He’s definitely not a good guy! Is he from some triad?”

Mu Xiaoxiao replied to him, “I don’t think so. He doesn’t look like it.”

She remembered her encounter with Jun Zeye at the back alley of the bar. At the time, the police checked his gun but they returned it to him without even saying anything.

And during yesterday’s hijacking at Heaven and Earth Mall, why did Jun Zeye appear so coincidentally?

Could he be from the police?

Jun Zeye’s ident.i.ty was too complicated.

He could be of the police, but he might also really be part of a triad.

Feng Tianqi looked at Mu Xiaoxiao and said, “You’re really dumb. Would someone from the triads make it so obvious that they are from the triads? Of course they wouldn’t do that! Do you think he wouldn’t be from the triad just because he doesn’t look like he is? You think the triads nowadays still act like those from the Hong Kong films where they walk around in their distinctive triad fashion?”

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t want to entertain him any longer.

Outside the cla.s.sroom.

Jun Zeye stood in the corridor that formed a semi-circle, talking over the phone.

No one dared to approach him but there were quite a few girls who couldn’t help but watch him secretly.

“How was cla.s.s? Did it go well? Anything happen?” Ning Ruyan’s voice came from over the cell phone. He seemed more like he called to hear juicy news instead of actually showing concern for Jun Zeye.

Evidently, Jun Zeye was not interested in talking too much. “No.”

Of course, Ning Ruyan didn’t believe him. “No? I don’t think so! The girls went mad, right? How many of those girls came to hit on you?”

Jun Zeye replied to him, “If that’s what you want to talk about, then I’m hanging up.”

“Hey, don’t! I was just worried that you wouldn’t do well in school after being out for so long. Your pride may be hurt given how strong you are. As a brother, I gotta understand what’s happening with you so that I can offer you support.” Ning Ruyan would have sounded credible if he hadn’t sounded so amused.

“Don’t worry. I’m good in every subject except for…” Jun Zeye stopped short.

“Except for what? What? I thought there wasn’t anything that would be difficult for you. What is it? Tell me!” Ning Ruyan was curious, anxious to know what subject he could possibly be weak in.

Jun Zeye replied, “Nothing. The break is over. I’m hanging up.”

“Hey. Answer the-”

The call was hung up.

Jun Zeye held his cell phone. He was about to return to the cla.s.sroom when he heard rapid footsteps coming from the stairs followed by students crying out in alarm.

A group of people in police uniforms came up and entered Cla.s.s S.

“We got a call about someone here carrying a gun illegally. Who is it?”

At once, the whole cla.s.s turned to look at Jun Zeye who was standing in the doorway.

Feng Tianqi smirked and leisurely strolled over.

Obviously, he was the one who had called the police.


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