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Read Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 1485 – Don’t You Know What I Really Want to Do Most? (4)

Endless Pampering Only For You is a web novel produced by 默小水, Mo Xiao Shui.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 1485: Don’t You Know What I Really Want to Do Most? (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Seeing that Jun Zeye had no reaction, he continued, “Feng Shengyang relies on the influence of the Feng Family to mix in with the entertainment crowd well. However, his reputation is very bad and there are many rumors circulating about him, like that the women he has been rumored to be with can form an entire platoon. He cares so much about Mu Xiaoxiao, though. Did he really change because his heart was moved?”

“By the way, I sent people to keep an eye on Feng Shengyang and guess what? After that dude returned home he drank all night! I wouldn’t believe it if someone denied that it was not because of Mu Xiaoxiao. Tsk, tsk, the day has come when the playboy hurts for love.”

As he finished the last sentence, Ning Ruyan did not expect any more replies from Jun Zeye and thus continued to talk to himself.

Just then, Jun Zeye spoke up. “When I’m no longer in City A, continue to keep an eye on him.”

“That won’t be a problem, of course!” Ning Ruyan grinned, looking like he could tell what he was thinking.

I know you’re worried about Mu Xiaoxiao.

After Mu Xiaoxiao knew that Jun Zeye’s injuries were fine, she relaxed and did not want to do the checkup anymore.

After one exam, she hugged Yin Shaojie’s arm and began to act cute.

“I feel so great now, and I’m not uncomfortable anymore. Jie, let’s not continue with the checkup. Let’s go. I don’t like to stay in the hospital. Let’s go, let’s go.”

Yin Shaojie looked at her, annoyed. “Can you be more obedient? You have to finish the entire checkup.”

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted and pointed to the clock. “There are so many exams in the checkup. When are we going to finish? It’s so troublesome! Let’s not do it anymore. I’m really okay now. I already told you I was only feeling uncomfortable because of the nightmare in the afternoon. I’m fine now.”

Beside them, the doctor looked on awkwardly, not daring to interrupt.

Yin Shaojie looked at the doctor and asked, “How are her test results from earlier?”

The doctor said, “There are no problems with the test. All her values look good.”

“See, see? The doctor says that I’m fine, so we don’t need to do anymore tests because that will only waste time. We should use this time to do other things instead. Oh, doing something happy will make me happy and if I’m happy, then I’m not sick!” Mu Xiaoxiao even turned to the doctor and asked, “Doctor, am I right?”

The doctor, of course, nodded his head. “That’s right, of course.”

Yin Shaojie could not do anything. Seeing that she looked spirited and lively, he let her have her way.

The pair walked out of the hospital.

Mu Xiaoxiao breathed in the outside air deeply. “Fresh air is the best!”

Yin Shaojie glared at her, but could not help but reach out and pinch her cheek. “I’m going to die of anger because of you.”

Mu Xiaoxiao said, “I didn’t do anything that would make you angry. I only refused to do the checkup. I’m fine, so there’s no need for that.”

Yin Shaojie harrumphed. There was a meaningful look in his eyes, but he did not say what he was thinking.

This was obviously not what he was angry about.

Mu Xiaoxiao touched her nose. He seemed to have been angry since earlier before. Was he upset that she had gone to look for Jun Zeye?

No, she had to pacify him quickly.

Mu Xiaoxiao held his hand intimately and smiled at him. “Didn’t I say that we should go do something that will make us happy? Do you have anything you want to do?”

“Something I want to do?” Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes and pulled her closer. His nose was touching hers and they were almost kissing.

In a low magnetic voice, he said, “Don’t you know what I really want to do most?”

Mu Xiaoxiao stared at him blankly.

What he really wanted to do most…

Mu Xiaoxiao’s face became red.


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