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Read Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 479 – Would You Give Yourself to Me?

Endless Pampering Only For You is a web novel created by 默小水, Mo Xiao Shui.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 479 – Would You Give Yourself to Me?

Chapter 479: Would You Give Yourself to Me?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It didn’t matter to him if people were to say that he was selfish.

A selfish person was just who he was. He only wanted the people whom he cared about to be happy, and it didn’t matter to him how anyone else felt.

Although he used to treat An Zhixin as a friend, at least an old friend, what An Zhixin had done could not be tolerated.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him fixedly as she could not help but feel deeply moved by him.

She had thought that he would still be at least a little soft-hearted toward An Zhixin because of what happened seven years ago, …

Yin Shaojie’s slender fingers lifted her chin as he stared at her with a sinister smile. “So moved, are you? Then, how would you like to… give yourself to me?”

Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him bashfully, reaching out and grabbing his arm, her heart fluttering.

Suddenly, she wanted to throw herself at him and kiss him.

But she inadvertently looked up and saw that there was a surveillance camera in the elevator.

Remembering that their every move would be scrutinized by other people, Mu Xiaoxiao dispelled the thought.

She leaned forward and put her little head on his chest.

“When I heard you say that earlier… I felt so happy. Was that bad of me?”

Yin Shaojie smiled disapprovingly. Lowering his elegant face and gazing at her ear, he couldn’t help but pinch and play with it.

“You call that bad? To put it bluntly, she asked for it.”

As he said that, there was a sardonic look in his eyes.

How could he not see through what An Zhixin was thinking. She could only be doing that out of vanity.

She was just like the girls he had dated in the past, who seemed so eager to let the whole world know that he was their boyfriend.

Some girls had even tried to be clever, deliberately bringing him to their friends to show off.

Yin Shaojie had seen enough of the little tricks that girls played.

After the recent events, he had come to an understanding of the type of person that An Zhixin was.

Ding! The elevator finally arrived.

Yin Shaojie held her hand as they walked out and said, “In any case, if you don’t want to see her, then I will make her move away.”

Besides, thinking about how the misunderstanding between him and Xiaoxiao had been caused by An Zhixin, Yin Shaojie could hardly keep a good opinion of An Zhixin.

Mu Xiaoxiao went up to the door and opened it using her fingerprint, and she turned to ask him, “Do you think that she has already moved out?”

Yin Shaojie curled his lips and said, “I don’t think so.”

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head. She sighed and said, “I hope she understands and moves out soon.”

Otherwise, given Yin Shaojie’s personality, she didn’t know what ugly things he might do to her.

Although Yin Shaojie would not hit girls, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t punish them severely.

Mu Xiaoxiao remembered seeing it for herself back when she was young.

Yin Shaojie was so annoyed because the little girls in kindergarten were pestering him. Then, he made the little girls cry and warned them sternly that they were not allowed to follow him.

He was only concerned for the people he cared about. He could give a d.a.m.n whether other people were unhappy!

As she walked into the apartment, she at the thought of something.

Yin Shaojie looked up and stared at her with a curious look.

Mu Xiaoxiao changed into slippers, smiling as she looked back at him and said, “Remember when we were in kindergarten? There was a little girl who liked you and told everyone that you were her boyfriend and that she wanted to marry you and have your baby when she grew up.”


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