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Read Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 88 – Taking Orders From Someone

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Chapter 88: Taking Orders From Someone

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The bald-head spat. His face had a knife scar, and his mouth was slanted to one side. He looked at Yin Shaojie’s sports car, his eyes filled with greed as he said rudely, “Since you’re a young master from a rich family, you must be loaded, right? Splurge a little. How does 500,000 yuan sound? It should be peanuts to you, right?”

Yin Shaojie had one hand in his pocket. His tall and erect body stood casually and aloof. His cla.s.siness made him look composed.

He slowly walked towards the man and smiled, looking unfazed. “500000 yuan? That’s peanuts. I wouldn’t pick it up if I found it.”

Hearing this, his eyes glimmered. “So you agree then? Hurry and give us the money! I will accompany you—ah!”

Before he could finish speaking, Yin Shaojie delivered a kick to his stomach, and the bald-head fell back, kneeling in pain as he covered his stomach.

Yin Shaojie laughed coldly and glared at him. “My money will not be yours even if I threw it in the garbage bin.”

“You—get him! Beat him to death!” the bald-head quickly shouted.

The other men raised their weapons and swarmed around.

However, these hoodlums hadn’t expected Yin Shaojie to not simply be a playful hedonistic son with rich parents. His hidden skills were astonishing.

In only a few minutes, he had easily taken down these men.

Stepping on the bald guy’s head with his limited edition skate shoes, Yin Shaojie smiled pompously and said, “This head is not bad. It’s round enough to be a soccer ball.”

The bald-head was scared witless as he cried and begged, “Young master, I was wrong! Please have mercy! It was unintentional! It really was! I was only taking orders from someone!”

“Taking orders?” Yin Shaojie frowned as he suddenly felt uneasy.

At this moment, a cry suddenly came from his sports car.

Not good!

Xiaoxiao is in the car!

He was startled. He knew that this was a scheme to lure him away from Mu Xiaoxiao, and he immediately rushed back.

He happened to see a black silhouette escape from the side of the car and rushed to the car. The door to the front pa.s.senger seat was open, but Mu Xiaoxiao was nowhere to be seen!

His heart stopped for a moment.

“Xiaoxiao—” Yin Shaojie’s was pale in the face. Feeling utmost remorse, he cursed hatefully, “F*ck this!”

He had been too careless. How could he not have antic.i.p.ated this!

As he was about to give chase, he heard someone faintly call out, “Jie… I’m here.”

Yin Shaojie quivered. The sound came from the back of the car. He extended his head in and saw that Mu Xiaoxiao’s small body was curled up at the back, and her eyes still looked drowsy, still intoxicated.

Seeing that she was safe, he felt immense relief. When he thought that she may have met with a mishap, he had been frightened to death.

“Xiaoxiao, are you alright? How did you get to the back?” He walked over to open the door to the back seat and pulled her out.

Mu Xiaoxiao laid in his embrace, lazily leaning on his shoulders. In an indistinct voice, she said, “I was scared… so I climbed to the back.”

It’s fortunate that she had climbed back early; otherwise, if the men had used roofies on her, they would have gotten their way with her.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s okay now.” Yin Shaojie touched her head as he comforted her with his deep voice.

“My head hurts… I’m not going to drink, ever!” Mu Xiaoxiao said as she frowned, looking gloomy.

Yin Shaojie thought about the shock previously and let out another sigh of relief. This silly wretch had really scared him to death. It had been a long time since he had felt such fear.


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