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Era of Disaster is a web novel made by Demon’s Realm (妖的境界).
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 161: Limit

Everything went on as per usual, and Bai Yi’s schedule was still filled to the brim every day. His time spent sleeping even increased to eight hours a day—this was something unthinkable before. Everybody in Bai Yi’s team was hypnotized by him before they went to sleep, so all of them basically enjoyed dreamless deep sleep every night. Hence, they only needed about one hour of sleep every day to recover all their energy. Even if it was for the sake of balancing the body and soul, their amount of time spent sleeping wouldn’t exceed three hours before they would wake up automatically because their bodies had already replenished enough energy.

However, Bai Yi quickly realized that the mind became fatigued very easily while under the influence of 100% focus.

Because of this, the amount of time Bai Yi spent sleeping every day became longer and longer. But after getting enough sleep, his mind would become stronger and stronger, and the amount of time he could stay absolutely focused increased as well. In addition, the effectiveness of Bai Yi’s studying increased every time too. If he’d had this kind of efficiency back in the past, Bai Yi would have been known as a genius in the outside world.

On yet another evening, Bai Yi headed to the prison to hypnotize the five Brutal Stage humans to sleep. He yawned briefly afterward, appearing to be very tired. All along, everyone else thought that Bai Yi became fatigued from using his Reverse Flower Eyes, but n.o.body suspected that the real reason behind Bai Yi’s fatigue was because he was studying using 100% focus. In reality, after breaking out of his coc.o.o.n, Bai Yi’s eyes seemed to have undergone some enhancement as well, so his limitations were even lesser than before.

Soon, Bai Yi and Alodia walked together toward the recovery center. Alodia was now like Bai Yi’s secretary, and other than helping him to handle some simple matters, she also followed him around to learn from him.

Beyond combat techniques, Alodia also took the initiative to study biological research, hoping to become the team’s researcher in the future. Per Alodia’s own words, interest was also something that could be developed. She wasn’t really useful to the team, so she wanted to change herself to become more valuable. Moreover, with Bai Yi’s status now, it was better to have subordinates following him around, and somebody with Alodia’s disposition was very suitable for that role.

Other than the two of them, there were still a group of people at the recovery center. These were all people that the five ministries had arranged to send over, and they all acted just like eyes for their masters. Bai Yi didn’t really mind this since his priorities weren’t truly with the recovery center, but it still wasn’t comfortable being monitored by people all day long.

Suddenly, Bai Yi received a phone call. Although New Christchurch wasn’t connected to the entire world like before, signal coverage for just the city alone was still achievable. Building on the foundations that humans had had before was indeed much easier.

“Chairman Bai Yi!” The phone call was from Minister of Defence Freud.

“What is it?”

“Emergency! Somebody went berserk over here, we can’t subdue him! Can Chairman Bai Yi come over now to help him recover his consciousness?” Freud said.

“Sure, where are you?” Bai Yi thought about how he had just used his Reverse Flower Eyes on the five patients and couldn’t help but rub the center of his eyebrows.

“Northern side, right beside Waimakariri River! I already sent my subordinate, Human-faced Bird Chico, over to fetch you. Please come quickly, Chairman Bai Yi!” The other side of the call was very noisy, and it was apparently very chaotic over there. The duty of the Ministry of Defence was to expel and wipe out any evolved lifeforms around the city. Although they had great strength, they were also the ones that faced the most danger.

Bai Yi had increased the volume of the speaker on his phone to its loudest setting, and everyone nearby could hear his conversation just now. Within a short while, a small black dot rapidly flew toward him from the sky. Bai Yi and the people around him looked up and discovered a bird-like creature with a human face and a wingspan of more than eight meters, flying powerfully and agilely over to meet him. Human-faced Bird Chico was one of the more famous subordinates under Freud, so Bai Yi wasn’t worried that this was an ambush either.

“Please follow me, Chairman Bai Yi, the situation is very urgent,” Chico said anxiously. He even had some wet bloodstains on his body.

“I understand. Alodia, let’s go.” Bai Yi said, lightly jumping onto Chico’s back with Alodia.

Chico originally only intended to bring Bai Yi along, but an additional girl wasn’t a big deal. After Bai Yi and Alodia got on, he reminded them to sit tight, immediately spread his wings, and powerfully flew upward toward the battlefield on the other side of the city. Alodia was more obedient and sat down, tightly clutching a tuft of feathers on Chico’s back, while Bai Yi directly stood on his back.

No wonder there had been so many knights in the past—it really felt quite good to be able to ride on something! Unfortunately, the present’s evolved lifeforms were all very hard to tame, and Chico had been a true human being before, so this was something novel.

Waimakariri River was the largest river in New Zealand, and so while Freud and his team had decent strength and usually hunted in a group, they must have definitely encountered a big monster there to be so troubled now. Bai Yi and company rushed there very quickly and discovered that more than twenty people were surrounding three others, stopping them from running away. These twenty plus people all carried the stench of blood on them, stimulating their nerves and making them ill at ease.

One must know, everyone was at the Brutal Stage now. The ones in danger weren’t just the three berserk guys in the center.

On the other side, Bai Yi saw a gigantic fish head with a mouth full of sharp teeth eyeing them covetously from the river. From the faint red color swirling in the water, this big guy also seemed to be quite injured, it was just that it was fine for the moment since it had escaped back into the river. Bai Yi captured the entire situation with his eyes and abruptly jumped off Chico’s back.

Bai Yi dived through the air for the center of the battlefield, close to Freud and his opponents.

“Chairman Bai Yi!” Even in battle, Freud still had the presence of mind to greet Bai Yi. If not for these three guys being his subordinates, he would have probably killed all of them long ago. However, his hands were tied precisely because they were his subordinates, and he had to hold himself back.

“Restrain them!” Bai Yi said as he landed right on the head of a guy more than four meters tall. Bai Yi’s heel brutally smashed into the back of the head of this guy, and with a backflip, he landed on Freud’s shoulder.

Although Freud was a bit unhappy, he couldn’t complain much since his body was so big, and he had a favor to ask of Bai Yi now too. Immediately, Freud tightly grappled the guy that Bai Yi had just kicked in the head and turned to look at Bai Yi. However, at this time, Bai Yi’s eyes were actually closed, and he said a few words.

“Don’t look at me!”

Bai Yi opened his eyes the instant Freud turned his head away and used his Reverse Flower Eyes on the suppressed berserk subordinate. Freud couldn’t see Bai Yi’s eyes and didn’t feel much, but he realized that the struggles of the subordinate in his arms were becoming weaker and weaker. Finally, the struggling stopped entirely, and the subordinate’s body went limp and fell on the ground.

So powerful!

Freud quivered in his heart. Bai Yi’s eyes weren’t just useful on berserk evolved humans, but on the contrary, they were even more effective on normal evolved humans. If he had to fight with Bai Yi one day, the first thing he had to consider was how to deal with Bai Yi’s eyes. After that subordinate had fallen asleep, Freud realized that Bai Yi’s eyes were bloodshot, as if blood was about to come out of his eyes.

Soon afterward, the two remaining berserk guys were handled in the same way and fell asleep. Freud observed Bai Yi again and found that bright red trails of blood had already started flowing down from his eyes. At this time, Bai Yi kept his eyes closed all the while.

“Alodia, support me.” Bai Yi said.

“OK.” Alodia heard and immediately held Bai Yi obediently.

“Chairman Bai Yi, we really have to thank you for this time! Otherwise, we really wouldn’t know how to bring these three guys back from this, and even if we managed to bring them back we wouldn’t know what to do with them either.” Freud spoke while seriously observing Bai Yi’s condition at the same time.

Bai Yi shook his head. “It’s nothing much, it’s just what I should do.” After using the Reverse Flower Eyes on the three of them, Bai Yi had never opened his eyes again. Two bright red trails of blood flowed down from them, making for a ghastly sight to behold.

By this time, Woolf, Heloise, and Pupu had arrived as well. There were also a bunch of people from the Ministry of Medicine that had instantly come rushing over to give emergency treatment when they had heard that there were people who went berserk over here. When Woolf and the others approached, Bai Yi finally said his goodbyes to Freud.

Back at the recovery center, Bai Yi opened both his eyes again and what he saw were Vala’s teasing eyes looking back at him. Bai Yi’s limit was obviously not just this; rather, this was merely the ‘limit’ he showed to the world. Bai Yi didn’t have any intentions of harming other people, but he himself knew that his eyes made people too wary. If he didn’t show some flaws in his power, it would cause many people to become uneasy. Bai Yi saw Vala’s smile and smiled as well, before using clean water to wash away the blood trails on his face.

Very quickly, Freud brought over a big batch of presents to express his grat.i.tude. However, Bai Yi didn’t appear and the one to receive him was Vala. For one week after that incident, Bai Yi didn’t continue going to the prison to treat those imprisoned berserk evolved humans, but rather quietly stayed in the recovery center to study.

Bai Yi didn’t announce anything to the outside, but of course, that didn’t mean that other people wouldn’t make their own guesses. The incident with Freud’s team at Waimakariri River wasn’t some secret, and everybody already knew that Bai Yi went to help Freud after using his Reverse Flower Eyes on the imprisoned berserk evolved humans.

Bai Yi would normally use his eyes five times inside the prison, and he used his eyes another three times helping Freud. After that, his eyes began to bleed, and he had to rest for more than a week.

Even an elementary school kid would be able to do this kind of simple math, and so many people started to quietly ponder in their hearts. The usage limit of Bai Yi’s eyes should be about five to six times a day without hurting himself. If he forced himself to use them again, he could probably manage about ten times, but that would apparently cause some harmful side effects to his eyes.

After deducing this piece of information, unknowingly, everyone started to feel that Bai Yi’s eyes weren’t that frightening anymore.


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