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Chapter 206: Sharing

Cleaning up the battlefield was more time-consuming than the actual battle, and in the meantime, Rose very quickly went to Bai Yi. He had prepared a set of simple information about LV2s and pa.s.sed it to Rose. In comparison to the others, who had only managed to succeed in metamorphosis with the help of Tranquil Medicament in the later stages, Bai Yi and his team could be said to be the earliest batch of evolved humans to enter LV2. Hence, the information that Bai Yi had was still quite advanced.

“This is…?” Rose asked curiously.

“Some information about the LV2 Metamorphose Stage. I believe that you have made some discoveries yourself too. I’m quite curious regarding how we can control the matter inside a normal human being, so I’ll entrust you to study this issue. You can freely pick whoever you want to a.s.sist you with this, just pa.s.s the information back to me after you manage to figure it out and I’ll release everything together later on,” Bai Yi said.

Release everything together—he was planning to tell everybody?

“Why did you choose me?” Rose asked curiously, her turquoise eyes carrying some doubt.

“Why not you?” Bai Yi answered with another question.

Rose stared at Bai Yi’s eyes for a while, before finally nodding. “I got it.” Although the evolved humans had all banded together now, they didn’t strictly belong to some group, but rather just worked together toward a common goal. The structural norm of individual teams was still deeply rooted among them, so why did Bai Yi choose somebody like her from outside of his team to do this job?

After Rose left, Bai Yi headed to the temporary command post that they had just set up. Close to the command post was an actual command center room that could communicate with various parts of the Australian military, but their brute-force attack just now had basically ruined the place.

“Repair this place,” Bai Yi said to the military engineers and signallers gathered there.

The group of military engineers and signallers subconsciously stood at attention and replied, “Yes!” Whether this was because they had been frightened by Bai Yi’s aura or some other reason, it wasn’t important to say. Actually, there were still many methods of making contact with the outside world, but Bai Yi didn’t want to speak to them through such things as phone calls; this kind of restrictive communication method wouldn’t allow them to discuss much.

After leaving two guys to guard this place, Bai Yi headed elsewhere. The number of matters to settle after the battle were very numerous and diverse, but luckily there was Alodia around to help him manage everything. Taking after her teacher, Alodia was very suited for the role of a secretary and organized everything in a meticulous and orderly way.

“Uncle Bai, you’ll need to explain the matter of the Soul Release Tree to everyone and rea.s.sure them,” Alodia reminded him.

“En.” Bai Yi nodded.

The matter of Momo collecting souls previously weighed on everyone’s minds. They had confirmed now that there had been a total of 133 deaths in the battle, but Momo had collected all of their souls. Lucretia had also told everyone that Momo could revive these souls, and Bai Yi had to clarify all of these matters, or there might be trouble in the future.

All the corpses had been collected, and all the injured were gathered together for treatment as well. There were also many people standing guard close by, and this area could be said to the most populated place now. Momo was here as well, and everyone looked at her with incomparable curiosity in their eyes; it was just that n.o.body dared to approach her to ask her anything.

When Bai Yi arrived, he naturally attracted the attention of everyone gathered here.

Bai Yi waved his hand and got Momo to come over, the clamor around them gradually calming down. After that, Bai Yi finally started to speak. “Regarding Lucretia saying that Momo can revive people, that isn’t true.” After Bai Yi finished speaking, a slight commotion immediately started in the crowd below. Fortunately, many of them there were already more or less familiar with Bai Yi and knew that he would definitely have an explanation for them.

Lucretia also immediately stood out now to testify. “That’s right, saying that earlier was my idea. The people close to me then probably heard Momo’s words too; she wanted to say that she couldn’t revive people, but I decided to say such things to motivate everyone.”

“I know that all of you are very concerned about this matter, so I’ll give an explanation now.” After Bai Yi said this, the people below gradually quieted.

Bai Yi gently stroked the top of Momo’s head and said to the people below, “At LV2, our special energy will show some inclination toward a particular characteristic. Perhaps some of you already know this, but for example, some of the common characteristics are things like high-heat, low-heat, electricity, air control, water control… of course, there are also some more mysterious characteristics that we can’t cla.s.sify even now. Normally speaking, all of us wouldn’t breathe a word of our abilities to anyone else if there was no need to. Momo’s ability is one of the more rarely seen abilities. Her energy is inclined toward… the soul!”

“The existence of the soul is no longer a secret, but as for what exactly it is, there’s only a bit of information that we have managed to figure out so far. Due to her energy characteristic, Momo can see and interact with souls. What I let Momo do just now on the battlefield was to collect all the loose souls, but it doesn’t mean that she can revive them. Moreover, this ability to collect souls doesn’t originate from Momo either, but arises through the use of a special container,” Bai Yi continued explaining and took a tree branch from Momo.

Bai Yi held the branch and said to everyone, “This is a branch of the Soul Release Tree, a special tree that grows in Ghost City Wellington. It can suck in any soul that is close to it. Don’t underestimate this ability; in point of fact, anybody’s soul will continuously dissipate in this world, and only through the branch of this Soul Release Tree can the soul be preserved. As for whether these souls could be revived in the future, that really depends on how far we can walk on this path of evolution.”

An energy characteristic inclination toward the soul, and the branch of the Soul Release Tree!

Everybody felt incredibly shocked, but none of them blamed him. After all, just like Bai Yi said, everybody kept their own abilities a tightly-guarded secret, and only told their closest companions. Something like that concerned their very survival in the next battle they faced.

“That’s the truth of things; there’s no way to revive them now, but their souls were all preserved. As for whether there will be a way in the future, n.o.body can be sure of this,” Bai Yi said.

Suddenly one of them raised his hand. “Team leader Bai Yi, can I ask: what do you mean when you say the soul will dissipate in the outside world?”

Bai Yi paused for a moment but still answered the question. “Regarding this, based on our deductions, Earth is mainly a physical world, and the stable forms of life for all living things are physical forms. Purely spiritual bodies like souls or ghosts can’t be seen under normal circ.u.mstances and would be eroded by this kind environment, eventually disappearing. To describe it objectively, it’s just like a corpse gradually rotting away.”

“Then why are there so many ghosts in Ghost City Wellington?”

“What I mean is that the general environment of Earth is only suited for the manifestation of mainly physical lifeforms. However, under some special circ.u.mstances, this kind of environment can change and result in the manifestation of spiritual bodies. For example, in environments like Ghost City Wellington, or mythical haunted ancient battlefields. We refer to these environments as the underworld. Normally speaking, the overall environment of Earth has the ability to repair itself, and these special environments will eventually disappear as well…”

“Then, what is this ‘change in energy characteristic’?” A guy who had just undergone metamorphosis asked the most basic question.

“Energy characteristic change refers to the special energy inside our bodies undergoing some specific changes due to the differences between each individual, and ending up possessing different characteristics and properties…” Unintentionally, this actually became a giant question and answer session. Many of those who had entered LV2 recently took the opportunity to ask many questions regarding the Metamorphose Stage.

Even Bai Yi didn’t expect that things would turn out like this. Looking at the crowd becoming more and more enthusiastic, he couldn’t help but stretch out both his hands, gesturing for them to quiet down.

“Everyone stop for a moment. The available Information about LV2 will be consolidated soon and released to everyone afterward. Of course, these are also just things that we have figured out and concluded so far; they might not be accurate. I believe that so far everyone here has also achieved their own understandings and discoveries, and I welcome anybody to make up for any deficiencies there might be,” Bai Yi said.

“I hope that everyone won’t be miserly, and instead shares everything that they have discovered. After all, the activated cells are something very unfamiliar to all of us. Studying this together is a lot faster than trying to figure things out alone, and will also prevent a lot of unnecessary detours and dangers on our path. You guys don’t have to be afraid that your discoveries are wrong either, just tell us whatever you might have found. It is only through constantly testing our hypotheses that we can glean the truth and achieve progress,” Bai Yi said to everyone below.

The bunch of people below all echoed and endorsed Bai Yi’s words, but it was hard to say how many of them would actually be willing to share their own discoveries. Who didn’t have any selfishness in them at all? Moreover, his team had entered LV2 far earlier than the rest of them; the things they discovered might long since have been discovered by Bai Yi’s team.

Really… Bai Yi smiled and shook his head.

Actually, this wasn’t an impromptu idea by Bai Yi, but the result of much thought and consideration over this period. As for why he hadn’t released all the information immediately after everyone had entered LV2, it was to let each person have a period of time to sense and figure out their own changes.

One must know that although Bai Yi’s team had consolidated a set of their findings, these were just their personal discoveries, and they didn’t know if they were accurate or not. Everyone had their own way of thinking, and people who had just entered LV2 were like a blank sheet of paper; immediately telling them their findings would undoubtedly prime them to follow Bai Yi and his team’s track of thought. Perhaps these people would familiarize themselves with LV2 more quickly if they did so, but these kinds of ‘good intentions’ limited the diversity of discoveries by different individuals.

Precisely because he had this intention long ago, Bai Yi gave that set of information to Rose and entrusted her to research why they could control the components of the body of a normal human.

Completely impartial and selfless?

Some of the more intelligent people looked at Bai Yi; he didn’t seem like that kind of truly impartial and selfless idiot. Rather, it was just that Bai Yi’s eyes were always looking very far ahead, and he wouldn’t fuss over minor matters like this.

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