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Chapter 2026: The Grim Raptor

Powerful demonic energy surged outside the Yingzhu Peak, forming a ma.s.sive demonic cloud. It blocked the sky and obscured the sun like a doomsday scene.


Many demonic cultivators started to launch attacks on Yingzhu Peak.

“I heard that Zhang Ruochen is the leader of the Set of the Blood G.o.d. We will not attract him if we attack the Sect of the Blood G.o.d, will we?” A demonic cultivator felt a little worried.

This person was barefooted, having a huge bald head. His upper body was exposed, and there were mysterious ink-colored patterns on his skin, as if a series of young snakes entrenched on the surface of the body.

His name is He Yuan, from the Shadow Realm, which was a relatively weak world, ranked low in the Heavenly Realm.

He Yuan’s cultivation base was Precept Domain, the strongest among the non-Blackdemon cultivators. So he was qualified to stand with several top cultivators from the Blackdemon Realm.

There were four top cultivators in the Darkdemon Realm—three men and one woman. All of them were extremely powerful, not at all less powerful than Du Mosheng, and definitely stronger than He Yuan.

One man with weird demonic scales on his forehead let out a frosty smile. “Zhang Ruochen is now having problems saving himself. How can he spare time for the Sect of the Blood G.o.d?”

“Besides, our attack on the Sect of the Blood G.o.d this time is a secret plan. When Zhang Ruochen finally receives the news, the Sect of the Blood G.o.d would have been under our control.”

“First, break the formation here and grab the four Demonstone Engravings. Any delay means trouble.” A low voice came.

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man wearing blood-colored armor. He had a large mouth, and when he spoke, his sharp teeth were exposed, as if jagged teeth. They looked very hideous.

Several people immediately made their moves, each performing their powerful demonic sacred techniques to attack with all their strength.

With the partic.i.p.ation of the five top cultivators, the formation that enveloped the Yingzhu Peak suddenly vibrated severely, and seemed to collapse at any time.

The entire Yingzhu Peak shook with tons of rocks rolling down.

Inside the Guiyuan Shrine, Sun Dadi jumped up to his feet, his eyes burning with anger. “What are we waiting for? Go out and fight with them. Even if I have to die, I will make sure to bring along a few of them.”

Elder Yuanxing also knew that there was no turning back. So he stood up. “There is no retreat. We can only fight to the death with the enemy.”

There was a look of determination in everyone’s eyes at the scene. Living meant nothing to them now.

With Sun Dadi taking the lead, a group of Sect of the Blood G.o.d cultivators emerged from the Guiyuan Shrine, all ready to sacrifice themselves to defend their sect.

“Elder Yuanxing, stop being stubborn anymore. Surrender now before it is too late. The s.h.i.+p has sailed for the Sect of the Blood G.o.d. Resistance is meaningless.” Outside the Yingzhu Peak, Shangzi Temple’s master transmitted a saint tone.

King Haiming and the other three were not the only ones who had betrayed the Sect of the Blood G.o.d and defected to the Darkdevil Realm. After all, not everyone had a backbone and a sense of loyalty. They had bowed to the Darkdemon Realm.

“Shut up, traitor! You are not qualified to talk to us.” Sun Dadi shouted in anger.

Compared to the invaders, he hated these ungrateful betrayers even more. He could not wait to kill them.

It was a pity that they were now trapped in Yingzhu Peak. There was no way to get out, and they could do nothing about those traitors.

A cracking sound rose from Yingzhu Peak’s guardian formation, along with signs of the Saint Light’s collapse.

“Let’s fight to the death!”

A raging flame rose from Sun Dadi’s body as he was boiling with the blood of war.

Behind him, Elder Yuan Zhou, Hai Lingyin, and others were gathering their saint qi, ready to make their moves.

“The formation will give way soon, and we will get the four Demonstone Engravings.”

The four top cultivators from the Darkdemon Realm were excited.

They came to the Kunlun Realm on the order of the Blackheart Demonlord. One of the most important tasks was to collect the 36 authentic pieces of Demonstone Engravings. Every piece they collected would be counted as merit.

Suddenly, the expression of the four top cultivators from the Darkdemon Realm and He Yuan suddenly changed. They turned around and looked into the distance.

They saw a Celestial River appear in the distance. It surged and swept from the horizon at great speed as if it flowed from above the nine heavens.

Above the Celestial River was a figure walking on the water. Next to him were dragons and tigers, showing an extremely terrifying vision, as if a parade of G.o.ds.

“That-That is Zhang Ruochen!”

The four top cultivators from the Darkdemon Realm and He Yuan’s face crashed at seeing the face of the figure above the Celestial River.

“How did Zhang Ruochen make it here so fast?” He Yuan trembled.

He was anxious about Zhang Ruochen’s appearance from the very beginning, but he did not expect it to come true.


The faces of the Sect of the Blood G.o.d traitors headed by Shangzi Temple’s master turned pale in an instant.

Sun Dadi burst into laughter on the Yingzhu Peak. “I knew that the sect leader would return. You all Darkdemon rats, dream on if you think you can destroy our sect.”

Elder Yuanxing and the others were excited. Zhang Ruochen’s return came as a pleasant surprise to them.

“Our sect leader is back! The Sect of the Blood G.o.d is safe!”

Many disciples of the Sect of the Blood G.o.d gathering at Yingzhu Peak shed tears of joy at this moment.

Ji Shui, the tenth disciple of King Haiming, looked on as Zhang Ruochen walked on the Celestial River towards them.

When King Haiming chose to apostate, the disciples chose to follow him. Ji Shui was an exception, and therefore, she was almost killed by King Haiming.

At this moment, Ji Shui felt complicated. When Zhang Ruochen was disguised as Gu Linfeng and entered the Sect of the Blood G.o.d, she had crossed paths with him. She watched Zhang Ruochen’s rise in the Sect of the Blood G.o.d, from being the flag bearer of Youzi Temple to becoming Shenzi of the Sect of the Blood G.o.d, and then the sect leader.

In fact, since Zhang Ruochen comprehended the mystery of Canvas of the Blood G.o.d and cultivated ten Bloodspirit Meridians, Ji Shui already knew that Zhang Ruochen was anything but ordinary.

A smile spread across Ji Shui’s face as thoughts flashed through her mind. Zhang Ruochen’s return had let her see hope again, and the Sect of the Blood G.o.d would never perish.

Facts had proved that she made a wise decision.

“Long live, My Lord!”

Many disciples cheered with joy.

Those cultivators who were observing the situation quietly were shocked.

“Zhang Ruochen has come out in the open. Isn’t he afraid of Zhou Yu and Ming?”

“It seems that Zhang Ruochen hasn’t been afraid of anyone. Knowing that it was a trap of the Heavenly Realm faction last time, he still went into it with no fear. In the end, the hunter became the hunted.”

“He has lived up the reputation of being the Scion of Time and s.p.a.ce. He has got guts. It seems that those people from the Darkdemon Realm will be in trouble.”

“With Zhang Ruochen here, they might not even have the chance to escape.”

Apparently, after a series of battles, everyone started to take notice of Zhang Ruochen’s strength, and no one dared to underestimate him.

The man with strange demonic scales on his forehead panicked. “How come Zhang Ruochen appeared at this moment? What should I do next?”

The middle-aged man with a large mouth looked grave. “Zhang Ruochen has locked on to our qi dynamic and sealed off a large area of s.p.a.ce. It is too late to flee now.”

“Top-notch cultivators like Cang Long, Yan Ba, Shang Ziyan have all died at Zhang Ruochen’s hands. Even if we join hands, we can’t pose a threat to Zhang Ruochen,” said the only female Precept Domain Demonic cultivators.

Everyone was down upon hearing that. They could not beat Zhang Ruochen or escape from him. They could not feel more despaired than this.

At first, it was men from the Sect of the Blood G.o.d who despaired. But things dramatically changed. It was they who lost all hopes now.

Karma had come too quick, too soon.

The Celestial River surging and the next second, it appeared in front of Yingzhu Peak.

Zhang Ruochen stood over the Celestial River with his hands on his back, his eyes over the demonic cultivators. “Since you all are here, then don’t even think about leaving.”

“What do you want, Zhang Ruochen?”

The man with strange demonic scales summoned up his courage and asked.

“You killed my disciples for no reason, and you even have the nerve to ask me what I want? Don’t you feel ridiculous?” said Zhang Ruochen with a sneer.

“For one hundred thousand years, the Blackdemon Realm was va.s.sal to the Sect of the Blood G.o.d. Now that you all have become stronger, you bite the hand that feeds you. How ungrateful can you all get?”

Those cultivators from the Blackdemon Realm scowled when Zhang Ruochen spoke of their pain.

In their view, the period of being the va.s.sal to the Sect of the Blood G.o.d was a humiliation, which was the last thing they wanted to hear anyone mentioning.

“I have got to admit that, Zhang Ruochen, you have beaten us now. But we are not pushovers. When push comes to shove and we have to die, we will bring all of you with us,” said a Nine-Step Saint King with gray hair and a childlike face.

While speaking, a strong demonic qi, a destructive qi dynamic emanated from his body.

His meaning was obvious; if push comes to shove, he would immediately detonate his saint source and perish together with all the people of the Sect of the Blood G.o.d.

Most of the demonic cultivators were ruthless. They were ruthless to not only their enemies but also themselves.

The return of Zhang Ruochen meant he cared about the sect. Threatening him with the lives of all the people of the Sect of the Blood G.o.d might force Zhang Ruochen to compromise.

Zhang Ruochen looked at the Nine-Step Saint King, who spoke just now. “Is it a threat? Are you sure self-destruction will work on me?”

“Why talk nonsense with them? We should just kill them all.” Bao Lie appeared a little impatient.

Immediately afterward, Mu Lingxi, Kong Lanyou, and others also came beside Zhang Ruochen.

The expressions of those demonic cultivators drastically changed again upon seeing Mu Lingxi and others.

They all knew the battle outside Peac.o.c.k Manor and naturally knew the strength of Kong Lanyou, Jin Yu, Luo Chen, and Bao Lie. Any of them could effortlessly kill them.

No way they could escape today.

The female Nine-Step Saint King stepped forward and stared at Zhang Ruochen. “I know you are strong, but I still want to fight you and see how big our gap is. It’s not a shame to die at your hands.”

“She did not become a Nine-Step Saint King for nothing. At least this woman dares to fight.”

Before Zhang Ruochen could respond, Mu Lingxi chuckled. “Not everyone is qualified to fight against our Lord Master. Let me first see what you have got. You may leave if you can beat me.”

A hint of delight flashed in the female Nine-Step Saint King’s eyes upon hearing that. She then looked at Zhang Ruochen. “Really?”

“She represents me,” said Zhang Ruochen.

He did not know what Mu Lingxi had in mind, but since she wanted to do that, he would not stop her.

Besides, he would let nothing happen to Mu Lingxi in his presence.

“Okay, I will fight you,” said the female Nine-Step Saint King.

She did not know Mu Lingxi, but she could gauge Mu Lingxi’s cultivation level, which should be just after attaining Precept Domain. So she was confident that she would win.

After all, not everyone was as loony as Zhang Ruochen.

Mu Lingxi lunged out as she released her bone-chilling Power of the Dark Netherfrost, as though it was going to freeze the heaven and earth over.

The environment of the Sect of the Blood G.o.d was undoubtedly suitable for Mu Lingxi to perform her skill. This place had endless icy energy for her to harness.

“Yin Su, don’t underestimate the enemy, and be careful,” said the middle-aged man with a large mouth.

He might not survive today, but there was still a ray of hope for Yin Su. Zhang Ruochen should be a man of his word.

Yin Su the Saint King gently nodded. She would not take her opponent lightly as it concerned her life and death.

She performed her technique, and a black cloud formed out of thin air behind her. A giant bird, much like a phoenix yet had essential differences, was inside the dark cloud and giving out extreme cold energy.

“The Grim Raptor. Interesting.”

Zhang Ruochen immediately recognized this skill.

The Grim Raptor was an extremely powerful, ferocious bird, born in a place with extreme cold and naturally possessing a terrible, most insidious Grim Fire, which was specifically aimed at saint souls.

Since ancient times, the Grim Raptors and the phoenixes had substantial differences and been enemies to each other.

No wonder Mu Lingxi wanted to challenge Yin Su. She must have sensed the aura of the Grim Raptor in Yin Su.

Mu Lingxi shook her body and a glorious, lifelike Frost Phoenix, which exuded terrifying suppressive energy, formed behind her.

“It turns out that you have the Frost Phoenix bloodline. Let me see if it is your Frost Phoenix bloodline or my Grim Raptor bloodline prevails.” Saint King Yin Su was high in fighting spirit.

Since the Grim Raptor and the Frost Phoenix races were deadly rivals, she must make sure she would give her best and not ruin the reputation of the Grim Raptor.

“Then let me see what you have got. This is your only chance,” said Mu Lingxi.


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