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Read ETERNAL LOVE : A LOVE STORY Chapter 276 – I Want To Keep It A Secret

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” Ah? Oh Yeah. I was saying that…” she suddenly lowers her voice and looks around to see that everyone was sleeping. 

She leans closer and said in a whisper, ” I was saying that about my marriage, please keep it a secret. No one knows about it other than you. Okay? ”

She took his bait and changes the topic. 

He looked at her in confusion and asked, ” Why? Why are you keeping it a secret? Are you having trouble with Mr. Liwei? ”

He asked her this absurd question in the hope that it was true. But he knew the answer already of this question. 

He just asked this ridiculous question just for the sake of his heart. 

Xie Ming was surprised when he suddenly asked him this question. She looked at him like she was looking at a fool. 

” What are you saying? I have no issues with him. It just… I cannot reveal my marriage yet. That’s it.”

” So please don’t tell this to anyone yet. I want to keep it a secret.” 

Jian Yan nodded when he heard her words. There is nothing he can do in this. His heart hurt a little when he heard her words.

Though he already knows the answer but he was still hoping that there would be some hope for him. But her words crushed his hope.

He just nodded and agreed that he will keep it a secret. It’s not like he will tell everyone that she is married. 

‘How can he tell everyone that his first love is already married?’

He itself does not want to believe that she is married but there is nothing he can do in this. 

Xie Ming sighed lightly when she saw him nod and got his confirmation. She was worried that it will be hard to deal with him. 

The way Xu Lan describe him before was making her uncomfortable. But now when she has met him, she was much at ease. 

However, she has no idea that the way he is with her is because it was her. He is not this easy going with everyone. 

She is a special case or say a special one.

After a while later, when they reached their hotel, it was already 5 pm. They reached later than they expected due to the traffic and the rough roads. 

Xu Lan got off the bus first with Song Xiner to get everyone’s luggage. 

After them, Yuan Lei and Wu Sheng also got off the bus with their a.s.sistants. 

Xie Ming and Jian Yan were the last ones getting off the bus. 

Xie Ming was in front of Jian Yan and was preparing to get off the bus. But when she stepped on the steps to get off, her ankle twisted and she almost fell. 

Jian Yan was behind her and he held her shoulders on time preventing her to fall. 

Xie Ming was startled when her ankle twisted and was about to fall when he held her shoulders. 

Her mouth was open in shock and eyes widened. After he helped her stable her steps, she turned around to see him and looked at him thankfully. 

Jian Yan pursed his lips when he saw her slightly shocked expressions which were making her cute and adorable. 

When they finally get off the bus safely, Xu Lan gathered everyone on the side to explain to them their schedule. 

” Guys, I have the keys of your rooms. You will take your keys from me and settle in your room. After freshening up, we will meet in the garden for the barbeque and the bonfire after 2 hours.” 

” At bonfire, we will play some games and do some activities to get along with each other. And at the bone fire, I will explain to you tomorrow’s schedule. ”

” You don’t need to worry about anything. This workshop is to have fun and also to know each other. Because being comfortable with each other is a very important step towards the great acting. ”

” Because according to Director Han, you cannot show good chemistry on screen if you don’t have a good bond off-screen. So let’s do our best guys. ” she turns her hands in a fist and looked at them excitedly.

” Now if anyone has any questions, they can ask. Otherwise, you can take your keys and go to your rooms. ” she looked at everyone after completing her words. 

Everyone carefully listened to Xu Lan’s words and nodded. They found it amusing the way Mr. Han works. 

It was the first time that they had seen someone giving relations such importance. Otherwise, no one cares about the chemistry and bond between actors and all they care about the acting. 

But a good working environment and connections are equally important to give the best performance and show good chemistry. 

Not every director can work like Mr. Han does. 

When no one said anything, Xu Lan was about to hand them their keys when Yuan Lei suddenly spoke, “Will Director Han join us for the barbecue and the bone fire?” 

Everyone turned to Xu Lan as they were curious as well. 

Xu Lan smiled lightly and said, ” He was supposed to come here directly, but due to some issues in the city he couldn’t come here. So he won’t be joining us today for the bone fire, but he will reach Ning city by morning and will join us for tomorrow’s activities.” 

Yuan Lei’s expressions became dull as she listened to her words. 

Xu Lan looked at her and was wondering if she has any queries as well. 

” Then can we not come for the bone fire? I am tired and want to rest in my room. And Mr. Han is also not here so there is no reason to attend the bone fire. Right?” she asked straightforwardly. 

Her expressions were dull and were showing her disinterest in this workshop.

Her a.s.sistant’s expression fell. Yuan Lei technically does not have much experience either but because she won the newbie award, she thinks that she has become some hotshot. 

She thinks that it’s a waste of time to get along with others. She believes that depending on her talent is more than enough. 

And there is nothing she can learn from these stupid people. 

Her words have made the situation awkward. Everyone looked at each other and felt that her words were quite rude. 

They were here to attend the workshop also to know each other. But according to her words, there is no reason for them to meet without Mr. Han. 

Xie Ming scoffed lightly as she looked at Xu Lan. 

She could see Xu Lan’s annoyed expressions. She was holding onto her anger and pursed her lips tightly. 

Xu Lan does not like people who always do as they please. One should always have a decent amount of respect towards their colleagues but Yuan Lei’s words were overlooking their value. 

“Hmm. Everyone, you are free to join the bone fire. If you don’t want to attend the bone fire, then please don’t. It will only ruin the mood if you forcefully attended the bone fire.” Xu Lan said with a forced smile. 

” Ms. Yuan, you can choose to not attend the bonfire.” She looked at Yuan Lei after completing her words. 


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