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Chapter 92 – Fire Chasm Hinterland

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

Xiao Yun’s body trembled, his bones feeling as if they were going to be crushed. Soon, cracking sounds could be heard from his body. Essence Core realm cultivators were simply too powerful, and this was especially so for Qiu Xuan Feng, who had stepped into this realm many years ago. He was already at the late stage of the Essence Core realm, and was one of the rare experts in the Moonwind Kingdom. How could Xiao Yun withstand such pressure from him?

If it wasn’t for Xiao Yun’s powerful spirit energy, his mind would have been destroyed by this overwhelming pressure, and he would not be able to resist at all.

“So powerful!” Xiao Yun felt all of the air in front of him dissipate. The mighty pressure weighing down on him causing all of the blood and qi within his body to toss and turn, threatening to cause his meridians to explode. At this moment, he felt just how powerful Essence Core realm cultivators were.

However, Xiao Yun did not show any panic or fear. He did his best to stand straight as he stared at Qiu Xuan Feng, gritting his teeth as he said, “I’ll scout the way.” His words were vigorous and forceful, and seemed to contain a sense of power – this came from his spirit energy.

Right now, Xiao Yun was not powerful enough, but one day, he would take revenge. Those who offended him, he would repay 10 times in future. However, right now, he still had to endure.

“Hurry up and go then.” Qiu Xuan Feng did not pay any heed to Xiao Yun’s tone, nor did anyone else. “Remember, don’t step on those spots. You must only step on the spots where the aura is weaker.” At the same time, Qiu Xuan Feng pointed out the spots to Xiao Yun, so as to prevent any mistakes.

Of course, Xiao Yun wasn’t so stupid as to think that Qiu Xuan Feng was telling him these things because he was concerned to him. No, this person merely wanted to use him as much as possible – this caused Xiao Yun to hate Qiu Xuan Feng even more.

“One day, I’ll repay this humiliation a hundredfold!” Xiao Yun thought to himself as he gritted his teeth.

“Have you remembered it?” the other elders asked after Qiu Xuan Feng pointed out the way.

“Yes,” Xiao Yun replied.

“Don’t make any mistakes,” one of the men said coldly, looking at Xiao Yun as if he was a slave.

“I’m not so stupid as to die,” Xiao Yun calmly replied before walking over.

“Haha, you think you have a chance at living?” Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, the elders of the various families coldly laughed. However, because Xiao Yun still had some value, they did not say these words out loud.

Xiao Yun’s expression remained cold and calm, and no one could tell how he was feeling. He walked to the boundary of the bridge and his eyes glinted as he sensed where the Restriction runes were. This way, he would be able to cross the bridge with a single attempt.

“What are you waiting for, brat?” the Scarlet Fire Gang’s elder coldly harrumphed.

“If you don’t move, we’ll kill you right now,” someone from the Qiu family yelled.

“Alright, very well. I’ll remember what you’ve all said and done today,” Xiao Yun said as he looked at the cultivators behind him. A cold smile appeared on his face, as he committed the appearances of those people to memory.

It wasn’t just the Qiu family’s people – there was also the Yuan family and Yan family’s people, who in a sense possessed a connection with Xiao Yun. However, in face of profit and benefits, all of this counted for nothing. That was why he hadn’t revealed who he was to these people.

“Remember it well,” Qiu Xuan Feng coldly replied. “No one else has this opportunity.”

Xiao Yun smirked coldly as his body flashed, speeding through the bridge like a phantom. In just a moment, he had jumped 20 metres away.

“So fast!” Everyone only saw a blur, and felt completely dismayed.

“Brat, take this seriously. Don’t rush to your death,” one of the Scarlet Fire Gang’s elders yelled.

“This brat’s gone mad.”

“We’ve wasted a person!” The other cultivators all frowned.

If this continued, how much would this youth be able to scout for them? He was probably going to die right away!

“Eh, he seems to have pa.s.sed.”

“He’s on the other side!” Suddenly, the various cultivators cried out as they realised that the youth had safely pa.s.sed to the other side.

“What’s going on?” Everyone looked at each other in disbelief. Finally, the crowd turned to look at Qiu Xuan Feng.

“This brat must have figured out some sort of trick,” Qiu Xuan Feng said as he deeply breathed in.

“Senior Qiu, did you remember his footsteps?” everyone hurriedly asked. Just then, the youth had moved too quickly, and they could not see where his feet had been.

Qiu Xuan Feng did not say anything. His eyes gleamed as he grabbed onto two of his family members, then leapt onto the bridge. It seemed that he was planning to bring people to cross the bridge, and everyone’s gaze was fixed on him.

“Remember the path I walk,” Qiu Xuan Feng said as he stepped onto the bridge.

“That old ghost saw and remembered my pathing,” Xiao Yun thought as he gave a cold smile.

Currently, there were a few pa.s.sages in front of him. These pa.s.sages seemed to be pa.s.sages of life and death, and he had to pa.s.s through one of them to reach the next stage. Xiao Yun immediately discovered the secret behind these pa.s.sages, but did not immediately enter. Instead, he waited for Qiu Xuan Feng.


Suddenly, Qiu Xuan Feng also crossed the bridge. At this moment, Xiao Yun stepped into one of the shining pa.s.sageways.

“Ahhh!!!” As Xiao Yun stepped in, he cried out in pain.

“Did he die?” It was at that moment that Qiu Xuan Feng and the other two family members arrived at the pa.s.sages. Qiu Xuan Feng fell silent, staring at these shining pa.s.sages.

Following this, cultivators from various families started to gather as they successfully crossed the bridge.

“Which pa.s.sage is the pa.s.sage of life?” a few cultivators asked.

“Did that brat enter one of the pa.s.sages of death?” someone asked. “He screamed after he went in!”

“Not necessarily; he might have done it on purpose so that we wouldn’t follow him,” someone else replied.

“I agree. Since he was able to work out the path across the bridge, I’m sure he’s able to tell which one is the pa.s.sage of life,” one of the cultivators said with a burning gaze as he strode towards the pa.s.sage that Xiao Yun had entered. However, as he entered, a wave of flames burst out.

“Ahhh!!!” The ma.s.sive fire instantly incinerated the cultivator.

The other cultivators all felt fear within their hearts and did not dare to rashly move anymore.

“You go try.” Qiu Xuan Feng’s eyes glinted as he looked at another family’s cultivator and pointed at one of the other pa.s.sages. Under Qiu Xuan Feng’s pressure, the other cultivators could only helplessly try out the other pa.s.sages.

However, after trying, the few Innate realm cultivators all died. Despite trying all five pa.s.sages, they could not find a pa.s.sage of life.

“What’s going on? everyone thought, “Could there be no pa.s.sage of life?”

Now, only a few True Essence realm cultivators were left. Everyone felt incredibly scared – if this went on, it would be their turn!

“There are no Restrictions here. If you want to pa.s.s through safely, you need to avoid the fire,” Qiu Xuan Feng said to everyone after a while. “If you use your True Essence to protect yourself, it should be enough to withstand the flames.”

“Really?” The remaining people felt quite doubtful, afraid that Qiu Xuan Feng was trying to trick them.

Qiu Xuan Feng did not say anything and directly marched into a pa.s.sage.


As soon as Qiu Xuan Feng entered, a fiery light covered him. However, as he walked, he did not seem burned at all, and safely pa.s.sed into the fire.

“That’s a Fire Resisting Tunic,” the Scarlet Fire Gang’s people called out.

At this moment, one of the Yuan family’s late stage True Essence realm elders took out a pearl and walked towards another pa.s.sage. As he entered the flames, the pearl gave off a light which surrounded him.

“That’s a Fire Resisting Pearl!” The Scarlet Fire Gang’s people’s eyes almost fell out.

Following this, the Yan family’s people took out a bell-shaped magic item. It hovered above their heads and gave off a light that covered them as they approached the fire.

“That’s a magic item?” The Scarlet Fire Gang’s people were completely dumbfounded. “You all came prepared?”

“Without making preparations, wouldn’t coming here simply be rushing to our deaths?” the other people coldly retorted.

They were all from big families that had deep foundations, and all of them had all sorts of treasures. They did not enter and instead silently waited. Since there were such obstructions, a few people from their family going in would be enough.

The Wu family’s people used their True Essence to protect themselves as they walked in. However, just as someone took a step in, he immediately retreated. That person was only at the early stage of the True Essence realm, so he was unable to resist the flames for a long period of time.

Following this, two of the Scarlet Fire Gang’s late stage True Essence realm cultivators went in, and the rest stayed outside. Of course, most of these people went into different pa.s.sages, for fear that they would run into each other and have to fight.

Once they went in, they would all be enemies!

After pa.s.sing through the pa.s.sage, Xiao Yun came to some vast plains. The ground beneath his feet was a charred black colour, and the air felt scorching. Xiao Yun felt as if he had come to a world of fire, and there was some ancient ruins in front of him.

“Could it be that this Skyfire Inheritor Palace isn’t a true palace?” Xiao Yun wondered as he looked at the scene in front of him. This place looked like a ruins that had been ravaged by fire.

“Looks like the palace outside was only to hide all of this,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said.

“Could it be that this was a cultivating paradise left behind by an ancient cultivator?” Xiao Yun wondered.

This place was filled with fog, and Fire Essence Qi was dense to the extreme. Just breathing in and out here caused his Martial Spirit to feel incredibly excited.

Looking ahead, apart from the ruins, there was also a few gorges. These gorges were lit up with a fiery light, and blistering seas of fire tossed and turned within them like furious fire serpents.

Xiao Yun extended his senses out and suddenly, his Martial Spirit started to tremble. It was as if his Martial Spirit had discovered something.

“This is indeed a great place. Hurry and go see what’s ahead,” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said excitedly.

Xiao Yun advanced and after walking for 10 or so minutes, he saw a ma.s.sive lake. However, within it wasn’t water, but streams of fire. Looking closely, one would find that there were fiery-red fish swimming within the lake.

“These are Fire Fish!” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow yelled out. Xiao Yun was astonished to find that there were fish that could live within a sea of flames.

“Hurry up and let me out!” the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow’s eyes burned as it exclaimed excitedly. “There are actually Fire Fish here; looks like the Fire Essence Qi inside there is extremely pure. Perhaps there are other spiritual creatures inside as well. Haha, looks like we didn’t come here for nothing!”


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