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Chapter 559

ER – Chapter 559: First Battle With a Monarch


Li Fuchen drew a circle in the air with his right sword finger and formed a layer of sword armor as a barrier .

Cling Cling Cling Cling Cling…

The iron hairpins had all bounced off and couldn’t get near Li Fuchen .

“Such powerful sword intent . ” The middle-aged lady’s eyes contracted .

The Qi Forbidden Array was able to restrict qi but it wasn’t able to restrict intents . Li Fuchen had used merely his sword intent to reflect her attacks . Li Fuchen’s strength had shocked her .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

The most lethal attack came from the dark-faced man .

To be more exact, it was from the gem thumb ring .

The thumb ring emitted a resplendent green light which were green flames that were shot at Li Fuchen .

The Qi Forbidden Array was able to restrict all kinds of qi but it wasn’t able to restrict these green flames .

Li Fuchen was able to see that the gem thumb ring was a cardinal artifact .

Furthermore, it should be an earth cla.s.s high-tier artifact .

The attack from the earth cla.s.s high-tier artifact was at least the strength of a pinnacle master, it wouldn’t be strange even if it reached the level of a great master .

Li Fuchen was just an ordinary great master, he would already be dead .

But Li Fuchen wasn’t an ordinary great master, he was a top notch great master .

Even if qi wasn’t able to release from the body, his sword intent was still at the great master level .

There was a scarlet and bright streak that flickered .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The green flames had burst apart .

Li Fuchen’s sword intent was much stronger than the dark-faced man’s expectation .

Furthermore, every move from Li Fuchen was a different sword intent .

Who knew how many more powerful sword intents Li Fuchen possessed?

“If you people wish to die, I shall grant your wish . ”

Li Fuchen drew a scarlet streak with his right hand and sliced down the stone hall’s wall .

The dark-faced man’s expression changed multiple times .

Li Fuchen’s strength was simply at an outrageous level . In fact, the dark-faced man suspected if a Primary Sea Realm monarch could reach this level of strength .

It was a pity that the dark-faced man didn’t know that if Li Fuchen wished to break the Qi Forbidden Array, it would just be an instant .

With an elite Primary Sea Realm monarch’s spiritual awareness, the Qi Forbidden Array’s flaw was obvious in a single glance .

Even if this Qi Forbidden Array was only a cla.s.s 7 array, Li Fuchen was confident he could break it .

“This brother, you are qualified to deal with my Black Horn Pavilion . ”

The dark-faced man reached out and stopped the middle-aged lady and the scarred man from making another move .

This was just a branch of the Black Horn Pavilion and didn’t have any Primary Sea Realm monarch overseeing it . It was possible for them to kill Li Fuchen, but the three of them would need to perish as well and it wasn’t worth it .

“Alright, state your offer then!” Li Fuchen took out the 50 pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones again .

“50 pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones shall be calculated with 90% of the normal prices . A total of 95,000 mid-grade spirit stones . I wonder what your opinion is?” The dark-faced man sized up the floating subpar-grade heaven stones in front of Li Fuchen and asked .

“Deal . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

This price was rather reasonable although Li Fuchen suspected if it was 90% of the normal prices .

However, Li Fuchen didn’t have the choice as he wasn’t able to sell the heaven stones legitimately and had to use the underground methods .

With 95,000 mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen left the Black Horn Pavilion branch .

The moment Li Fuchen stepped out, the dark-faced man immediately notified the closest Primary Sea Realm monarch from the Black Horn Pavilion .

Shortly after, a black-clothed monarch who had the cultivation of 2nd level Primary Sea Realm arrived at the branch .

After carefully distinguishing the qi presence left behind by Li Fuchen, the monarch was in pursuit .

Half a day later, the black-clothed monarch returned without anything .

Li Fuchen’s qi presence vanished once it was outside the branch . The monarch searched for half a day and wasn’t able to detect Li Fuchen’s qi presence again . It was as if Li Fuchen had vanished into thin air .

“No wonder he dares to visit the Black Horn Pavilion branch . ”

The black-clothed monarch was extremely displeased . It would be great if he was overseeing the branch earlier . This was a deal that was worth 95,000 mid-grade spirit stones and even he was tempted .


Together with his remaining 4000 over mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen now had around 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones and was walking openly into the Red Lake City’s stone gambling den .

After Li Fuchen left, he spent 40,000 mid-grade spirit stones in exchange for hundreds of heaven stone ore .

It was a pity that there were still no signs of a mid-grade heaven stone .

Li Fuchen didn’t give up and headed to the Green Tree City .

At the underground black market of Green Tree City, Li Fuchen encountered the same situation when he was at Red Lake City .

All these underground black markets would only talk about rules with people of equal strength level .

If it was a Primary Sea Realm monarch who entered the underground black market, the black market without dare to have any strange thoughts and would only conduct a fair trade . After all, it was too difficult to eliminate a Primary Sea Realm monarch, even if the black market had a Primary Sea Realm monarch overseeing the place . It wasn’t practical and if there was a fight, the entire underground black market would definitely be destroyed as a result, making more losses than gains .

Unless the underground black market was set up with a cla.s.s 7 array . The power of a cla.s.s 7 array would be able to eliminate a Primary Sea Realm monarch easily .

However, if Primary Sea Realm monarchs started to go missing, who would dare to make trades at the black market? If the black market offended a Primary Sea Realm monarch with a great background, they might just invite a disaster to themselves .

With Li Fuchen’s skills, it was natural that he wouldn’t be defrauded . Obtaining over 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen left the black market successfully and arrived at the Green Tree City’s stone gambling den .

After spending 35,000 mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen bought a few hundred heaven stone ores again .

Unconsciously, Li Fuchen had already visited over five cities .

He now had a great wealth of 250,000 mid-grade spirit stones and had close to 1000 heaven stone ores .

There wasn’t a need to say that this was a huge wealth .

If Li Fuchen was to sell all of these heaven stones, he might obtain a few million mid-grade spirit stones .

A few million mid-grade spirit stones was already equivalent to a first-rate clan in any of the cities .

“Copper Mountain City, South Sun County’s no . 2 city and only inferior to the county city, South Sun City!”

Li Fuchen arrived at Copper Mountain City .

As compared to the South Mountain City, Red Lake City, Green Tree City, and other cities, the Copper Mountain City was twice as large and the city’s population was over 100 million .

According to the usual practice, Li Fuchen looked for the black market first .

Li Fuchen was led to an obscure underground palace .

“How many heaven stones are you going to sell?”

The host was an even more dangerous person than the dark-faced man and was at the 9th level of Battle Spirit Realm . On his both sides, there were four individuals who were also 9th level Battle Spirit Realm monarchs .

“100 pieces . ”

Li Fuchen was already rather discontented by the small transactions and was prepared to deal with 100 heaven stones at once .

“Let me see them . ” The host was rather anxious .

The four individuals on the sides revealed murderous intentions .

Li Fuchen sighed silently as it seemed like he would need to fight another battle .

He merely wished to have a fair trade and why was that so difficult?

“Please take a look . ” Li Fuchen took out 100 pieces of heaven stones .

“Do it . ”

The host gestured with his hand and the four individuals beside him had a.s.saulted Li Fuchen like eagles . All of them used their kill moves and had revealed their stone cutting weapons .

Li Fuchen kept the heaven stones and drew across with his finger, presenting a scarlet and bright streak in front of the four individuals .


One of them didn’t dodge in time and had one arm severed, while the other three were yelling miserably with scorched marks on their bodies .

In the face of Li Fuchen’s Flowing Merciless Edge, the advantage of numbers was useless . If Li Fuchen wasn’t merciful, these four individuals were already decapitated .

“Forbidden Fire!”

The host made a move with a scepter that suddenly appeared in his hands . He brandished the scepter and blasted a giant fireball at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen could feel the intense fire dao laws from the fireball .

It was a pity that the host still underestimated Li Fuchen’s Flowing Merciless Edge . With a flash of the scarlet streak, the fireball was split into two .

“Incredible heaven cla.s.s sword intent . I, Earth Fire Monarch shall try your skills . ”

A powerful qi presence burst out from the side hall of the underground palace . Immediately after, a valiant figure arrived in the palace .

“2nd level Primary Sea Realm monarch . ” Li Fuchen’s eyes shrunk .

Li Fuchen didn’t expect for this black market to be overseen by a Primary Sea Realm monarch .

No matter how weak a Primary Sea Realm monarch was, they were still monarchs for a reason . Without the strength of a monarch-cla.s.s master, it was impossible to contest with them .

A great master might be able to cross moves with a weak low-level Primary Sea Realm monarch, but once the fight extended, the great master would have to die and it was hardly possible to survive .

“Die then!”

The Earth Fire Monarch had dry and long hair which was yellow in color . His long hair fluttered before he used a finger to thrust at Li Fuchen .

When this finger was thrust out, the distance between Li Fuchen and the Earth Fire Monarch seemed to have shortened . This finger that contained horrific power had engulfed the entire palace, making it inescapable and unavoidable .

A pseudo-cla.s.s 7 array wasn’t able to restrict the qi of a Primary Sea Realm monarch, of course, it was still able to reduce the qi transfer to a certain extent . It was able to prevent a large range of destruction that would crumble the black market .


Li Fuchen drew out the Flaming Snake Sword and turned his divine flame red rainbow qi into bronze sword qi before slashing with the Flowing Merciless Edge .

Before executing his attack, Li Fuchen’s left hand made a flick and used a sword intent to destroy the core of the Qi Forbidden Array . The moment Li Fuchen drew his sword and slashed, the Qi Forbidden Array had already collapsed and there were no more qi restrictions .


The palace was cracking and crumbling . Li Fuchen took around eight steps back and was obviously not a match for the Earth Fire Monarch .

However, the Earth Fire Monarch wasn’t significantly stronger than Li Fuchen, at least he wasn’t able to injure Li Fuchen in a single attack .

“Strength of a top notch great master . ” Earth Fire Monarch frowned and had a gloomy expression .

He was confident in eliminating a top notch great master, but the battlefield must be big enough .

He was certain that before killing Li Fuchen, this underground market would definitely be destroyed and the aftershocks would affect the outside . It was something that he didn’t wish to see .

“d.a.m.n you . ” The Earth Fire Monarch cursed .

“What? You people are the only one that can be lawless and I cannot resist?” Li Fuchen sneered .

A short moment of silence, the Earth Fire Monarch said to the host, “Use 80% of the regular price to purchase these heaven stones . ”

This place wasn’t the battlefield and it would be too late to chase after Li Fuchen later on .

Li Fuchen suddenly said, “I have changed my mind . I will sell a total of 220 pieces of subpar-grade heaven stones at the 90% of the regular prices . ”

Since Li Fuchen had already offended a Primary Sea Realm monarch, he might as well go all out and sell more heaven stones .

It didn’t matter how many heaven stones Li Fuchen sold, the opposition wasn’t going to let him go . As for the matters later on, it would be up to each individual’s capability .

The Earth Fire Monarch concealed the murderous intent in his eyes and nodded to the host .

Finally, Li Fuchen took 250,000 mid-grade spirit stones and left the crumbling underground palace .

The Earth Fire Monarch was following behind closely .


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