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Chapter 339: Change

When he heard Su Zimo’s warning, Jiang Yu’s back was facing everyone as a killing intent flashed through his eyes momentarily.

Apart from everyone from Ethereal Peak, the other cultivators either did not hear Su Zimo or scoffed at his warning and did not believe it.

Ji Yaoxue turned around and asked, frowning, “Zimo, what’s wrong?”

“Something is not right.”

Su Zimo shook his head. “Those corpses are pitch-black and they died for unknown reasons without even a chance to escape. They must have met with something extremely terrifying.”


Si Yutang who was about to head forth laughed. “Su Zimo, aren’t you too cowardly? You don’t even dare to take something in the ancient battlefield that has no owner! I suggest you hide in a place to cultivate and don’t come out ever.”

Su Zimo was at odds with Perfected Being Cang Lang.

As a disciple of Perfected Being Cang Lang, there was naturally no way Si Yutang would be nice to Su Zimo.

Pausing for a moment, Si Yutang turned and smiled at Ji Yaoxue before declaring confidently, “Fellow Daoist Yaoxue, don’t worry. I can guarantee that there’s no danger in front of us!”

“Look at those corpses! They don’t have any flesh or blood. This means that they must have died at least 10 years ago, causing the corpses to dry up. How can there be any danger?”

That was the same reason why many cultivators dared to step forward.

Since those cultivators had been dead for so long, even if there was any danger, it should be long gone and wouldn’t have lingered on the spot for the entire time.

“Dead for at least 10 years?”

Su Zimo’s eyes flickered as he shook his head. “Not necessarily!”

By now, the cultivator at the front had arrived beside the corpses.

Even though the Great Zhou guard at the front was excited, he was still a little cautious and did not want to venture too deep, merely picking up a storage bag by a corpse at the edge.

He paused for a while.

There was no danger!

The guard opened the storage bag and his eyes lit up. Instantly, he stuffed the storage bag into his own and rushed forward to pick up more storage bags.

When the other cultivators saw that, they rushed towards the corpses without further hesitation.

All of a sudden!

The gravel beside the corpse moved and a fist-sized bag slowly bulged. It grew larger, as if something was about to burst out of the sand!

In the blink of an eye, similar bags appeared on the gravel one after another, attracting the attention of many cultivators.

Those who were more alert already rode on their flying swords and soared into the skies.


There was a crisp sound.

A gigantic black-red ball suddenly burst forth from the sand and landed next to the feet of many cultivators.

Before they could react, the black-red b.a.l.l.s opened up, turning into worms with red heads and legs and black bodies. Densely packed, the swarmed towards the legs of the cultivators.

Each worm was about the length of an arm and had a thousand feet that shuffled across the gravel at the same time. They were extremely fast and instantly climbed onto the legs of many cultivators!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

A series of tragic cries rang one after another.

Right in front of everyone, black fogs appeared on the faces of those cultivators one after another as their eyes bulged out like dead fish, filled with terror. The blood vessels from beneath their skin gradually surfaced and suddenly exploded!

“Blood Centipedes!”

Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly.

In order to find out more about Night Spirit’s origins, he had browsed through many texts in Ethereal Peak about ancient living beings and knew about such savage beings.

Blood Centipedes were living beings of the ancient era and lived in groups. They were highly toxic and could turn flesh into a puddle of blood with a single bite before feeding in their groups.

In a few breaths’ time, they could devour a person till only a corpse was left!

The toxic nature of the Blood Centipede was also the reason why the corpses were pitch-black. It was said that they were long extinct in Tianhuang Mainland, but who knew that they would exist in the ancient battlefield.

“It’s the ancient Blood Centipedes! Hurry and retreat!”

Suddenly, Jiang Yu exclaimed and turned around hurriedly to stand beside Ji Yaoxue. There was a flash of panic in his eyes, as though he was stricken with fright as he panted. “Hurry and leave, third princess! We can’t linger here!”

“But, what about them…”

Even though she was a princess of Great Zhou, her face was somewhat pale from the sudden change in events. She pointed at the chaotic crowd in front of her, looking pained.

“We can’t save them. If we stay here, we’ll die as well!” Jiang Yu shouted.

In just a short while, many cultivators were already dead with their flesh gone. The only thing left behind were their pitch-black corpses with their storage bags at the side – it was the exact same way as when they first found the corpses.

The four Great Zhou guards at the forefront had all perished and lost their lives!

Some cultivators at the back managed to avoid the tragedy and some of them stood rooted to the ground, scared stiff.

A cultivator at the front turned around with a look of horror on his face. His face was blackening as he reached out with his arm and grabbed the shoulder of a Weapon Refinement Master behind him, calling out, “Save me…”


The person who spoke suddenly turned into a mist of blood, splattering all over the face of the Weapon Refinement Master.

The Weapon Refinement Master was so terrified that he snapped out of his senses and shrieked, turning around to flee immediately.

However, he only managed to take a few steps when he paused and his face turned black. Turning into a puddle of blood, his corpse collapsed to the ground and a swarm of Blood Centipedes engulfed and swallowed it immediately.


When the surviving cultivators saw that, they gasped and their pupils constricted.

The toxin was so poisonous that even if a Foundation Establishment Cultivator was not bitten by a Blood Centipede, he could die just by touching a few drops of blood from an infected cultivator!

Ji Yaoxue realized that there was no way to save the cultivators bitten by the Blood Centipedes.

All of them would die here if they tried to save the others forcefully!

Si Yutang was so scared that his face was pale as a sheet. He felt a lingering fear in his heart, thankful that he had argued with Su Zimo and was slower.

“This way! Everyone, ride on your flying swords. The Blood Centipedes can’t fly!”

Jiang Yu ordered and leaped on his flying sword, speeding off in a direction with Ji Yaoxue and the remaining survivors.

The survivors were already in a state of panic and summoned their flying swords subconsciously, soaring into the air and escaping behind Jiang Yu.

The entire place was in chaos.

Among everyone present, Su Zimo was the only one who could maintain his composure as he ran on the ground with Night Spirit, following tightly behind everyone.

Even though they were already far from the corpse area, the sense of danger in Su Zimo’s heart intensified instead of disappearing!

“Be careful, everyone!”

Before he could finish his words, there was a loud bang.

The gravel in front suddenly collapsed, forming a ma.s.sive pit.

A huge, hideous head popped out from the sand pit with a thousand feet shuffling at the same time. Suddenly, it raised half of its body, facing everyone and emitting an extremely terrifying aura!

A pair of sharp fangs that exuded a foul smell bit together, producing a clanging sound. Its bloodshot eyes were like blazing suns, fuming with killing intent.

This was an incomparably ma.s.sive Blood Centipede and the half of its body that was revealed was already 100 feet long!


Everyone exclaimed.

Even though the Blood Centipede could not fly, the raised half of its body was a full 100 feet long and blocked everyone’s path instantly!

They were obstructed at the front and chased at the back!


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