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Read Eternal Sacred King Chapter 67 – Full Effort Face Off

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Chapter 67: Full Effort Face Off

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When he heard that, Xuan Yi laughed. “Fufu, what a sharp ape. Even he knows that we’re one of the five main sects of the Great Zhou Dynasty and that’s why he wants to be accepted as a disciple of this fortuitous sect.”

“Yes, that ape’s quite agile. I wonder how long it can last under the attacks of our lil crane.”

“Listen! Lil crane seems to be angry, haha!”

“Poor ape.”

“Come on, let’s go check it out.”

Wen Xuan and Xuan Yi were both smiling and relaxed as they soared towards the peak carrying a child each.

As they approached…

Wen Xuan and Xuan Yi found their smiles disappearing as they tore through the layers of mist. Instead, it looked as though they were witnessing something unbelievable.

After a momentary silence…

“Cough, that black shadow… doesn’t seem to be an ape?” Xuan Yi pointed to a black figure climbing to the peak as he coughed and asked hesitantly.

“Yes… it seems to be a human,” Wen Xuan smiled dryly, looking awkward.

Both of them could not help but feel their faces flus.h.i.+ng after committing such an elementary mistake despite being peak masters.

But in truth, it was no wonder why they were mistaken.

From a distance where the black figure was murky, it was leaping left and right like an agile ape! Even though both of them were Perfected Golden Cores with an immense amount of knowledge, they would not have thought that the figure was a human!

As they got closer, their expressions changed once more.

“That… doesn’t seem to be a human.”

“Yes… There are two of them.”

After yet another momentary silence…

Wen Xuan could not help but grumble unhappily, “What the h.e.l.l is wrong with that person. If he wants to climb the peak, so be it. Why is he even carrying a fatty with him!”

“Wait, that man’s carrying a bow and saber too. Haven’t I just heard of someone with that getup?” Xuan Yi remarked suddenly.

Right then, the fat child beside Wen Xuan pointed at the figure excitedly and yelled, “Peak master, that’s him! That’s the scholar!”

On the steep mountain peak.

Each time the crane flapped its wings, Su Zimo clung tightly onto the wall with his fingers and feet dug deeply into the rocks.

Against Su Zimo’s fingers, those st.u.r.dy rocks seemed as soft as tofu.

For any mortal, they would have to find places they could step on if they wanted to climb the peak.

However, that was not the case for Su Zimo.

If not for the crane blocking his path, the peak he was climbing would be akin to flat ground for him.

As of now, all the mortals after Su Zimo had already fell due to the crane’s flaps – he was the only one still climbing.

To be exact, there were two mortals left – he was carrying the little fatty too.

The crane’s eyes shone with rage as it cried out. Soaring into the skies, it swooped down at Su Zimo with its sharp talons.

That was a vicious dive.

Su Zimo wanted to dodge but it was too late.

In the blink of an eye, he let go of his hand suddenly as he swayed dangerously in midair. He then reached out and dug himself into the wall once more!


A large rock above Su Zimo’s head was smashed into dust by the crane’s sharp talons as everything sprayed down on his face. However, he was unaware of it.

When some of the rocks smashed on the little fatty’s body, that rotund body trembled obviously.

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized something as he dangled the little fatty in midair and hollered, “Stop pretending or I’ll toss you down!”

The little fatty’s eyes burst wide open as he replied hurriedly, “Please don’t scare me, bro! I know my mistakes now!”

“Do you still want to reach the peak?” Su Zimo asked quickly.

“Yes, of course!”

“Hold on to my back on your own. Don’t blame me if you fall!”

“Yes, yes!”

The little fatty s.h.i.+fted quickly and wrapped his arms and legs around Su Zimo’s neck and waist like an octopus.

That way, even though Su Zimo was still carrying an additional man, he had both hands to work with.

At the start, the crane’s attacks weren’t ferocious. It was clear that its aim was not to injure; it merely wanted to deter Su Zimo from climbing further.

After multiple failed attempts, the crane was frustrated. That was why if Su Zimo had not managed to dodge the previous attack, his brains might have been crushed by the crane’s talons!

He did not dare to be careless against an enraged early-stage Foundation Establishment spirit demon. That was why he got the little fatty to a piggyback position so that he could have two hands to contend against the demon.

In all fairness…

Su Zimo was only at the third section of The Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and was not a match for the spirit demon yet, even if it was only at early-stage Foundation Establishment.

However, Su Zimo’s goal was not to fight it out with the crane. Instead, he merely wanted to dodge it and reach the peak. With that, things were much simpler.


The crane dove once more as Su Zimo’s eyes shone brightly. Pus.h.i.+ng his legs, he continued striding horizontally on the smooth walls of the peak as he dodged the attacks of the crane while climbing up swiftly.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Su Zimo’s fingers and feet dug deep into the rocks. His speed was not inferior to when he was on the ground!

“Caw, caw!”

When the crane caught sight of that, it was even more enraged as it soared through the skies and burst off like a rocket, appearing behind Su Zimo and attacking relentlessly with its talons and beak.

Its long beak was even sharper than a flying sword such that every single poke sent a sharp, ringing sound reverberating through Su Zimo’s ears.

As long as the beak pierced him, there would definitely be a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on his body.

The little fatty was so scared that he was s.h.i.+vering with his eyes closed tightly.

Su Zimo dodged repeatedly as his tendons cried out. With every single expansion and contraction, his blood would be filled as his large tendon convulsed intensely, pus.h.i.+ng his body to its limits.

Using just his spirit perception, Su Zimo dodged the attack of the crane countless times as he continued climbing.

The cries of the crane were getting more hurried and in fact, there was even a hint of killing intent!

He was getting closer to the top of the peak.

At the same time, the crane’s attacks were getting fiercer too!

As the two Dao children looked at everything unfold from the top of the peak, they were sweating from head to toe for the scholar as though they were the ones being attacked right at that moment.

The man and the crane contended against one another on the steep peak. Even though the man seemed unable to fight back, it was still extremely dangerous and intense.

Any bit slower and the scholar could very well be dead in the talons of the crane!

Wen Xuan and Xuan Yi had equally grim looks on their faces as they watched fixedly, prepared to save him if need be.

“To think that the scholar would still have strength left to be able to continue climbing while defending against our lil crane’s attack,” Xuan Yi’s tone was somewhat amazed.

Wen Xuan commented solemnly, “If I’m not mistaken, the bow and saber on the scholar’s waist are made from spiritual items. Even though those are pseudo spirit weapons, they weigh more than an entire ton together!”

Wen Xuan’s remark had a clear meaning behind it – if Su Zimo had not been carrying the Sanguine Crystal Bow and Cold Moon Saber, he would have been even more agile and might have even reached the top of the peak by now!

Wen Xuan and Xuan Yi exchanged glances.

There was a common consensus as a thought flashed through their minds. “This scholar… is interesting.”


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