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The game of cat and mouse continued and Sword Demon caught up to Chen Feng again. Incapable of stopping their attacks, Chen Feng was wounded once more. Their attacks kept hacking down on Chen Feng’s life force. Sensing the continuous decline in his strength, Chen Feng began growing anxious. 

It would appear that these two Slaughterers were keen on taking him down, no matter what. As for Chen Feng, no matter how strong he may be, he was only just a Heavenly Immortal. In terms of endurance, he was certainly no match for the two Gold Immortals. 

Huh! I wonder when reinforcements will come? Another sword attack struck Chen Feng. By then, the Golds.h.i.+ne Combat Armour he wore was already covered with sword marks. 


As Chen Feng was praying for reinforcements to come, a mighty wave of energy spread out from an inconspicuous corner of the Divine Falls Star Region.

Initially, Chen Feng had ignored it. In his opinion, it was likely the fragment of a Divine artifact or a star core. Or perhaps, it was some other object.

However, the energy wave was simply too strong, so much so that it managed to attract Chen Feng’s full attention. Even the two Slaughterers that were fighting Chen Feng felt something amiss. More accurately, they felt a sense of foreboding. 

Countless motes of light emerged from the starry s.p.a.ce to finally form a mighty-looking cultivator who exuded a great atmosphere of power. In the face of this aura, Chen Feng felt himself suffocating. 


The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind.

It was very strange. This person was clearly not a Paramount Gold Immortal. And yet, he was so strong that they ended up trembling in fear.

Furthermore, this was just a phantom. 

This cultivator – formed using the motes of light – appeared young but his eyes were like the stars. One glance from him could seemingly envelop everything.

Chen Feng swiftly backed away, feeling even more wary. He did not know what would happen next and how this phantom’s appearance would affect him. 

The phantom cultivator’s gaze flashed a few times. Then, with a grasping motion, he summoned a great halberd in his hand.

Without saying a word, the phantom cultivator took one step forward and s.p.a.ce rocked violently as the great halberd in his hand attacked Sword Demon and the s.p.a.ce-time Slaughterer.

“Good!” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. It would appear that this fellow was on his side. 

By then, Chen Feng had come up with some speculations. For some unknown reason, this expert had left a strand of his will here. Perhaps, he had, at some point in the past, divined that this star region would come under attack. And so, he prepared this power, to be unleashed during a critical moment to stop the Slaughterers’ invasion. 

In but a few breaths’ time, the phantom cultivator was already engaging the two Slaughterers in battle. 

Observing the fight left Chen Feng secretly shocked. This phantom cultivator was clearly just the transformed product of a strand of the cultivator’s primary spirit. And yet, it was capable of displaying such a formidable combat power, suppressing the two Slaughterers right from the get go. 

Pondering for a moment, Chen Feng did not use the opportunity to leave. Instead, he pulled the Soul Demise Bow and fired with it. His target, as always, was Sword Demon.

After taking several attacks, Sword Demon was seriously wounded again. But even when injured, Sword Demon continued to put on an overbearing display of strength. Brandis.h.i.+ng his sword, he fought the phantom cultivator without taking a single step back. 


The great halberd in the phantom cultivator’s hand swung down to cleave Sword Demon into two, but the two halves rapidly reconnected.

The s.p.a.ce-time Slaughterer stepped forward to stop the phantom cultivator while Sword Demon roared. Next, countless Slaughterers rushed forward. When they approached Sword Demon, they all blew up, transforming into surging streams of power that flowed into Sword Demon’s body. Following that, Sword Demon’s body, which was already on the verge of breaking apart, rapidly healed up. 

Seeing that astounded Chen Feng. Ageless Gold Immortals possessed ageless bodies. Meaning, as long as just a strand of their divine sense remained, they could be revived. But if the attacks they received contained ageless power, recovering would not be easy.

This Sword Demon, by absorbing the essence power of the other Slaughterers, was able to heal up his body. This was a monstrous secret technique, similar in profundity to the Heavengulping Absorption Technique that Chen Feng cultivated.

Most importantly, it was harder to deal with. 

Chen Feng then noticed that the phantom cultivator’s attacks were weakening and he quickly understood. This phantom cultivator was just a temporary hologram brought to life. Attacking would cause its power to diminish rapidly. It would not last long. 

Having reached that train of thought, Chen Feng pulled the Soul Demise Bow, firing at Sword Demon in tandem with his use of the Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight. 


An arrow pierced Sword Demon’s body to interrupt his healing process. Next, intense killing intent burst out from Sword Demon’s body and sword energy swelled outwards as he charged towards Chen Feng.

As Chen Feng fought Sword Demon, he grew somewhat apprehensive. The phantom cultivator’s power was still falling. Back then, the phantom cultivator had been able to gain the upper hand while fighting the two Slaughterers. But now, he could only fight the s.p.a.ce-time Slaughterer.

“Friend Longevity Celestial!”

Suddenly, Patriarch Lucky Cloud appeared there. One look at the situation was all he needed to figure out what was happening. And so, he fired beams of golden light from afar. 

The two Gold Immortals beside him charged. They too, targeted Sword Demon. 

Thanks to the a.s.sistance from the three Gold Immortals, almost all the pressure on Chen Feng disappeared. Instantly, Sword Demon was once again cleaved into two. 

Chen Feng swiftly rushed forward and his hand shot out to grasp. The crystal core inside Sword Demon’s body thus fell into Chen Feng’s hand. After that, primary flames burned it and wretched cries rang out. Sword Demon can no longer recover. 

Patriarch Lucky Cloud and the two Gold Immortals were quick to take action as well. Each of them managed to pull out an energy chain that resembled an Ageless law. 

Every one of them managed to gain a harvest from this. Then, they turned their attention towards the s.p.a.ce-time Slaughterer.

The s.p.a.ce-time Slaughterer had sensed danger the moment Patriarch Lucky Cloud and the two Gold Immortals appeared. And so, it began to flee. The phantom cultivator slashed with his great halberd, but it only managed to cut down half of the s.p.a.ce-time Slaughterer’s body and it successfully escaped in the end. 

Seeing that, Patriarch Lucky Cloud’s group of three felt a twinge of regret. At that level, the Slaughterer’s whole body was a treasure. Even if they could only get a small part of the Slaughterer after killing it, it would still be a good thing. 

“This is…”

Next, the three of them turned to look at the phantom cultivator. By then, the energy waves that the phantom cultivator emanated had begun fluctuating unsteadily. It appeared as though it could break down at any moment. 

“Greetings, senior!” Patriarch Lucky Cloud, who had seemingly noticed something, was quick to respectfully salute the phantom cultivator. 

The phantom cultivator did not say anything. He simply gave them all a glance before transforming into a mote of starlight, which flew towards Chen Feng. As he did not sense any malicious intentions from the other party, Chen Feng allowed the mote of starlight to land on his palm, where it then melded into his body. 

Following that, various information exploded inside his sea of wisdom. Chen Feng’s cognitive abilities spun into action to quickly digest the information. 

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Feng finally opened his eyes to see Patriarch Lucky Cloud’s group casting an envious look at him. 

“Ha ha ha! Congratulations to Young Master Longevity Celestial for obtaining the legacy of the senior,” Patriarch Lucky Cloud said, laughing.

“Fellows, thank you for coming to my a.s.sistance,” Chen Feng said solemnly as he saluted them. 

“No, no! We are only doing what’s right. In the face of this great enemy known as Slaughterers, we, the cultivators from this immortal region, are all partners,” Patriarch Lucky Cloud hastily said. 

“How is the situation in Eternal World?”

Next up, Chen Feng chatted with them for a while. After finding out the situation in Eternal World, he grew relieved. 

“To think that there would be a star region here. A pity, the Slaughterers came. Fellows, at present, the other party does not have any Gold Immortals on their side. Since we’ve come a long way here, what do you say we have ourselves a little exercise?” After saying that, Patriarch Lucky Cloud did not even wait for Chen Feng and the two Gold Immortals’ reply before charging into the army of Slaughterers.

The two Gold Immortals chuckled and followed suit. 

The partic.i.p.ation of three Gold Immortals inflicted a high number of casualties upon the Slaughterers.

Chen Feng sighed. If these fellows had come earlier, perhaps, more of the cultivators from the Divine Falls Star Region could survive. 

Did I make a mistake? Chen Feng frowned only to quickly dismiss it. When compared to this star region, Eternal World was more important. He would not casually draw away power from Eternal World. 

Shaking his head, Chen Feng pulled the Soul Demise Bow again. 

Every arrow would wipe out a stretch of Slaughterers and Chen Feng tirelessly fired out hundreds of arrows before stopping. 

Even for Chen Feng, using a mid-grade Divine artifact several hundred times would make him feel somewhat fatigued. 

In the end, the Slaughterers dispersed. The number of Slaughterers that died to them had exceeded 10 million. By then, Patriarch Lucky Cloud and the two Gold Immortals had stopped as well and they rapidly made their way towards Chen Feng. 

“Unexpectedly, these Slaughterers know how to retreat as well.” Chen Feng smiled. 

“As long as they are living beings, they will know fear. This is a very normal situation.”

“However, Gold Immortals have now appeared alongside the army of Slaughterers. This is not a good thing for us. Their combat power is far stronger than ours.”

“Come. Let’s return to Eternal World.”

“Fellows, please go ahead without me first. I still have some matters to attend to here,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

After Patriarch Lucky Cloud’s group of three left, Chen Feng spent some time searching through the star region. In the end, he found some more fragments of Divine artifacts and even two star cores. He was very satisfied with this find. 

By refining those items, his strength would rise again. 

In addition, Chen Feng had also obtained Sword Demon’s crystal core. Sword Demon was a Slaughterer at the Gold Immortal stage. This crystal core contained the grand dao that Sword Demon cultivated and pure power. Value wise, it was even more valuable than the star cores that Chen Feng obtained earlier. 

Only, refining and absorbing the crystal core was not as easy. Despite possessing the Chaos Const.i.tution, Chen Feng still needed some time and effort to refine it. 

“It’s time to go back.”

There was no longer anything that he could not bear to part with in this star region. Naturally, before retuning to Eternal World, Chen Feng also went to some other transfer stations. After learning up on the movements of the Slaughterers, he returned to Eternal World.

Right after returning to Eternal World, the cultivators there congratulated Chen Feng. By then, Gold Immortal Heavens.h.i.+ne and Lonesoul, who were recuperating at the transfer station, had returned to Eternal World as well. To Chen Feng’s delight, during the time he spent away from Eternal World, its forces had grown. 

“Young Master!” Tun Ri and the others moved forward to meet Chen Feng and inform him of the situation in the Immortal Plane. 

“So, The East Extreme Immortal Palace is truly incapable of diverting its attention away anymore. Has the army of Slaughterers invaded the Immortal Plane? This is astonis.h.i.+ng. I wonder which spatial pa.s.sageway it used to enter?” Chen Feng said with a smile. 

For Chen Feng, the fact that the East Extreme Immortal Palace was facing trouble was a good thing, even if the source of the trouble was the Slaughterers.


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