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Chen Feng grunted, feeling both displeased and regretful. He had already given it his all. And yet, despite mobilizing so many men against the ball-shaped Slaughterer, its soul had still managed to flee. 

“It’s fine. This can already be considered as killing it once. See? It left its body behind,” Magiris comforted him. 

Chen Feng nodded. He had been thinking of devouring the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s soul earlier. At present, though, it would appear that it would no longer be possible. 

Still, they were able to kill off the big ball-shaped Slaughterer that was the equivalent of over a hundred million ordinary Slaughterers. This had given them a great harvest.

“Everyone had contributed in the fight. These are good items.” Chen Feng waved his hand and several eyeb.a.l.l.s flew into the hands of the two Gold Immortals.

Magiris did not hesitate and he moved forward to take some of the eyeb.a.l.l.s. He cultivated eye techniques. Thus, these eyeb.a.l.l.s were very important for him. Even if Chen Feng hadn’t said that, Magiris would still have asked Chen Feng for some. 

“I wonder, with these eyeb.a.l.l.s, would my Divine Eyes of Heavenly Insight advance again?” After that, Chen Feng waved his hand to keep his share of the eyeb.a.l.l.s. Now was not the time to be cultivating. They had to finish off the Slaughterers first.

Seeing Chen Feng’s group kill off the big ball-shaped Slaughterer sent shockwaves throughout the Slaughterers. At the same time, it also aroused the morale of the cultivators on Eternal World’s side. 

“A good kill! Well done!”

Tens of Gold Immortals advanced, initiating a furious wave of attacks on the Slaughterers’ Gold Immortals.

“Friend, let’s continue to fight together!” the seal-wielding Gold Immortal said with a smile. 

Chen Feng and Magiris were very strong, after all. More, they also possessed some special techniques. By following the two of them, he would be able to s.h.i.+ne alongside them. 

Chen Feng first nodded, only to then shake his head.

“The other party has retreated. Looks like that ball-shaped Slaughterer was not your run-of-the-mill fellow,” Chen Feng said. 

The army of Slaughterers retreated very quickly. In but a few breaths’ time, they had disappeared from the starry s.p.a.ce, leaving only a stretch of s.p.a.ce filled with chaotic streams of energy.

Observing the battlefield, Chen Feng’s eyes turned grim. Three Gold Immortals who were on Eternal World’s side had died while several more had sustained injuries. The number of casualties for those below the Gold Immortal stage was uncountable. Furthermore, their first line of defence was already on the verge of falling. 

“Injured cultivators, hurry back to Eternal World and heal up! The rest, remain here and repair the defences!” an old man said. 

The old man’s name was Gold Immortal Fire Feather. He was a veteran cultivator who had been cultivating for over 100 million years. It had been tens of millions of years since he reached the Gold Immortal stage, someone with an immeasurable cultivation base. In the previous battle, he had singlehandedly stopped one of the Gold Immortal stage Slaughterers. More, he even managed to wound the other party. He had quite the reputation in Eternal World. 

“Fellows, your cultivation bases are quite good.” Gold Immortal Fire Feather then arrived before Chen Feng and the others. 

“We just did our best. Senior, is there anything?” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“Sigh! The many-eyed Slaughterer that you fellows killed earlier likely possessed quite the status amongst the Slaughterers. We’ve managed to beat them back this time, but who knows if we’ll be able to stop the next wave?” Gold Immortal Fire Feather sighed. 

“There’s nothing else we can do about it. Still, we have already prepared for the worst. Should the time come when we can no longer stop the Slaughterers, we will have to transport away the living beings here,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

In the beginning, seeing that there were over 100 Gold Immortals in Eternal World, Chen Feng had felt confident. From what Chen Feng could see, even some of the large sects in the Immortal Plane did not have Gold Immortals. For them to be able to gather up so many Gold Immortals, surely, they will have the ability to resist the Slaughterers.

But after fighting the Gold Immortals from the Slaughterers’ side, that thought disappeared from Chen Feng’s mind. Should tens of Gold Immortals appear from the Slaughterers’ side next time, Eternal World will no longer be able to endure. 

As for those beneath the Gold Immortal stage, they were simply incapable of handling the endless waves of Slaughterers. 

“Even now, we are still incapable of figuring out how many Slaughterers there are in total. This is the most concerning issue.” Gold Immortal Fire Feather shook his head before leaving. 

Exchanging glances, Chen Feng and Magiris also left. They had obtained the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s body parts. Thus, they will be studying the parts carefully. 

Regardless of what methods the others would use, Chen Feng’s methods for cultivation were always domineering and brutish. 

As someone with the Chaos Const.i.tution who had cultivated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art, Chen Feng would not slowly peel the coc.o.o.n strand by strand . 

Bringing out one of the eyeb.a.l.l.s, a vortex then appeared in Chen Feng’s right eye and a suction force devoured the eyeball. 


A formidable force erupted from the eyeball, which contained entrancing power. The power it unleashed kept a.s.sailing Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, desirous of making Chen Feng lose himself in the illusion. 

Only, Chen Feng’s will was very strong. His soul power kept sweeping forward, scouring the eyeball’s power to defeat it.

Chen Feng had already managed to defeat the ball-shaped Slaughterer. How could merely one of its eyeb.a.l.l.s trouble him? Swiftly, the eyeball fused with Chen Feng’s pupil and a formidable power scoured forth again and again. Eventually, the eyeball will become part of Chen Feng’s power. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, another eyeball appeared to enter his left eye. This eyeball fired out a great sword, formed using an eye technique. 

The previous eyeball had utilized illusions, but this one unleashed pure killing intent and offensive power. 

Likewise, though, a sword was formed within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. With a clash, the sword shattered the great sword that the eyeball fired out. 

Back when the ball-shaped Slaughterer was still alive, Chen Feng was already strong enough to stop the attacks from several of its eyes. A one versus one was simply too easy for him. 

Pure killing intent and pure soul power. With this, my soul flame will level up again, Chen Feng thought joyfully.

Chen Feng focused on his cultivation, forgetting all about time. After refining the two eyeb.a.l.l.s, he brought out two more and his eyes devoured them again.

Two beams of Ageless Light shot out from the eyeb.a.l.l.s, charging towards Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. They gave off a formidable aura of devastation.


A rapidly-rotating maelstrom appeared within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and the beams of Ageless Light shattered upon making contact with it. Following that, they were completely devoured. 

The two eyeb.a.l.l.s were refined at a faster rate compared to the previous two.

Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he continued to devour and refine the eyeb.a.l.l.s, finis.h.i.+ng up all the eyeb.a.l.l.s he obtained in one fell swoop. 

Finally, a seed appeared in Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. The seed was golden in colour and it hovered silently within the sea of wisdom while it devoured Chen Feng’s soul power without respite. 

Soul seed! It is in the process of developing Ageless Light! Chen Feng grew even more delighted. Next, he tried to think of ways to devour the rest of the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s body parts. Since a soul seed had appeared, Chen Feng wanted to try and cultivate out Ageless Light right here. 

“That Longevity Celestial. He is still cultivating? It’s already been 10 years.”

Magiris had visited Chen Feng several times, only to fail to meet him. Due to that, he could not stop himself from muttering. That said, he did not go interrupt Chen Feng. Since Chen Feng was not coming out to meet him, it must mean that his cultivation process had reached a critical juncture. 

While Chen Feng was cultivating, the hundreds of cultivators from the Longevity Clan stayed nearby to protect him against any possible disturbances.

After mumbling for a bit, Magiris then left. Thankfully, no Slaughterers appeared within those 10 years. Lately, however, the cultivators on Eternal World had been sensing an increasingly strong sense of pressure. Through that, they were able to infer that the army of Slaughterers will be coming soon. Additionally, judging by the atmosphere of pressure, the size of the army will be even bigger than the previous one. 

Having experienced how strong the Slaughterers were, some cultivators had already chosen to leave Eternal World. In their opinion, the universe was a vast place. There will surely be a safe place for them out there. 

Seeing that, some cultivators grew apprehensive, but no one tried to stop them. That said, some other cultivators believed that it would be even more dangerous to leave Eternal World. Eternal World was presently under the stewards.h.i.+p of a high number of Gold Immortals. Thus, it can already be considered as a safe haven. If they were to leave and encounter the Slaughterers in outer s.p.a.ce, they would truly be left with no place to go.

Chen Feng had fully absorbed the ball-shaped Slaughterer’s body parts. More, he had even brought out the crystal core he obtained from Sword Demon and absorbed it as well.

The soul seed, however, had only grown slightly bigger. It showed no signs of successfully creating Ageless Light. 

Chen Feng grew somewhat anxious. During these 10 years, he had modified the laws of time for himself, extending it a hundredfold. In other words, he had been cultivating for 1,000 years. Not only did he finish refining and absorbing Sword Demon’s crystal core, he had even absorbed a star core he obtained from the Divine Falls Star Region. Taking in all that power, Chen Feng had virtually reached his limits. And yet, there were still no signs of Ageless Light coming out from his soul seed.

Looks like it’s not yet time for it. In Chen Feng’s opinion, he had already poured enough power into it. If so, the problem must be with his insufficient foundation. 

Despite that, Chen Feng continued to cultivate for another 10 years. Naturally, due to the changes he made to the laws of time, that meant another 1,000 years.

He had absorbed so much power, after all. More, they were from the Slaughterers’ Gold Immortals. It was only natural that he would require a long time to hone himself so as to get rid of any hidden dangers.

“That Longevity Celestial is still not out. The Slaughterers are already at our gates.” Magiris led over 10,000 cultivators to fight at the frontlines. 

After 20 years, the army of Slaughterers had arrived once more. Furthermore, it was even bigger than before. Just the formidable atmosphere of power that they exuded was enough to decrease Eternal World’s morale by several notches. 

Helpless, the Gold Immortals had to step forward once more. The Slaughterers also sent forth their Gold Immortals. And so, the two sides began an intense battle. In the beginning, Magiris had a Gold Immortal fighting alongside him. However, the Slaughterers’ Gold Immortal had killed him during their previous charge. After that, Magiris had to utilize his eye technique to teleport his opponent away. 

Even so, Magiris was aware that the fellow could reappear at any moment. When the time came, given his level of strength, he would simply be incapable of stopping the enemy attacks on his own. 

“Young Master, it is dangerous here. Let’s go back first,” a half-step Gold Immortal who had been following Magiris suddenly said.

“Go back? Go back where?” Magiris replied. This half-step Gold Immortal was from the Celestial Malla Plane’s Blackwater Tribe. He had been following Magiris all this time. 

“Young Master, there are too many Slaughterers this time. We are simply incapable of stopping them. We can head back to the Immortal Plane; even the Celestial Malla Plane will do,” the half-step Gold Immortal said in a hushed tone. 

“We should wait for a bit longer first. Leaving just like this doesn’t sit right with me. The others are still fighting with all they have. If we leave like this, we’ll become laughing stocks.” Magiris laughed. 

  1 Peel the coc.o.o.n strand by strand. An idiom, meaning letting matters develop according to the designated order. 


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