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The beautiful female cultivator was temporarily taken aback. However, after pondering for a moment, she quickly understood what was happening.

“Thank you, fellow cultivator, for the a.s.sistance. May I meet you?” the female cultivator spoke up.

Chen Feng, who was still in hiding, shook his head. He thought to himself, You should take care of the problem in front of you first.

As expected, after the b.l.o.o.d.y barrier dissipated away, the one who had been lurking around instantly attacked.

This attacker was a notch stronger compared to the eight cultivators from before. He was already infinitely close to reaching the high-level Human Immortal stage. His attacks were as swift as the wind and as violent as lightning. A mote of compressed light shot towards the female cultivator’s glabella.

The chilling mote of light became the only thing present within the female cultivator’s line of sight, wiping everything else away from her sight as the world itself seemingly shrank at a rapid pace.


A stream of aura surged out from the female cultivator’s mouth. It was something that the female cultivator had refined countless times before. After shooting out from her mouth, the stream of aura erupted outwards to send the chilling mote of light flying backwards.


The chilling mote of light flashed before falling into the hands of a black-clad cultivator. Next, the black-clad cultivator took a step forward and pushed his hand forward, causing the chilling mote of light to flare, releasing minute rays of golden light. It then transformed into countless motes of light, giving off the image of the starry sky as it attacked the female cultivator again.

The previous attack was a focused, single-target attack. At that very moment, however, he was unleas.h.i.+ng a large, areof-effect attack.

The man in black’s aura is completely hidden. Earlier, he hid himself, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. And despite attacking now, he is not revealing a hint of killing intent. This is clearly the methods of an Additionally, given his performance, he must be from those few organizations. However, which one is he from? Chen Feng wondered.

A rapidly-rotating vortex appeared in mid-air to sweep all the motes of golden light up and the female cultivator shattered the black-clad cultivator’s attack once more.

Next, the black-clad cultivator waved his hand and a sword emerged from his skin to stab forward. Following that, the sword flared with a brilliant light.

As the female cultivator had only just overcome her tribulation, her power had soared and her fighting spirit surged. She displayed various spectacularly intricate moves as she fought the black-clad cultivator and there was no way to tell who had the upper hand.

The female cultivator is formidable! Chen Feng praised.

In a fight against the average cultivator, she should be able to easily defeat someone who is at a higher level. However, judging by the way their fight is developing, there is actually no way to tell who would win.

The was an experienced fellow with a formidable cultivation base while the female cultivator possessed an astonis.h.i.+ng level of talent and mystical-looking techniques. In Chen Feng’s opinion, however, if they could not come up with a victor any time soon, the would have to retreat. At any rate, this was Absolute Academy’s site. Should the other students be alarmed, the would face certain death.

Suddenly, a crack appeared in s.p.a.ce. It was as though someone had used a sharp knife to cut a piece of paper. Next, two black-clad cultivators emerged simultaneously from the crack.

These two cultivators’ auras were also kept hidden. And although they were dressed in black clothes, it felt as though their bodies were one with their surrounding s.p.a.ce. If it weren’t for the Magic Eyes of Darkness, Chen Feng would have been incapable of noticing them.

The two of them,, held a sword each as they silently approached the female cultivator from behind. As for the female cultivator, the that she was presently fighting against suddenly increased the speed of his attacks, giving her no opportunity to handle the two behind her.

That’s not good. There are two more of them. I actually failed to notice them beforehand. Chen Feng was surprised by that. However, he was not feeling too concerned. He knew that it was time for him to take action.

Two swords thrust forward silently, charging towards the female cultivator’s body. As the swords were about to reach her, the female cultivator gritted her teeth and decided to utilize a desperate move. However, before she could do that, a b.l.o.o.d.y light suddenly rose up from the ground. Like a wall, the b.l.o.o.d.y light stopped the two swords.


The swords pierced the b.l.o.o.d.y light, causing it to explode. Due to that, the attacks from the two ended up missing their mark.

“Not good! That’s a Dao artefact!” Seeing their attacks fail to connect, the two did not falter. Instantly, they decided to run. At their level, they possess an intuitive ability to sense danger.

“Since you’ve come, there is no longer any need to leave.” It was then that Chen Feng emerged from the void, appearing before the two There was a faint smile on his face.

“Kid, who are you?” One of them calmly spoke up. However, the other made use of the opportunity to attack him.


Chen Feng’s hand flashed out and the’s sword appeared in his grasp instead. Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Immortal-binding Rope flew out to quickly and firmly bind the

The Immortal-binding Rope had already undergone a series of refining processes. As Chen Feng had fused some other special materials like the Hollow Voidsilk with it, it had long since levelled up to become a grade 7 Sacred artefact. Thus, binding a mid-level Human Immortal was not an issue for it.

After easily capturing one of the, Chen Feng then used the Blood Mustering Bead, which pulsed lightly to send a blood-red stream of light charging forward. The stream of light then formed a b.l.o.o.d.y barrier around the other who had wanted to jump into the void to escape. In the face of a Dao artefact, any thoughts of escaping was no different from a daydream.

Seeing Chen Feng take care of the two, the fighting the female cultivator grew apprehensive and he wanted to escape. However, the female cultivator’s unending attacks entangled him. Thus, he fell into a state of panic, which led to him falling into a disadvantageous position.

After occupying the upper hand, the female cultivator did not become impatient. Instead, she gradually increased the power behind her attacks. The softness within her power of water was fully displayed and it seeped into their surroundings to quickly form layer after layer of restraints around the

“Utter Annihilation!”

Knowing that he was going to be defeated soon, the promptly displayed his strongest move. He put it all on the line, hoping that he could maybe create an opening to give him a chance to escape.

Killing intent, stockpiled for the longest time, charged out from the’s body and his whole being seemingly became a sword, carrying with it an atmosphere of indomitability and the willingness to die together with its enemy as it shot towards the female cultivator.

As expected, the soft streams of energy that the female cultivator set up were broken. In the face of the mutually destructive atmosphere that the was emanating, the female cultivator had no choice but to take a step backwards.

That one step provided the with the opportunity he needed. Burning his blood for power, he then transformed into a stream of b.l.o.o.d.y light to slip into the void.

“You want to escape?” Chen Feng snickered and took a step forward. The Blood Mustering Bead’s power of blood quickly formed a ma.s.sive and b.l.o.o.d.y palm silhouette. With an abrupt grasping move, it tore its way into the void. Then, grasping one more time, it caught the fleeing

Chen Feng then flicked his finger, firing out threads formed from blood energy to tightly bind the

And thus, three mid-level Human Immortals were dealt with.

Finally, the female cultivator was able to come forward to greet Chen Feng.

When she saw that Chen Feng was only a starter-level Human Immortal, a minor look of surprise flashed across her face. However, she was quick to recollect herself.

“Bi Shuidie greets senior brother. How should I address senior brother?” The female cultivator stepped forward to quickly salute Chen Feng. Her beautiful eyes looked calmly at Chen Feng and there was no way to tell what was on her mind.

“Chen Feng,” Chen Feng responded with a faint smile.

“Chen Feng, that name sounds familiar.” A slight look of doubt flashed across Bi Shuidie’s face.

“Ha ha ha! I am living in the grotto-mansion in the east. Speaking of which, we can be considered as neighbours. However, even though I am a new student, I did not go over to greet you, senior sister. That was my bad.” Chen Feng smiled. The atmosphere of steadiness and maturity that he exuded was such that it even gave him a weird feeling.

“Chen Feng, I remember now. The one who recently threw Void City into chaos is also known as Chen Feng, no?” Bi Shuidie’s eyes lit up and she looked at Chen Feng with a somewhat shocked expression.

“I am he.” Chen Feng nodded.

Bi Shuidie pondered for a moment before changing the subject, “Senior brother, how do you plan on dealing with them?” 

“I’ll leave it to junior sister.” Chen Feng changed the way he addressed her to junior sister. Hearing that, Bi Shuidie’s eyes flashed again.

“In that case, I thank senior brother. Senior brother is only a starter-level Human Immortal, but your combat power is truly formidable. In my opinion, there are probably only a few like you in Absolute Academy.”

“Ha ha ha! I am just borrowing the power of magic treasures.” Chen Feng laughed, waving his hands. That said, he did feel somewhat pleased with himself.

They continued chatting for a moment, but Bi Shuidie never invited Chen Feng to her grotto-mansion. Smiling, Chen Feng then bid her farewell.

Chen Feng’s instincts informed him that this Bi Shuidie had quite the background. She was also very enigmatic. Despite Chen Feng’s actions of helping her, Chen Feng could tell – from their conversation – that she was somewhat wary of him.

To think that would sneak into Absolute Academy to a student here. I wonder, how would the academy handle this? After returning to his place, Chen Feng secretly investigated it. Bi Shuidie did not kill off the Instead, she notified the academy’s enforcement team to handle them.

After the enforcement team left, Bi Shuidie quickly entered her grotto-mansion and sat down cross-legged on the jade bed that she would usually use for cultivation. She closed her eyes slightly and there was no way to tell what was on her mind.

“Chen Feng? I suppose the one who had been spying on me in the past must be him.” Finally, Bi Shuidie waved her hand. Next, a fist-size, watery bead appeared to hover before her. Water flowed within the bead and waves of water spread out from it to quickly envelop the entire grotto-mansion.

“Chen Feng. If I am not mistaken, he is from the Northern Plains. I wonder, is this just an accident, or is this by design?” After saying that, Bi Shuidie’s hands moved about and strands of the power of water emerged from the bead to encase her figure.

Oh, a top-grade Dao artefact! Looks like I was being a busybody. Chen Feng was startled and he broke into a smile.

However, the expression on his face quickly changed into one of awkwardness. In other words, she might know that I was spying on her.

Even so, Chen Feng was quick to recollect himself. His body gave a pulse and a black-coloured vortex appeared on his palm. Next, he reached out with his other palm and a second vortex appeared there.

After that, more vortexes appeared on his chest, his back, the top of his head and various other spots around him. The black-coloured vortexes gave off a formidable suction force respectively to ceaselessly devour the spiritual energy in the air.

In the end, the black vortexes began stacking up in twos and threes to finally fuse into one singular vortex on his palm. This vortex was tens of times more powerful than the rest.

Next, Chen Feng raised his hand and pressed it on the ground. The vortex spun vigorously and it furiously devoured the essence power from the underground essence vein.

Not too long ago, when Chen Feng had gone to Void City, he had obtained a piece of black jade from an auction. The jade contained a fragment of the Demonic Heavengorging Art. After spending some time practicing its contents, Chen Feng’s cultivation of the Demonic Heavengorging Art had made a breakthrough. Add his increased cultivation base into the equation, the Demonic Heavengorging Art that he now utilized was tens of times stronger than before.


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