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Read Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me Chapter 74

Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me is a web novel completed by Qing Duan, 青端.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – Beating Around The Bush

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

There was a glint in Chu Yu’s eyes as he stared at Xie Xi. His lips, which were slightly red and swollen from all the sucking, spread into a smile as he felt the change in Xie Xi’s body. He lowered his voice and raised his head to bite Xie Xi’s lower lip. “… Whatever reward you want, take it yourself.”

Xie Xi almost lost control after being teased in such a way by Chu Yu; he pressed his hands tightly to his sides, the deep desire s.h.i.+ning in his eyes. “s.h.i.+xiong, it’s not just the reward. You still owe me many things. Do you want to repay them all today?”

Chu Yu was dumbfounded. “What?”

Xie Xi bent over slightly and pecked his way down from Chu Yu’s lower jaw to his Adam’s apple. Biting it softly, he replied in a light tone, “386 days.”

Huh???    Chu Yu did not dare to exhale. He swallowed, not daring to think about it, and gave a dry laugh, “…s.h.i.+di, there’s no need for you and me to be so distant. How about we just write this debt off?”

There was a hint of a sneer on Xie Xi’s face as he straightened up. He said nothing.

Chu Yu patted him on the face, coughed softly, and softened his tone. “My dear s.h.i.+di… It’s not as if I did it on purpose. I’m back now, am I not?”

Xie Xi remained silent. As he took away his hand, he noticed the scars on Chu Yu’s previously slender and beautiful hands. His expression turned colder. He reached out to caress Chu Yu’s face and kissed his fingertips. He sighed. “… s.h.i.+xiong.”

You never change.

Chu Yu did not want Xie Xi to think about it. He blinked, hooked his hands around Xie Xi’s neck, and kissed him. He said with a smile. “The night is short. Does s.h.i.+di still want to continue to think about this? Am I not here in front of you now? If you still want to think of the other ‘me’, then what do you want the ‘me’ in front of you to do?”

After a pause, Xie Xi finally smiled. He leaned his forehead against Chu Yu’s as his eyes shone. His gaze was as gentle as the breeze and as bright as the clear moon. Yet his actions told a different story. “s.h.i.+xiong… are you comfortable with me?”

Xie Xi’s sudden movement caused Chu Yu to s.h.i.+ver as he closed his eyes and fought down his bashfulness. “Yes.”

Xie Xi kissed the corner of his eye with aggrievement and said. “s.h.i.+xiong is lying to me. If you really are comfortable, why won’t you open your eyes and look at me?”

Chu Yu, “… Oh, science has proven that a man’s senses will become even keener when he cannot see…”

“Science… What’s that? Well if that’s the case, s.h.i.+di will follow s.h.i.+xiong’s instructions.”

Right after Xie Xi’s words, Chu Yu came to understand the true meaning of ‘never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you’.

Xie Xi pulled out a long strip of cloth to cover Chu Yu’s eyes.

Everything turned pitch black before him. Chu Yu could see nothing and could only feel Xie Xi patiently kissing and caressing his body. His tender voice lingered in his ears:

“s.h.i.+xiong, do you want to be with me? Hmm?”    Chu Yu trembled. His body felt like it was on fire, scalding, and mellowing. Only Xie Xi’s lips and his cooler body temperature could give him some relief.

Xie Xi watched from the sidelines, watching him suffer as he teased him but not giving him the release he wanted.

That jerk was still not done!    Chu Yu opened his mouth to say a word. But after opening and closing his lips many times, he still had not uttered a word.

Xie Xi looked at him in silence, his eyes started to redden. It did not seem like it was desire; it was more like he wanted to cry. He lowered his head to kiss Chu Yu’s lips again and again, then whispered, “s.h.i.+xiong, tell me, did you miss me? Did you want to be with me?”

Chu Yu was taken aback and silently reached out to hug Xie Xi’s waist.

In the darkness before him, he could clearly hear Xie Xi’s heavy breathing and rapid heartbeats. Chu Yu’s mind went blank as he recalled those days in the Demonic Abyss.

… There was no daytime and hardly any living creatures in the darkness of the Demonic Abys 

Other than the cries of savage beasts, there was only silence. He had always been gazing at a dazed Fu Lanxue in the distance.    He had been in pain all over, bound by restrictions as even his cultivation was rendered invalid. On the days when the pain seemed never-ending, he had thought of Xie Xi over and over again so much that it almost drove him mad.

He wondered constantly what his s.h.i.+di was doing, whether he would be sad, whether he had also wanted to jump into the abyss but was stopped, whether he had lingered at the top every day, accompanying him.

He had even cried when his pain and suffering was at its most intense.

It was cold and dark in the cave. Whether he opened or closed his eyes, all he could see was primal chaos. It was as if someone was looking at him in the dark, sneering at him. The double torture of his own inner demons and physical agony plunged him into despair. There were countless times he had thought of trying to end himself with his sword, but when he opened his eyes, he would see Xie Xi sitting beside him, smiling at him, calling him s.h.i.+xiong in a low voice.

Even if he knew it was all an illusion, he still could not bear to leave him.

How could he bear to leave?    He missed Xie Xi.    He also… wanted Xie Xi.    He wanted to spend his whole life with Xie Xi without getting involved in any more of these kinds of messed up matters anymore. He did not want them to be separated from each other anymore.

Chu Yu’s heart was warm. He raised his head to kiss Xie Xi’s lips. He was sweating profusely, but his Lingtai had cleared up. He replied in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Yes.”

Xie Xi.    He closed his eyes. The corners of his eyes were wet.

Maybe the reason I came to this world was to meet you.

Perhaps because they were nearly parted in life and separated by death, Xie Xi kept whispering sweet nothings in his ears. Chu Yu’s mind went blank. He could only repeat Xie Xi’s words.

“s.h.i.+xiong, I like you.”    “… Like you.”

“Never to part again…”

“Never to part again…”    The corners of Xie Xi’s eyes were moist for some reason, and his movements turned incredibly gentle. He stared at Chu Yu’s flushed cheeks for a moment, then suddenly reached out to pull off the strip of cloth that was covering his eyes. His voice was soft as if he was acting like a spoiled child, “s.h.i.+xiong, open your eyes and look at me.”

Chu Yu opened his eyes and looked at him in all seriousness.

Chu Yu’s gaze was tender, and his eyes were red with desire. He seemed to be at a loss. Xie Xi had no defense against his pure yet alluring gaze and could not help but cover his eyes again.

… As long as he was here.

In this lifetime, the four seasons, whether freezing cold or burning hot, would all be sweet and warm.

Excessively indulging in carnal desires was not a good thing.

Especially when the body had only just recovered.

When Chu Yu woke up in a daze and kicked Xie Xi aside to get out of bed, an indescribable pain shot up from his lower body. His legs went weak, and he fell to his knees.

Before his knees touched the ground, Xie Xi nimbly scooped him back onto the bed, turning over to him to pin him down onto the bed.

They had been at it yesterday from the afternoon until the middle of the night. It was almost dawn when Xie Xi finally let him off. Chu Yu was weak all over. Even his hands felt sore when he raised them to pinch Xie Xi’s handsome face. He sighed. “All right, aren’t you satisfied yet?”

Xie Xi was invigorated. “s.h.i.+xiong, if it’s with you, I…”    That’s enough. Save your lewd c.r.a.p!

Chu Yu quickly cut him off. “Please spare this old man’s waist.”

Xie Xi scoffed at him. “How is s.h.i.+xiong old?” He leaned over to Chu Yu’s ear and breathed sensually into it. “s.h.i.+xiong’s skin is so smooth. You’re not old at all.”

Chu Yu could not help but look down at the crisscrossed scars all over his body when he heard Xie Xi mentioning his skin. He had not been bothered about those scars initially, but now he could not help but feel a little conflicted. “… Are they ugly?”

It did indeed look savage and ugly for his jade white skin to be covered all over with scars.

Xie Xi raised his eyebrows and said, “Didn’t s.h.i.+di’s actions last night give s.h.i.+xiong a clear answer?”

Chu Yu went silent. “… I get it.”

Xie Xi carried him out of the bed to clean up and get dressed. Other than his body still feeling a little sore, there was no other discomfort. Chu Yu then embraced Xie Xi, and Xie Xi took the opportunity to pin him down back on the bed, hugging him as they rolled and fooled around like two children. There was a moment of warmth as both of them embraced each other with their minds at ease. Chu Yu then gave a dry cough and asked, “s.h.i.+di, have I… repaid enough?”

Xie Xi sighed and stroked his hair. “If s.h.i.+xiong is as gentle and tasty as he was last night every single time, then it would not be impossible to repay s.h.i.+di in full within three months.”

Chu Yu said, “… I have to think about changing my bedfellow.”

He was just joking, but Xie Xi’s hands tightened around his waist. Xie Xi turned over to press down on Chu Yu and asked with a forced smile, “What did s.h.i.+xiong just say?”

Chu Yu coughed dryly. “It’s nothing. I’m just kidding. s.h.i.+di, you misheard me.” Saying so, he hurriedly tried to make up for it by kissing the corner of Xie Xi’s lip to demonstrate his unwavering loyalty to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi kept his smile and dolefully buried his head in Chu Yu’s neck. “s.h.i.+xiong may joke. You may even scold and hit s.h.i.+di. But please don’t say words to stab s.h.i.+di’s heart. Even if you are just kidding, it still hurts like h.e.l.l to hear it.”

Chu Yu felt a little guilty. “I’m sorry.”

Sometimes he really shoots his mouth off and accidentally stabs Xie Xi in the heart. No wonder this child always felt so insecure…

After being intimate for a moment, Chu Yu gathered up some strength. He had still not left this room much even though he had been at the Fu’s residence already for so many days. So he tidied his robe, looked at his white hair, and struggled internally for a moment before he set off with Xie Xi to ask Fu Chongyi for a potential way to regain his hair color. At the same time, he could also ask about Chu Sheng’s whereabouts.

It was strange. Other than Xie Xi, the person who was the most worried about him was Chu Sheng. Yet, Chu Sheng had never returned to visit him again after he had left the last time…

Chu Yu felt a little depressed about this matter. Xie Xi led him to the medicine room where Fu Chongyi usually was, but there was no sight of the man. Xie Xi mulled over it for a moment, then pulled Chu Yu towards the backyard.

The backyard was full of herbs, and there were all kinds of strange medicinal plants. Some were tall, while others seemed to be just plain weeds growing by the path. Chu Yu looked at these novel plants with interest and curiosity when he suddenly heard the murmur of a dispute arising before him.

An extraordinarily tall red flower covered the view ahead. Chu Yu’s heart suddenly skipped. Instead of walking over, he pulled Xie Xi down to crouch under the red flower, then sneakily poke his head out to take a look.

With this look, Chu Yu almost let out a startled yell and hurriedly covered his and Xie Xi’s mouths with his hands.

… Fu Chongyi and Chu Sheng were just ahead of them. Chu Sheng had always put on a cold front in front of Fu Chongyi, but this time, Fu Chongyi was pinning Chu Sheng to the wall as he kissed him relentlessly. Chu Sheng’s head was raised, and he seemed to be in agony, but his hands were trembling as they embraced Fu Chongyi around his waist.

Xie Xi was surprisingly calm. He lowered his eyes to glance at the hand over his mouth, thinking how this hand was so white and slender that it was gorgeous. He could not help but stuck his tongue out to lick Chu Yu’s palm.

Chu Yu subconsciously withdrew his hand when he felt the tickling sensation. He threw Xie Xi a glare, then continued watching.

… Chu Sheng was crying?  

Chu Yu could clearly see the crystal clear tears falling from Chu Sheng’s eyes, trailing down his face. He was unsure whether it was because he was too anguished or struggling internally about something. he then abruptly pushed Fu Chongyi away and slapped him.

Fu Chongyi did not dodge it and took the slap head-on. He smiled. “Ah Sheng, at least you don’t hate me, right?”

​Chu Sheng closed his eyes. His face ​was horribly pale, and his body seemed to tremble with anger.​ After a moment, he opened his eyes and said ​in a light tone. “​​Young Master Fu, you are the young master of the Fu Clan, and I am the current head of the Chu Clan. The Fu Clan and Chu Clan have always been on good terms. I do not wish for our friends.h.i.+p to fall apart.”

With that, ​​he turned around​ ​​without hesitation​ and left in another direction​ using one hand to support himself against the wall​.

Chu Yu’s heart quickened as he watched the scene unfold before him. Yet, this outcome was hardly surprising when he thought about it carefully.

​… It was strange that the young master of the ​reputable Fu Clan and a renowned medical immortal in the cultivation world would chase so relentlessly after Chu Sheng, consistently and selflessly lending him a helping hand without asking for anything in return. In the original novel, Fu Chongyi indeed had a physician’s benevolence​, ​but not to the point of being a saint.

Fu Chongyi… most likely had feelings for Chu Sheng, but it seemed his feelings were not reciprocated​.

No, perhaps Chu Sheng did like Fu Chongyi, but​ the fate of the Chu Clan rested on his shoulders, and he could not afford to make one wrong move. Chu​ Yu was the younger son. ​It did not matter even if he became a cultivation couple


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