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Chapter 26: What Are You Saying? I Can’t Hear You!


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At w.a.n.g Siyu’s home back in Jinyintan Village.

“Mom, Dad, it really isn’t what you think!”

As soon as she returned home, w.a.n.g Siyu had been pressed onto the sofa and interrogated by her parents. All she could do was show a pained smile.

“Jiang He and I are definitely just working partners… Moreover, he might not even see me that way!”

“What?” Chief w.a.n.g slammed his hand on the table and rose to his feet, barking, “How dare he?!”

As he was experiencing some serious hair loss, his bald spot glinted beneath the ceiling lights as he spoke. “My daughter has both character and looks. What is Jiang He compared to that, aside from being a little good looking?”

“He’s a cla.s.s-B beast-tamer and a rank-four martial artist who has cultivated true qi,” said w.a.n.g Siyu seriously. “Mom, Dad, the world has changed. In the future, strength will become the truth in society.”


She then earnestly informed her parents about revival of spirit qi, saying, “I didn’t tell you before because the bureau has a confidentiality policy… but there is no keeping it a secret now. That said, you mustn’t tell anyone so as to prevent causing unnecessary panic.”

Chief w.a.n.g’s facial expression changed a few times before he came to an understanding. “No wonder the government is implementing their policies and relocating people even before the resettlement housings are finished. According to what you said, this would be to gather the population to make it more convenient to manage and protect them.”

“Yes.” w.a.n.g Siyu had thought about that too. “The revival of spirit qi affects secluded regions the most, such as mountains, scenic routes, and coastal areas. That is why all concerned departments have already planned for that.”

Nonetheless, it was a rather somber topic.

When w.a.n.g Siyu saw that her parents were stunned by the ‘revival of spirit qi’ and weren’t talking about Jiang He anymore, she quickly changed the topic.

“By the way, I heard that Brother is coming back the day after tomorrow, right?” she asked with a smile.

That was when her mobile phone started ringing. Her expression changed a little once she saw the caller ID, and she quickly answered.

“Team leader Duan, what is it?”

The caller was Duan Tianhe, team leader of the National Special Case Management Bureau’s Wextern Xia province division.

“Where are you, w.a.n.g Siyu? Tell Jiang He that he has to stay very alert! I’ve just received news that the Sky Demon Sect is intent on making serious trouble, and has even sent a heavenly general into Lingzhou. After Jiang He helped our division sabotage their plans, the Sky Demon Sect would definitely want to deal with him! According to what I know, a rank-four pinnacle martial artist wants Jiang He’s head.”


A shocked w.a.n.g Siyu promptly rose to her feet as she listened to the rest of what Duan Tianhe was saying.

“I’ve just returned from Mount Dadong and will probably reach you in forty minutes. If the Sky Demon Sect doesn’t make a move, then things will be fine. But if they do, your village might get involved. You have to contact Li Fei right now and monitor the whole village. Report back to me if there’s any movement at all.”

He hung up right after that.

On the other hand, w.a.n.g Siyu could only feel her head ringing. At the end of the day, she was just a little girl who had only recently Awakened, and encoutering such a matter would naturally make her blank out. Still, she soon calmed down.


“Dad, tell everyone in the village to stay in their homes and not take a single step outside!”

Chief w.a.n.g, who had been right beside w.a.n.g Siyu when she got the call, couldn’t help asking, “What Sky Demon Sect… what’s going on? Can’t Jiang He handle it?”

“No, he can’t! Jiang He only reached rank-four today, whereas the Sky Demon Sect sent a rank-four pinnacle martial artist. The gap is too huge! I just hope my team leader will get here in time, or Jiang He won’t be the only victim once the Sky Demon Sect makes their move. Many in our village will die!” exclaimed w.a.n.g Siyu as she ran outside.

Though her superpower was mind-reading, she had trained herself recently, which was why she was physically better than the average human.

Soon, she arrived at Jiang He’s house. The main gates were open, but there was no one inside. She whipped out her phone to call Jiang He when a rumble echoed over from the east.

w.a.n.g Siyu turned to find a dazzling fiery light shooting into the skies from the east side of the village, illuminating much of the night sky for an instant. Alarmed, many villagers stepped outside their house, with some of the more curious ones ready to head out to the east for a look.

That was when the village wide broadcast system sounded: “Alert, alert. All villagers, please stay inside your homes, do not come out…”

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Siyu’s gaze flickered as a worrying thought crossed her mind. ‘Bomb! The Sky Demon Sect is attacking!’


Her heart thumped once just then, and she called Jiang He’s mobile, but no one answered despite it ringing for a long time. Clenching her teeth, she was about to leave and check out what was going on when Jiang He called her back.

Quickly answering the call, she heard a tirade of curses. Before Jiang He could say a word, she quickly asked, “Where are you, Jiang He? Come home as soon as you can. The Sky Demon Sect has sent a rank-four pinnacle martial artist to kill you!”


Meanwhile, at the blown-up cornfield on the eastern edge of the village.

Crouched beside Cordo’s corpse, Jiang He exclaimed in surprise, “Rank-four pinnacle?” He took another glance at the corpse on the ground, then retorted, “Are you sure about that? This midget, a rank-four pinnacle? He feels so weak in a fight that I a.s.sumed he was just a rank-four novice.”


At the same time, Jiang He had found a porcelain bottle which had cracks all over its surface. Although his Mighty Dragon Shows Remorse had not actually struck the vase directly, the burst of strength had spread out, shattering it.

He opened the bottle to find three medicinal pellets of the same hue as red dates. There was a ‘Secret Volume of the Blade’ as well but it had been torn apart by the Mighty Dragon Shows Remorse.

“Cash, none… cards, none either…” complained Jiang He after scrounging around. “Is everyone in the Sky Demon Sect penniless? A rank-four martial artist doesn’t even have any money on him! I guess all the novels are lying—getting an easy million bucks after killing an enemy is all fake!”

“What? What did you say?”

Buzzing static rang over the phone, causing w.a.n.g Siyu to hold her phone away from her ear. She could only faintly hear Jiang He mention ‘midget’ and ‘weak’, and could not hear anything else clearly.

“What are you talking about, Jiang He? I can’t hear you. Where are you?”

Jiang Her picked up the curved blade and studied it. “This blade, on the other hand, is not bad. But a Moonblade like this isn’t right for me… I prefer the Dragon-Slaying Saber or the Blizzard Blade with their cool, imposing styles.”

When he heard what w.a.n.g Siyu said, he exclaimed in surprise, “I can hear you clearly though…maybe the explosion just now knocked out my phone’s mics?”



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