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Everyone Is Young Except For Me is a web novel completed by Lee Hyeongdo, 이현도.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 96: 96

A chill went down my spine .  How long had it been since I received loyalty from someone? In the past, in the days when I was in Legless Bird . I had received this type of look from my younger siblings .  It was an awe toward something beyond the concept of ‘a mere person . ‘ In addition, there was a firm confidence .

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The frost orcs in front of me were no different from my younger siblings at that time .  It was only possible because they were frost orcs who wors.h.i.+pped combat power .

[You have achieved a lasting achievement in Arkstar!]

[The t.i.tle ‘One Who Inspires Awe in the Frost Orcs’ has been acquired . ]

[The frost orcs will follow you in awe . ]

[The new stat ‘Charisma’ has opened!]


I opened my status window and took a closer look at the charisma stat .

[Charisma (0): It is the power to master and command someone . The higher this stat, the easier it is to handle a group .  

You will look more majestic to NPCs and users .

Every time you lead someone, it will automatically go up by a random number . ]

It was more useful than I thought .  It would be necessary one day to command people .  If it was a stat that could help then it was obviously a good thing .  Then Sven approached me .  “Now I will treat this distinguished person as a chieftain .  Chwiik . ”

“I am very thankful . ”

“The same goes for your companions . ”

I saw Sven’s excited expression and asked, “First, can you tell me what you know about the position of the mother penguin?”

“Of course, follow me . ”

I followed him along with my companions .  We headed for a huge cave located at the back of the village . It was a labyrinth like the entrance we had come in .  Kim Sujeong looked puzzled as the frost orcs became politer than before . “Their att.i.tude is completely different . ”

Gyeonso Dragon spoke with interested eyes, “I want to fight . ”

However, Drain still seemed scared .


How could he touch leather while being scared of monsters like this? Was this being brave?

“Kwal . ”

. . . Cer wasn’t scared .  I almost burst out laughing when I saw the small body of the dog biting at the heels of the frost orcs .  Pono was wandering around again to look for things to steal .

“That guy is still the same . ”

Just then, Pono showed strange behaviour .  “Coo~? Coo coo! Coo!!”

“What is it, Pono?” Kim Sujeong asked but Pono didn’t answer . He just stared somewhere for a moment .  After a while, Pono started to rush over there .

“Ehh? Pono, where are you going?!”

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She tried to chase but Sven opened his mouth first, “Chwik .  It’s fine . He is going to his mother . ”

Going to his mother?

“Is the mother penguin here?”

“That’s right . ”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is frowning and becoming angry . ]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is asking why she is here . ]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is sighing with relief . ]

The ones in the star cl.u.s.ter were angry and relieved .  I naturally felt the same way .  “Why did you kidnap her? If he finds out about this, you might be destroyed . ”

“Kidnap? Kulalala!” Everyone was bewildered by Sven’s sudden laughter .  Sven snorted and informed us, “We didn’t kidnap her . It was the mother penguin who came here . ”

“She came here? Why?”

“Huhut .  You’ll know when you go there .  Chwik . ”

I saw his mysterious smile and felt a strange sense of relief .  It wasn’t kidnapping so it would be better to believe him .  We were finally able to pa.s.s through the labyrinth and reached the end .  Once I saw the mother penguin there, I was amazed .  “Ah!”

I see . It was because of this .  Why had I never thought of this?

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is grabbing his back and laughing . ]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is laughing . ]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is smiling at the mystery of life . ]

“Mama~♡” Pono was in his mother’s arms .  The mother penguin wearing a crown was swollen up .  I looked at it and searched through my memories .

One day, Prometheus had a conversation with the ‘fourth apostle’ here .  At that time, he had talked about the emperor penguin .

‘In fact, the emperor penguins are hermaphrodite . ‘

‘What? What does that mean?’

‘You are ignorant . It means they can have a baby on their own . ‘

That’s right—emperor penguins had children on their own every 10 years .  At that time, their earlier child would be kept away in order to develop their independence .  Of course, it was possible for the tundra dragon to look after the child .  In any case, I had missed this . . . I still had a long way to go .

“Wow, what a big belly! Is she pregnant?”

“That’s right . The emperor penguins are hermaphrodites . I had forgotten about this . They have children once every 10 years and this is the time . ”

“It’s amazing . Then how did Pono get lost?”

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I closed my mouth as I was about to say that it was to raise his independence .  In fact, this didn’t matter .  Now Pono had met his mother and his mother was smiling at him .  I shrugged and smiled . “I don’t know . ”

“Chwik .  The misunderstanding seems to have been resolved . ”

Sven approached from where he had been watching us in the rear . I looked at him and nodded slightly .

“Sorry for the misunderstanding . ”

“Grruk .  No, it is natural . In fact, I was going to show you to the mother even if we won the duel . I just hadn’t expected to lose .  Kulalala!”

The mother penguin was listening to Pono and could be seen turning her head toward us .  The next moment, a voice echoed in my head .  Everyone heard the same voice .

[Thank you for saving my child . ]

“Ehh? The mother penguin can talk! How amazing . ”

“Jesus! A beautiful voice!”

I left the amazed Kim Sujeong and Drain behind and stood in front of the mother penguin .  “It was just a coincidence . ”

[No . I’d like to thank you but my body isn’t very well . . . ]

“The first thing you need to do is take care of yourself . We’re fine . ”

At this moment, I could see the mother penguin’s body trembling .  Suddenly, the sun started to s.h.i.+ne from the belly that was swollen like a mountain .  Don’t tell me . . . ?


[A hidden quest has appeared . ]

It wasn’t just me .  Kim Sujeong, Gyeonso Dragon, and Drain all received the same message and looked bewildered .  I opened the quest window right away .

[Hidden Quest – Help the Emperor Penguin Lay Her Eggs!]

[Difficulty: S

Here in the North Pole, the emperor penguin lays eggs once every 10 years . At that time, all Arctic races will provide food for the health of the mother penguin .

And now it is the turn of you and the Frost Orcs . Acquire and provide what the mother penguin wants to eat!

Then you will be rewarded .

-Completion Conditions: The emperor penguin safely laying eggs 0/1 (Time remaining: 3 days)

-Rewards: You can choose one of the emperor penguin’s items .

-This quest is a special quest that can be completed once every 10 years .

-Currently, the thing the mother penguin wants to eat most is King Kong Snowman’s Meat . ]

As expected, there was this as well .  I remembered what the fourth apostle had said .

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“It is the celebration of the North Pole that comes once every 10 years . ”

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is perplexed by the condition of the mother penguin . ]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ says she seems sick and is preparing fireflies . ]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is explaining the North Pole celebration to them . ]

[The constellations of the star cl.u.s.ter are nodding . ]

“Wow, amazing! It is a quest that appears once every 10 years!”

“Ohh, I see it too!”

“I also have it . ”

I watched them trembling with excitement and opened my mouth, “I’m in charge of cooking . ”

Time pa.s.sed by instantly .

We spent days and nights serving the mother penguin .  I usually didn’t have to go and get the ingredients, I just cooked them . However, sometimes I wanted something rare that I didn’t have so I had to go out and look for it myself .  Fortunately, I got some of the things from what Sven saved beforehand so it was easy to get through this . Finally, the moment of fate came .

[The emperor penguin’s laying of eggs is imminent . ]

Was it because the moment I had been waiting for finally came? My heart unknowingly jumped .  No, my heart pounded like I was the one laying the eggs .

“It is a tough but rewarding moment . ” Kim Sujeong smiled with a trembling voice as she watched the mother penguin’s belly .

I glanced at her face before looking forward again . “Yes, I had a hard time boiling seaweed soup . ”

“Huhut .  Father has suffered the most . ”

When I came here, I had crossed the Atlan Sea and found seaweed, a food ingredient .  They were growing on a reef I had seen from the s.h.i.+p . Once I saw it, I stopped to gather the seaweed .  I had cooked seaweed soup for the mother penguin for the past three days .

“The birth of a new life is always phenomenal . I always feel that motherhood is great . ”

“I think so as well . ”

Perhaps love was pouring out for one person, endlessly and generously .  No matter if it was a lover or a child in the womb, the important things were interlinked as one .

[The emperor penguin has started laying eggs!]

The next moment, a huge amount of eggs poured out of the mother penguin’s mouth .  She continued to pour them out and we watched the vivid process .  I was a bit fl.u.s.tered because the process of laying eggs was different from what I thought .

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is curious about the unique method . ]

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is dropping lightning bolts at the shocking scene . ]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ has a blank expression . ]

Kim Sujeong opened her mouth from next to me, “I-It is unique . . . ?”

“Yes, let’s wait and see . ”

After many hours, a message popped up again .

[The emperor penguin has successfully laid the eggs!]

[The Hidden Quest – Help the Emperor Penguin Lay Her Eggs! has been completed . ]

[Winter’s Balancer, who defends the North Pole, has announced the successful sp.a.w.ning of the emperor penguin . ]

[All the people of the North Pole know of this and are dancing with joy!]

Winter’s Balancer—I knew this guy as well .  Winter’s Balancer was referring to the tundra dragon I mentioned the other day .  By the way, there was also a balancer for spring, summer, and autumn .  They each had different abilities . This guy had the power of winter .

[Thank you for helping me . ]

The mother penguin finished sp.a.w.ning and spoke .  There were countless eggs by her side .  Perhaps not many of them would survive .  This made me sad .

[I will give you one of my things . ]

The mother penguin’s belly swelled and she started to vomit things out again .  Numerous lights started pouring out one by one .

. . . I was looking forward to it . What would come out? It was said that the emperor penguins often had great items in their bellies .  Well, they were things that would be a tribute to the dragon so it might be natural .  I wanted the rumor to be real .  I had struggled so wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded?

I scanned the items that came out one by one and examined the information .  It was the same for Gyeonso Dragon, Kim Sujeong, and Drain .  Then the moment I checked the name of an item, I unknowingly took a breath .  

“What? Why is this here?”

[Alexus’ Fork Spoon]

This was Alexus’ battle gear .

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