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Read Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 183

Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss is a web novel completed by 夜音如雪, Sounds Of Snow In The Night, Ye Yin Ru Xue.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 183: Rite of pa.s.sage begin

The Ye Manor was a first rate power in Ningyuan City and there were many guests who came today. Almost all the families with power sent people and most of these families didn’t get along. Most of them came to see the Ye Manor’s younger generation’s power, after all, whether a family can prosper will depend on their family’s juniors!

While the two of them were watching the audience stand under the shade, according to the measuring spirit stone on the round table, they had waited an entire two hours. When all the different powers had finally arrived, only the four major families, the three auction halls, the Spiritualist Guild, and the City Lord’s palace were worth mentioning. Ye Yu Xi also noticed that the City Lord’s wife was also here.

“Yo! It’s it the young miss. What, are you resting in the shade.” A glib voice sounded not fair away.

Ye Yu Xi looked up at the man who spoke. She didn’t recognize him, so he ignored him.

“Ya, you’re quite proud!” That man swayed as he walked in front of Ye Yu Xi. Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s appearance, the man was a bit surprised. It was clear that Ye Yu Xi’s appearance was better than he had expected. His voice unconsciously became a bit more polite, “I am Ye Qi Zhi. I’ve heard that the young miss’ talent has recovered and especially came to exchange a few moves. I wonder if the young miss…..”


Ye Yu Xi coldly answered.

A few members of the clan had walked by to see Ye Yu Xi telling Ye Qi Zhi to scram. They broke out in laughter as they pointed from time to time. It was unknown if they were talking about Ye Yu Xi or laughing at Ye Qi Zhi.

Hearing the taunting laugh of his clansmen, Ye Qi Zhi’s expression changed. His face became the colour of a pig’s liver as he angrily said, “Ye Yu Xi! You are just a piece of trash, me speaking to you is giving you face! You think that you are the young miss! You just wait, when they test spiritual energy, I want to see you make a fool of yourself!”

After saying this, Ye Qi Zhi flicked his sleeve and angrily left. If today’s matters were spread that he was looked down on by a piece of trash, where would his face go. The most important thing would be what Ye Bing Fan would think of him. This can’t be allowed, after the spiritual energy test, he had get even with Ye Yu Xi!

In a corner not far away, Ye Bing Fan had seen everything. There was a maid that was following her.

“Young miss, it seems like Ye Qi Zhi couldn’t make that piece of trash angry. Should we find someone else to test her.” The maid gave a suggestion in a small voice.

Ye Bing Fan gave a disdainful laugh, “No need, just a piece of trash. Even if her talent has recovered, she can’t overturn the skies. What does she treat my years of hard cultivation as.”

Ye Bing Fan stroked the pill hidden in her sleeve. Even if Ye Yu Xi’s talent had recovered, with this pill, Ye Yu Xi would surely die.

While they were talking, the ceremony for this test had begun.

On stage was the Ye Family’s Head Ye Xing Yong. Ye Xing Yong faced the over a thousand Ye Family members and the other families’ members from Ningyuan City that came to watch. Rousing his spirits, he said in a loud voice, “Today is my Ye Manor’s rite of pa.s.sage. Before it begins, there are some VIPs I want to introduce to everyone!”

When Ye Xing Yong said this, some small families that didn’t know anything began to make speculations. What kind of person would actually require Ye Xing Yong to personally introduce.

“Today the Ye Manor is lucky enough to receive two VIP guests. They are the Mingyue Sect’s second grade alchemist, senior Yan Hua, and a leader of the Mingyue Sect’s younger generation, miss Fang Leng Qing!”


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