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Read Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: There are many ways to seek death

The fatty spoke while kicking the old man a few times. He also kept cursing while he told everyone what had happened.

“When I arrived at the Spiritualist Guild, before even heading in, I met this old fool. It was a good thing I didn’t let him go in. Can you guess what he wanted to do?”

“He was looking for trouble with the young miss?” Ye Wen raised one brow and there was a trace of killing intent in her voice. The young miss was her benefactor and daring to cause trouble for the young miss, they had to ask her sword if it agreed or not.

“Humph, humph, you never would have guessed. This old fool, he f.u.c.king wanted to hire the mercenary group to eliminate Blood Enchantress.”

After saying this, the fatty laughed in anger. Leaning over, he slapped the old man’s face, “Old thing, don’t you know that these masters are the Blood Enchantress group! Ah? You want to hire us?”

Hearing the fatty’s words, the old man’s face turned white……Now he finally understood why when the fatty heard his intentions, he immediately tied him up like this……

The expressions of everyone present became strange. Hiring Blood Enchantress to eliminate Blood Enchantress…..

This old man…..Did he not know the mercenary group’s name or did he not want to live……

Everyone had the same thought right now. There are many ways to seek death… don’t have to be like this!

“Alright, everyone’s gather, let’s set off.” Ye Man confirmed that everyone was here without anyone missing.

“What do we do about this old fool?” The fatty kicked the old man on the ground.

Ye Man looked over him and casually said, “Bring him along, we’ll let the young miss deal with him when we reach the capital.”


Ye Wen’s group of people set off for the capital. According to the plan, they would reach the capital in around three days.

This was no different from Ye Yu Xi’s plan. When Ye Wen, Ye Man, and the others arrived, it would be time for the alchemist test. After the alchemist test, Ye Yu Xi could begin her other plans.

Only, Ye Yu Xi never thought that before they arrived, two other people would come first.

These two people were naturally Bai Jin Yi and shadow. Shadow’s cultivation already surpa.s.sed the ninth spiritual level, so his speed naturally far surpa.s.sed that of normal people. The trip that would take two-three days only took a day for him.

It was already dark when shadow carried Bai Jin Yi to the village where the Feather Wing group lived.

Peng, peng, peng!

Ye Yu Xi was currently cultivating on her bed when there was suddenly anxious knocking on her door.

“Big sister Yu Xi, there is someone looking for you!” Nangong Ying Xue knocked on the door very hard, seeming very anxious.

“What is it?” Ye Yu Xi opened the door and looked at the serious looking Nangong Ying Xue.

“There is someone called Bai Jin Yi looking for you in the main hall.”

When Ye Yu Xi heard this, her heart skipped a beat. She felt that something was wrong as she knit her brow, “Bring me over.”

With Nangong Ying Xue leading the way, Ye Yu Xi took a deep breath and quickly followed her.


Inside the main hall.

Bai Jin Yi was still unconscious as he leaned back in the main chair. Shadow was standing beside Bai Jin Yi, giving him spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi came in with Nangong Ying Xue and immediately noticed the unconscious Bai Jin Yi.

There were several holes in Bai Jin Yi’s dragon brocaded robes and there were many dark patches of blood which had been dried by the wind. The pale looking face was now as white as paper.

“What is going on?” Ye Yu Xi looked over Bai Jin Yi’s appearance and questioned shadow to the side with a dark voice.


Shadow fell onto one knee.


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