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Read Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 485

Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss is a web novel created by 夜音如雪, Sounds Of Snow In The Night, Ye Yin Ru Xue.
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Chapter 485: Planned

But he was ignored by the latter.

Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey jumped down from the tree. It was holding something round in its claw, which it gave to the fatty.

“Yi? This thing isn’t bad. I’ll bring it back for the boss to see.” The fatty placed the thing that was around the size of a longan under his nose to take a sniff and it was a bit pungent.

After Shi Qing knocked out the man, his cold eyes looked around before finally coming to rest at a large tree not far away.

“He found me? Impossible! With my cultivation technique, it’s impossible for anyone who isn’t in the seventh spiritual level or above to notice my aura!”

Sima Xun looked at Shi Qing looking at him and was shocked. He quickly used his cultivation technique and perfectly hid his aura.

“I say, Shi Qing, what are you looking at? Quickly grab on and bring this trash back with me.”

The fatty said to Shi Qing.

Shi Qing hesitated as his heart filled with uncertainty. Perhaps it was a mistake on his part.

Hearing what the fatty said, he raised his hand and grabbed the man’s clothes. He threw him over his shoulder and directly jumped down.

“It’s easier to have a fool.”

The fatty saw Shi Qing’s effortless movements and muttered to himself. He went back to the village with the little monkey.

When the fatty and Shi Qing entered the village, Sima Xun’s tightly gripped hands slightly relaxed.

Thinking of that man’s cold gaze, there was a lingering fear in Sima Xun’s heart. Even in the Mingyue Sect, there were less than five people in the same generation who could detect him. That person…..could he really detect him?


Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were resting in the hall as the fatty’s voice came in from outside.

“Boss, I caught a spy!”

Ye Yu Xi looked up to see the fatty coming in. Behind him was Shi Qing who was carrying a person on his shoulder.

Throwing the man to the ground, every looked over him. He looked like a mercenary.

“Where’s Ye Wen?” Ye Yu Xi saw that only the fatty and Shi Qing came back.

“Before we caught this brat, he still had a companion. We don’t know the reason why, but he went back to the capital city. Ye Wen followed him.”

The fatty said this while stomping on the mercenary.

Ye Yu Xi stood up and walked over to the mercenary.

“That’s right, boss. When we caught this brat, he was holding this. He also had a lighter which seemed to be used to burn this thing.”

The fatty gave the orb in his hand to Ye Yu Xi.

“Big sister Yu Xi, it’s someone from the army.” Nangong Ying Xue looked at the mark on the man’s arm.

“Ying Xue, do you recognize this thing?”

Nangong Ying Xue took it in her hand and looked it over, also taking a sniff of it. She then gave her guess, “If I’m not wrong, this is a special signal used in the army. After it is lit, it will send smoke into the air.”

“Big sister Yu Xi, this person…..What do we do with him?”

“Lock him up first.” Ye Yu Xi looked up at the sky outside, there was still a few hours before it turned dark.

Nangong Ying Xue called out to the mercenaries outside to take away the man before turning to talk to Ye Yu Xi, “Big sister Yu Xi, do we need to prepare?”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the thing in her hand and her lips curled into a smile. Everything…..was according to her plan…..It was smoothly progressing!

“Have the old people and children with weak cultivations in the village leave. Only those in the third spiritual level and above will stay.” Ye Yu Xi began giving orders, “Fatty, this is for you. Light the signal at the edge of the village.”


The fatty took it and called the little monkey over before leaving.

“Ying Xue, send people to watch ten miles in all directions around the village. Once something happens, have them report immediately.”

“Yes.” Ying Xue’s voice was serious.

A battle…..would begin soon!


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