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Read Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Becoming rich? There’s trouble!

“It’s a bit picky in terms of taste.” The fatty ignored the little monkey and turned to look at Ye Yu Xi who just asked him a question, explaining in a bit of a confused voice, “Boss, I don’t know what’s going on either. The monkey became slower the more it ran and I wanted to slash my blade down on it when I caught up, but….” The fatty swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Apparently something happened that was beyond his knowledge.

Qing’er saw the fatty’s hesitant appearance and urged him, “But what. Quickly speak, don’t cut off.”

The fatty scratched his head and said in an uncertain voice, “But when it saw I wanted to cut it, it shouted and Huo Ling came over.”

“Huo Ling?” Ye Yu Xi was stunned. Huo Ling said it was going out to play and still hadn’t come back, “You’re certain it was Huo Ling?”

The fatty nodded and said in a more certain voice, “Yes. Before my blade fell, my hand was pecked several times by Huo Ling. Then I heard a few chirps and I didn’t understand the bird language, but Huo Ling would not let me chop the little monkey, even pecking me several times. Look, my hand is still red.” The fatty reached out his right hand and there were several red dots on it. It was clear that Huo Ling had pecked very hard.

The fatty rubbed his red hands and his little eyes swept over the little monkey not far away, “But it was a good thing the little monkey blocked for me just now, otherwise this fat master would have lost a piece of meat.”

Shua, shua, shua!

When they were talking, the leaves all around then trembled. There were some sounds before low screeching sounds could be heard.

Ye Yu Xi’s group was instantly vigilant as the tree around them actually began to tremble! The trembling of the trees became stronger as the sound approached.

Hu la!

A figure jumped down from a tree branch.

The fatty’s eyes were sharp and he recognized the figure with a single glance. His little eyes revealed an excited look, “Boss, it’s the Purple Thunder Monkeys, we’re rich!” The Purple Thunder Monkey’s Heart was worth quite a bit! The fatty’s eyes were already glowing.

Bai Jin Yi sat on a stone and could slightly feel the trembling of the surrounding branches. He said in a strange and serious voice, “No, we’re in trouble…..”

When Bai Jin Yi’s voice fell, the surrounding branches violently shook as monkeys fell down one after the other.

In less than a minute, Ye Yu Xis group was already surrounded by over a hundred fierce Purple Thunder Monkeys.

“d.a.m.n, I always knew of stirring a hornet’s nest, but today we’ve stirred up a monkey’s nest!” The fatty jumped up right away and held the cold glowing blade in front of him for protection.

The surrounding Purple Thunder Monkeys kept increasing, each one of them looking at Ye Yu Xi’s group. They had bloodthirsty eyes like they were looking at an enemy.

Ji, ji, cha, cha.

“Master, save me~~”

Ye Yu Xi was looking at the surrounding Purple Thunder Monkeys in vigilance when Huo Ling’s voice asking for help suddenly sounded in her mind.

Looking in the sky, she saw Huo Ling flying towards her and in the next instant, she understood why Huo Ling was crying for help. There was an old eagle chasing after Huo Ling as those sharp eagle eyes watched its prey.

Huo Ling quickly flew in front of Ye Yu Xi and fell on her shoulder, but that old eagle was not as lucky.

Huo Ling flying through the sky had already attracted the attention of the Purple Thunder Monkeys, but Huo Ling came too quickly and the Purple Thunder Monkeys did not have a chance to make a move. They had already let ne go, if they let the second one go, to the Purple Thunder Monkeys, this would be a slap to their monkey faces.


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