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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort is a web novel completed by Xiao Qi Ye, 萧七爷.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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“Let’s go!”

Elder Yun was far more composed in comparison to Elder Mei, she was also more adaptable to the circ.u.mstances! She then grabbed Elder Mei’s arm without giving her any chance for consideration and pulled out a marked disc from her sleeve!

“This… Is this a transportation disc? Did the Sect Master give this to you?”

Elder Mei’s eyes were filled with shock when she saw this as if she never thought that their Sect Master would gift such a valuable item to Elder Yun.

Elder Yun did not give her any chance for further consideration. There was a popping sound as the two women who had been standing in front of the black-robed man suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke.

The black-robed man’s eyes grew even colder as his body emitted an ill-intentioned aura.

After a long pause, he turned his gaze towards the other people who had been left behind…

The two elders of the Charm Sect had been lucky enough to escape but everyone else was clearly not as fortunate! Furthermore, after the c.u.mulative amount of curses and indignation they had hurled at Gu Ruoyun, the black-robed man had completely flipped out. He attacked them relentlessly, targeting their vulnerabilities as if he wants to kill them instantly!

Very soon, everyone had fallen into a pool of blood. Gu Ruoyun and the three people from Wind Valley were the only ones left alive in the ruins.

“Sir, be careful.”

Feng Yi and Feng Wu quickly pulled Feng Yuqing protectively behind them as they stared vigilantly at the black-robed man.

They reckoned that after the black-robed man was finished with the others, it would soon be their turn…

However, the black-robed man did not react at all. He had his back towards them as his black, blood-drenched robes fluttered in front of them like the grim night, emitting a mesmerizing aura.

“Are you Gu Shengxiao?”

Gu Ruoyun asked slowly as she stared at the man’s back.

The figure in black’s back clearly stiffened when he heard that question. However he did not turn around to look at Gu Ruoyun at all. “No,” came his indifferent reply.

“I don’t know why you won’t look at me but you should know that Father misses you.” Gu Ruoyun ignored his reply and continued to speak, “Besides, I’ve reunited with father and we’re waiting for you and Mother. No matter what your reasons are, I want us to recognize each other. No matter how great your difficulties are, we can solve it together. Isn’t that what it means to be a family?”

That was right, this man must be Gu Shengxiao.

Only her father and Gu Shengxiao could give her the feeling that she could rely on them.

“Big Brother, you had once concealed your ident.i.ty and protected me by my side to prevent the Spirit Sect from causing trouble for me. I’ve thought it over for a while now and I can’t think of anyone else who could stand up for me like you.”

Gu Ruoyun slowly approached the man as her voice grew gentler, “Ever since we were little, you have always protected me. You’ve never let me help you at all so I want to help you just this once, Big Brother. No matter what it is, you can tell me. We can face it together, alright?”

The black-robed man lowered his eyelids, concealing the complicated emotions in his eyes.

He dearly yearned to turn around and pull her into his arms but even so, he had to force back his emotions.

“You’ve really got the wrong person. It’s just that I can’t abide by these people’s actions. I am not acquainted with you.”


Gu Ruoyun paused in her footsteps as her eyes filled with disappointment. “Big Brother, you may still refuse to acknowledge me but it’s alright, I can wait. I’ll wait until you’re willing to take off that mask.”


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