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Zuo Shangchen only likes men?

The Regional King was shocked. Su Lin’s voice then rang out in the midst of his stupor.

“Father, aren’t you close with Brother Chen’s Master? Can you help me send my marriage proposal to Brother Chen’s Master? As long as his Master agrees, Brother Chen will have no choice but to marry me. I don’t care if he likes men or women, I must have him!”

Su Lin’s voice was sinister as she insisted.

Any man that she has fallen for will not have any reason to leave her! She does not care if Brother Chen likes men, his Master would never allow him to be a degenerate! As long as his Master says the word, Brother Chen would have to obey.

This time, the Regional King did not comply with Su Lin and frowned instead. “Lin’er, you can’t force the matters of the heart. If you are willing to change your att.i.tude, I’m sure Brother Chen will accept you eventually. However, are you sure that Zuo Shangchen only likes men? Maybe he had said that on purpose to reject you?”

The initially sorrowful Su Lin was shocked after hearing this.

What does father mean? Had Brother Chen only used that as an excuse to reject me?

“That d.a.m.ned woman, she had dared to deceive me!”

Su Lin’s entire face turned red from rage after coming to this realization. If Gu Ruoyun had been here, Su Lin would have disregarded everything and attacked that d.a.m.n woman to tear her to pieces!

That was right!

In Su Lin’s heart, she has turned Gu Ruoyun into someone who was plotting against Zuo Shangchen!

Otherwise, why would that woman have made her believe that Brother Chen prefers men?

If she and Brother Chen had a misunderstanding, that woman would gain an opportunity! As for why Brother Chen had agreed with that woman’s words, he must have been coerced into it!

“Lin’er, since you’ve come to a realization, you should go back and get some rest first. You’ll need to work hard on your own for Zuo Shangchen, I can’t help you.”

The Regional King smiled calmly as a peculiar light flashed through his tender gaze.

Zuo Shangchen was born into n.o.bility so even if the Regional King had sent a marriage proposal, his Master may not agree to it! The only way was to make him fall in love with Su Lin! Only then would Su Lin stand a chance to marry him!

From then on, the Regional King’s Mansion’s reputation would rise as well!

Actually, the Regional King has a lot of confidence in Su Lin. This little girl may be spoiled and willful but she has fine good looks. Otherwise, she would never have been named as the top beauty in the Heavenly Moon Empire. If she could change her unruly behavior, Zuo Shangchen would certainly fall for her.

No man could turn a blind eye to such a beautiful woman.

Even he had other women despite his deep love for Su Lin’s mother! The only thing was, those women do not hold a place in his heart. At most, they had merely been tools to fulfill his need.

To the Regional King, Zuo Shangchen had not accepted Su Lin because this little girl has a horribly nasty att.i.tude. If she could change, she would be able to fulfill her wishes.

The Regional King smiled as he thought of this. His smile carried an absolute confidence.

“Alright, Lin’er, you may leave now. Remember what I’ve told you.”

“Yes, Father.”

Su Lin bit her lip before she lowered her head and walked out.

Change my att.i.tude?

I would do anything to get Zuo Shangchen to accept me.

Su Lin clenched her fists tightly at the thought of this as a determined light flashed in her fierce gaze.

“My little girl really needs to improve herself. I hope she won’t let me down.”

The Regional King shook his head in exasperation as he watched Su Lin leave. He then walked out a well soon after.


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