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However, the Left Protector had requested for the compet.i.tion to be held in three days not because they needed to await the Underworld’s Young Master’s arrival. Instead, it was because three days was enough for her to help raise Su Lin’s level of power!

Knowing Su Lin’s hatred towards Gu Ruoyun, she must have the urge to tear her into ten thousand pieces! Hence, it would be a good idea to use this woman well!


The Heavenly Moon Emperor thought for a moment and nodded, “The eleven contestants who have pa.s.sed the second round, prepare yourselves for the compet.i.tion in three days!”

“At Your Imperial Majesty’s command.”

The talents joined their fists as their eyes filled with excitement!

After all, those who have successfully reached the final round were extremely privileged. They would naturally want to show their best side! It was said that the first three prizes were not too bad either! Even if they could not obtain the first or the second place, if they worked hard, they would be able to obtain the third place at least.

“Let’s go.”

Gu Ruoyun glanced at the filthy spiritual beast by her feet before she furrowed her brows and picked it up with mild disgust. She then threw it into Zuo Shangchen’s arms.

The little fellow was thoroughly irritated by this and squeaked angrily.

I like women, not men! What do you mean by letting a man carrying me? Especially since I don’t like the scent of this man’s body at all!

Gu Ruoyun seems to have lost her patience from its whining. She turned around and shot a look of warning at it. The little fellow’s cries stopped instantly and its little eyes, filled with grief, stared resentfully at Gu Ruoyun. It then curled pitifully in Zuo Shangchen’s arms and did not dare show any further resistance.

However, since the beginning, this little fellow had not stopped staring l.u.s.tfully at… Gu Ruoyun’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

A silver-haired man dressed in crimson robes was standing on top of a small hill with his hands behind his back. His features do not have Zuo Shangchen’s feminine and seductive air but carry an air of enchantment and dominance instead! His blood-red eyes contain a cruel bloodl.u.s.t with a disdain for the people of the world. To him, it was as if the people of the world were mere insects in his eyes.

This man’s aura was extremely great. There was clearly no sign of wind on the small hill yet a gale circled around him. His gently pursed red lips carry a pretty and flirtatious line. Even the words ‘peerless’ and ‘magnificent’ were not enough to describe the s.h.i.+vers this man could send down a person’s spine.

“Young Master.”

A man in green robes followed closely behind the silver-haired man and joined his fists respectfully as he spoke, “A letter from the Left Protector has just arrived saying that she has discovered the whereabouts of the Moon Soul Herb. She has even found an exotic spiritual beast but has run into a bit of trouble so she’s asked for you to come right over.”

“The Moon Soul Herb?”

The man’s initially calm and steady heart finally showed a great wave when he heard those words. His bloodthirsty red eyes slowly displayed the warmth of a normal person.

“Where is she?”

“In the Imperial Palace of the Heavenly Moon Empire.”


As soon as the green-robed man had spoken, the silver-haired man’s crimson robes shot into the sky without another word and sped towards the direction of Heavenly Moon Empire’s Imperial Palace.

The Moon Soul Herb…

He has been searching for the Moon Soul Herb for such a long time. Now, he has finally found its location! Once he has obtained this Moon Soul Herb, he could leave this d.a.m.ned place and save Gu Shengxiao!

The silver-haired man seemed to remember something while in mid-air. A warm light appeared in his red eyes and the corners of his lips could not stop from curling upwards. “Yun’er, I’m fortunate enough to not fail my mission, I’ve finally found the Moon Soul Herb. Once I leave this place, I can save your big brother.”

Most importantly, after obtaining the Moon Soul Herb, he would see her.

Nothing was more important than seeing her again…


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